The ShadowRiders

The ShadowRiders

Louis L'Amour / Aug 19, 2019

The ShadowRiders Dal and Mac Traven left Texas young and idealistic They came back from opposite sides of a living hell a war that had torn the nation in two They wanted only to reclaim their old lives but one man he

  • Title: The ShadowRiders
  • Author: Louis L'Amour
  • ISBN: 9780553231328
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dal and Mac Traven left Texas young and idealistic They came back from opposite sides of a living hell, a war that had torn the nation in two They wanted only to reclaim their old lives but one man held their future hostage.Colonel Henry T Ashford had gathered an army of criminals and renegade soldiers, leading them on a path of destruction and kidnapping through TexasDal and Mac Traven left Texas young and idealistic They came back from opposite sides of a living hell, a war that had torn the nation in two They wanted only to reclaim their old lives but one man held their future hostage.Colonel Henry T Ashford had gathered an army of criminals and renegade soldiers, leading them on a path of destruction and kidnapping through Texas to the Gulf Among Ashford s captives were the Travens sister and Dal s tough minded fianc e, Kate.Now Mac and Dal must take up arms once again and ride together against Ashford s army ready to fight another war, if that s what it takes to win the freedom of the women they love.

    The Shadow Riders TV Movie Sep , Directed by Andrew V McLaglen With Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, Dominique Dunne, Ben Johnson After the Civil War, two brothers demobilized from the army return home and must rescue certain relatives who have been kidnapped by a band of renegade Confederates. The Shadow Riders Rotten Tomatoes The Shadow Riders Photos View All Photos Movie Info In this made for TV movie, two brothers who battled on opposing sides of the Civil War return home at the end of the war to discover that their The Shadow Riders film The Shadow Riders is a American made for television western film directed by Andrew V McLaglen and starring Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, Dominique Dunne, and Katharine Ross. Shadowriders All donations are used to pay server fees Donations are greatly appreciated but never expected. ShadowRiders Home Page Welcome to the Roadhouse Disclaimer Articles and stories published on this site are done so with the permission of the authors No anonymous articles will be published Users are cautioned to exercise their own prudence and good sense when purchasing anything over the internet The webmaster and internet host provider extend no warranties, expressed or implied, for any information published herein. Watch The Shadow Riders Full HD Online Watch The Shadow Riders Online the shadow riders full movie with English subtitle Stars Geoffrey Lewis, Sam Elliott, Ben Johnson, Tom Selleck, Gene Evans, The Shadow Riders by Louis L Amour Jan , THE SHADOW RIDERS by Lois L Amour follows Mac Travern and his brother Dal s return home from the Civil War, only to find that their family has suffered an attack that has resulted in the capture of the surviving members, who have been taken hostage. Shadow Riders Yu Gi Oh FANDOM powered by Wikia The Shadow Riders, known in Japan as the Seven Stars Assassins , Sebunsut zu Shikaku , serve as the main antagonists of the first season of Yu Gi Oh GX, intent on resurrecting the Sacred Beasts.

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        Louis L Amour was an American author L Amour s books, primarily Western fiction, remain enormously popular, and most have gone through multiple printings At the time of his death all 101 of his works were in print 86 novels, 14 short story collections and one full length work of nonfiction and he was considered one of the world s most popular writers.


    1. THE SHADOW RIDERS by Lois L'Amour follows Mac Travern and his brother Dal's return home from the Civil War, only to find that their family has suffered an attack that has resulted in the capture of the surviving members, who have been taken hostage. Mac unravels the story of what has taken place through a neighbor and from his uncle, and they set off to rescue their kin and punish those responsible. Determination and tenacity are required of the brothers on the difficult path they've chosen to f [...]

    2. A solid traditional Western that doesn't really stand out from some of L'Amour's best work. The story focuses mostly on the two Traven brothers, although Happy Jack and the heroic Kate Connery were probably the more interesting characters. The novel doesn't waste anytime getting into the story and then continues the fast pace to a satisfying climax and a perhaps somewhat abrupt ending.

    3. I didn't really care for this one—it had an interesting enough setting and premise, but didn't live up to the potential involved. I think what put me off was the way it's written: a flat, dry, staccato style, and narration that jumps around among a large number of characters who were never fully described or fleshed out. Kate was the only one who came close to being a rounded character, but even then I never had any idea what she even looked like. I notice a pattern with my reading L'Amour's b [...]

