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Soul Born in Central Asia Chagataev the hero goes on to be educated in Moscow As an adult he is sent back to his birthplace as a kind of missionary believing his people are lost in the desert he goes to

  • Title: Soul
  • Author: Andrei Platonov Elizabeth Chandler Robert Chandler
  • ISBN: 9781843430384
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Paperback
  • Born in Central Asia Chagataev, the hero, goes on to be educated in Moscow As an adult he is sent back to his birthplace as a kind of missionary, believing his people are lost in the desert he goes to rescue them and lead them towards Communism His mission becomes a search for happiness and, ultimately, Chagataev discovers that he needs their help as much as they needBorn in Central Asia Chagataev, the hero, goes on to be educated in Moscow As an adult he is sent back to his birthplace as a kind of missionary, believing his people are lost in the desert he goes to rescue them and lead them towards Communism His mission becomes a search for happiness and, ultimately, Chagataev discovers that he needs their help as much as they need his Platonov s style is that of myth and fable Chagataev is an epic hero, a 20th century Moses leading his people to freedom and battling against the powers of darkness and yet, at the same time, he is lost and vulnerable, uncomfortable with the responsibility he tries to shoulder In trying to release the people from one ruling power, he himself fills the r le of another This is ultimately a story about being in possession of your own life Platonov weaves together Zoroastrian myth, Sufism, Communism and Freud creating a work of psychological and philosophical complexity.

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        Andrei Platonov, August 28, 1899 January 5, 1951, was the pen name of Andrei Platonovich Klimentov, a Soviet author whose works anticipate existentialism Although Platonov was a Communist, his works were banned in his own lifetime for their skeptical attitude toward collectivization and other Stalinist policies His famous works include the novels The Foundation Pit and Chevengur.


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    2. "Soul" was one of the most interesting and strange allegories about the Stalinist era I have encountered. Desolate and desperate, but hopeful nonetheless, full of imagery vaguely reminiscent of Goya's more disturbing paintings. "The Return" was as gorgeous a story as I have read from twentieth century Russia. The other stories are also worth your time but these two are certainly the anchors of this collection.

    3. İnsanlığın unutulduğu bir coğrafyada, zorlukların en dibinde bile "umut nasıl devam eder"in romanı Can. Ölümü değil yaşamı, hüznü değil neşeyi, ızdırabı değil mutluluğu yücelten nefis bir roman. İnanmak ne güzel dedim kitap boyunca. Tanrı'ya, başka birine, devlete, sisteme falan değil, önce kendine ve yaşama inanmak.

    4. Son zamanlarda okuduğum en güzel kitaptı bu. İnsanı, insan olmayı, insan olmanın nasıl bir şey olduğunu anlatıyor diyebiliriz sanırım. İnsan ne için yaşar, nasıl yaşar, gerçekten yaşamakta mıdır? Sorular çoğaltılabilir. Ayrıca Stalin dönemine dair bir referans olarak da okunabilir.

    5. Relectura octubre 2016Tu pueblo tiene miedo de vivir, ha perdido la costumbre y no se lo cree. Hace como si estuviera muerto, porque si no, los fuertes y los felices vendrán de nuevo para atormentarlo. Cuando terminé la primera lectura de libro sentí desasosiego y no pude convencerme de lo bueno que era, de lo diferente que era. Me molestaba todo: las relaciones repentinas, la gente inmóvil, el protagonista silencioso, el maltrato a las mujeres (niñas, en particular) y la quietud de la narr [...]

    6. İnanmanın gücü adına! Yaşamaktan vazgeçmiş, kaybolmuş, umut etmekten korkan Can halkının, uzanan bir elle yeniden nefes almaya başlamasının hikayesi. Can. Ruh ya da hayat anlamında. Nefis.

    7. I have read thousands of books mostly Russian. Platonov is in the top 5. Anyone who says he is " pro Soviet/ Stalin" must be shot, they are too idiotic to understand dark sarcasm. Irony. A man who had his 15 yr old son die from TB(and he in turn would contract it from his son, dying from it later) he contracted in a gulag did not love Stalin. A man who could not publish his work while Stalin was alive did not love Stalin. Are readers even educated anymore? Are they so uneducated from their hald [...]

    8. Bitişin kıyısında yaşayan insanlar. Ruhlarını ve bedenlerini ölüme teslim etmeye istekli ve hazırlar. Umut? Nefes? Hatırlanmak? Köleler ya da Canlar Platonov, yasaklardan kurtulup yaşamayı öğretiyor insana Kitaplığınızda lütfen yer açın

    9. Şahane bir kitaptı. Nazar Çagatayev karakterinin ruhunu,her şeyini kaybetmiş halkını(Can) tekrar diriltmek için verdiği mücadeleyi okuyoruz. Okurken yaşanan en ufak aksilikte ben umudum yitirirken Nazar asla pes etmedi. "İnsanlar ne diye acının, ölümün hesabını tutardı hep, mutluluk da bir o kadar kaçınılmaz, hatta çoğunluk çaresizlikten daha olasıyken."Kesinlikle herkes okumalı.

    10. Reading the Russian Masters really makes you rethink the merits of all the pampered MFA candidates puking out lit-fiction lately in the States. Platonov's life is as fascinating as any of his stories - he struggled to publish, he was usually desperately broke and in need of medicines for various family members. His son was sent to the Gulag at age 15 and dead not long thereafter. Platonov himself was dead at 52, of the same TB that had killed his son But it is the stories that count the most - t [...]

    11. "Çagatayev çocukluk anılarından ve Moskova'da aldığı eğitimden bilirdi ki, sömürünün her türlüsü insanın ruhunu sakatlamakla, onu ölüme alıştırmakla başlar, öyle kurulur egemenlik, başka türlü köle köle olmaz."Muhteşem bir romandı. Platonov çok büyük bir yazar gerçekten.

    12. Sürekli bir yokluk ve sefalet içerisinde, sadece hayatta kalabilmek için yaşayan Can halkını, sovyetler ruhuna özgü bir bilinçle yeniden harkete geçirip,onları normal bir yaşantıya kavuşturabilecek midir Cagatayev?Bir insanın azim ve kararlılığını,yaşamı yaratma,üretme mücadelesini bazen dehşetle,bazen büyük bir naiflikle görebileceğimiz , insanlığın sonsuz ve tatminsiz arzu ve isteklerinden arınmış farklı bir roman kahramanıyla tanışmak,günümüz insanı [...]

    13. I have my own bookshelf and the top shelf is designated for 5 star books. This is placed on there. This book is so awesome you can read it in one day. You'll forget to eat. "Soul" captures the human persona throughout a journey. I recommend it to all who are in desperate need of a five-star book, foreign literature and just mind-blowing prose.

    14. I've been trying to read Platonov for years, but I never "got" him. It was even worse when people asked me to evaluate translations of him, because I had no idea what made him so special in Russian. All I knew was that he was odd. But not appealing.On the urging of an editor I respect highly, who had read this book in college and been enchanted by it, I just read "Soul," the title novella of this volume, translated by Robert and Elizabeth Chandler. Without his encouragement, I might not have las [...]

    15. "Can. Ruh ya da tatlı hayat anlamında. O halkın, ruhundan ve kadınların, anaların ona bağışladığı tatlı hayatından başka hiçbir şeysi yoktu – halkı doğuran analardır çünkü."kitabın özeti de tam da bu işte canından başka hiçbir şeyi olmayan öyleki mesela üstbaş yokluğunu çıplaklığa varacak kadar, susuzluğu çamur emecek kadar ve açlığı çalı, kamlumbağa gibi ne bulduysa yiyecek kadar. herhangi bir yaşama amacı olmadan, ölmeyecek kadar ama yaşıyo [...]

    16. Platonov'u bu yaşıma kadar bilmememin sorumlusu meğer Stalin'miş. Rus edebiyatında dev bir yeri olmasına rağmen yasaklandığı için 1992 ye kadar sessizce vaktini beklemiş bu kitaplar. Türkçe'ye de 2005 civarında ilk defa çevrilmiş. Kitabın ödüllü çevirmeni harika bir iş çıkardığı ve roman karakterlerinin çoğunun adı Türkçe, olayın geçtiği yerlerden biri Sarıkamış olduğu için de sanki kendi dilimizde yazılmış gibi bir okumaydı. Karşınızda gerçek ede [...]

    17. Recently I've been led to discover a number of Russian writers, little-known in the West, who wrote under the Soviet Union with great clarity and impression. Platonov may be my favorite so far - in Soul, he and the Chandlers' team surprised me with how much they subvert expectations of what Soviet literature is capable of. The title novella reads like something between Borges and Cormac McCarthy with the epic sweep and alienation of Tarkovsky. It is a dark fable set in the deserts of Uzbekistan [...]

    18. Yer yer yüzüme çarpan çöl rüzgarıyla, yer yer kaba ellerin kan kokusunu alarak okudum. Yaşamak, nefes almak, var olmak hiç bu kadar sorgulanmamıştır herhalde"Ruh ölmez. Yabancılaşır. Kötünün iyi olduğunu düşünür. İçimizde sıkılır. Var olmayanı hayal eder ve asla var olmayacak şeyleri vadeder"Kitabın son satırlarında şu müzik bana eşlik etti. size de tavsiye ederim"youtube/watch?v=8ra5t"

    19. Ne ölmek, ne yaşamakAçlığın kıyısında, susuzluğun dibindeYokluğunda umursamazlığı, varlığın tutumsuzluğu

    20. There's no doubt that Platonov can write, and generally I love stories that focus on the poor, but there are many things about "Soul" that I just don't like.First of all, I can't get over the fact that Stalin is hailed - I mean, sure, Platonov would've been killed if he didn't hail Stalin, and sure, the main character doesn't really know anything about Stalin and just thinks of him as a benevolent Sky Father, but all the same Stalin is lauded.Also, the book is named "Soul" and I'm bored by discu [...]

    21. After having finished Andrei Platonov's Soul, I am beginning to think that Platonov may well be the best Soviet-era writer of fiction -- perhaps not quite on the same level as Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy, but amazing nonetheless. Half the book is taken up by the title story, about a Turkmen named Chagataev is abandoned by his starving mother, is taken as an orphan to Moscow to be educated, and returns to the arid region south of the Aral Sea to help his people. This he proceeds to do, as a loyal fol [...]

    22. A friend of mine suggested and keeps suggesting that I read some of the affluent Russian writers in the mother tongue to get the full effect. I have contemplated and even considered it, but after 38 years in US, my Russian reading is slow to a halt and would take me years to read any of the books by Platonov, Bulgakov or any other writers that I might have thought of reading without translation. I have been fortunate to find books with great translation and people who understand the major differ [...]

    23. wow, what an achingly beautiful book's full of such a mournful joy that tears shred me on more than one occasion. i found it hard that someone could say some of the things that he said. that he could voice such sadness in such a beautiful way, so that it was no longer sadness, but hopeuly a fragile book

    24. Ne için yaşıyorum? Neden yaşıyorum? Nasıl yaşıyorum? sorularını sordurur.Can halkının yaşam mücadelesi. Kendi içlerinden çıkıp ayrılıp seneler sonra gelen bir kurtarıcı. Mı?Güzel konu, güzel yazım.

    25. البداية واقعية جدا ومع كل صفحة يزيد حجم الاسطورة لكنها سوداء للغاية بالرغم من كم السوداوية و تشبيه البعض له بكافكا ألا ان قصص ك مختلفة عن بلاتوف من الملفت هو اسماء الشخصيات العربية و البطل اسمه روسي ظهور لصورة السوبر مان الأمريكى لكن تحت مظلة الجيش الأحمر لدي معه محاولة اخر [...]

    26. “Olsun” diye cevapladı onu Çagatayev yüreklenerek, ölüme yazgılı birinin her şeyi bağışlaması gibi.

    27. We just had a visiting professor give a lecture on this novel a week ago, and apparently, the latest translation of Platonov's works into English was a collaboration between 20 (yes, twenty!) translators and scholars. I can see why. Platonov's Russian reminds me of a really good machine translation from some unknown language into human. Russian, as luck has it. It's almost a human language, just ever so slightly off, with beautiful brokenness in it. It's overwhelming too - try reading over a hun [...]

    28. I have been enormously privileged to discover a host of writers new to me in the past few years who have reinvigorated my love of literature. Of all these writers the best has been Andrei Platonov.I can hardly express how wonderful I found this book of stories to be. Platonov was a real revelation to me. The opening story in this volume, 'Soul', which is actually a novella or short novel, is one of the finest pieces of literature I have ever read. It affected me deeply. I found it to be magical, [...]

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