    4. I like reading Louis L'Amour books because you will not find a more compact, precisely-written story. No words are wasted and the story flows quickly from one chapter to the next. Yes, L'Amour was formulaic. No, there are rarely any surprises in his books. They are stories about challenges, ethics, morals and hardships faced in the southwest and west from the period of just after the Civil War until the turn of the century. But, you don't always read L'Amour for depth and thoughtfulness, you rea [...]

    5. Along with Conagher, the Shadow Riders are my two favorite books from Louis L'Amour. The Shadow Riders starts with a bang, as two brothers Dal and Mac Traven return to Texas from fighting in the Civil War on opposite sides and are heading back to their family ranch. L'Amour jumps right into this one, faster than other authors have, but that's why I always liked his Westerns and like that he got right into the action. The Traven brothers discover that for former Confederate Colonel Henry T. Ashfo [...]

    6. It dawned on me just a few months ago that I had never read a proper western. I was familiar with Louis L'Amour, but had no idea what book to start with. I randomly picked this one from the assortment of L'Amour novels available in my library. It was definitely a fun, light read. There's not a ton of depth to the characters, but the story and action have that classic western feel that makes you crave coffee from a campfire and some good, old-fashioned frontier justice. The premise is solid: two [...]

    7. Not quite as good as many of his books, though I can see why this one was chosen for Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott. It is a solid plot for a screenplay. I like some of his other books better for content.

    8. The story is about brothers who fought on opposite sides during the Civil War. They now ride home together and have to fight off groups of raiders. They were good men that both went off to fight for what they believed in. You can really admire someone that can sacrifice everything and tries to be their best, and come home from something that they may not have wanted to be apart of, and rebuild from where they were. They brothers had to now follow raiders as they posed a threat to their family an [...]

    9. Louis L'Amour doesn't waste time with too much flowing prose (although there is some), and gets straight to the point of each scene, moving from one thing to another so that, while short, The Shadow Riders feels bigger than it is, what with everything going on. His omniscient POV makes for an interesting story, since the reader knows what's going on inside every character's head, which I liked. I've only read a handful of Westerns, but I liked this quite enough that I may not wait a few years be [...]

    10. This novel takes place on the Gulf Coast of Texas, immediately following the Civil War. Sam Elliott, Tom Selleck, and Jeff Osterhage wanted to film another western together after they did The Sacketts (1979). They contacted "Sacketts" writer Louis L'Amour and asked him to write a story idea for them. This 1982 novel became the 1982 TV-movie of the same name, with the three actors again playing brothers. Run of the mill western but it's easy to see the cinematic possibilities.Western - Dal and Ma [...]

    11. One of the best Western fiction writers.Outstanding writing. Easy to read. Informative. Good plot and character development. I've reread his books many times over the years.

    12. Mac stepped down from his horse and turned the body over with his boot toe. The man's nose had been broken. There was an ugly welt on his cheekbone and the skin was split, but his throat had been pierced and torn."What in God's world?" Mac said. "Would you look at that!""Kate," Dal said."Kate? Are you crazy?""No, sir. Kate, with the end of a stick. I showed her how. Don't you remember what we learned from that character named Dugan? To thrust with a stick, not strike?"Mac stared at the body. "Da [...]

    13. Dal and Mac Traven are arriving home after a long drug out war they were busy battling in. They are expecting to come home to their wives and younger children. The thing is, when they return to their homes, they find nothing but piles of burnt rubble and ash. Upon further inspection, they find that their was a gang of at least 40 people who were present when the house and barn burnt. Dal can think of only one group of people that this could be. It has to be a war party led by the opposite side t [...]

    14. The Shadow Riders, by Louis L'Amour is a thrilling book that is set in Texas right after the end of the Civil War. Mac Traven was a Union officer and his brother Dal was a Confederate officer. On the way home from the war, they meet up in a town where Dal is being held up by five men. Once Mac shoots the men and gets away with Dal, they travel back to their house together. Upon arriving, they find their home deserted. They go to their neighbor and ask her what happened. She said that Colonel Ash [...]

    15. At the beginning of this book, the scene is in a hospital. With a bunch of patients laying side by side. One of the McTraven brothers are among the healing. However he is recovering quickly and all is well. It turns out the brothers are returning home from the civil war, however when they return home their town has been ransacked. The climax of this story comes when the McTraven brothers have to stop Colonel Ashton's bang of renegades from reaping more havoc along the Mexican border. They must f [...]

    16. I thought this book was a fun western adventure. It is good for anyone looking for an adventure and/or a quick read. This is only my second book by him, but his writing style is phenominal in the way it portrays background, feeling, suspence, and the grit that comes with being a cowboy. The only problem I had was the story felt a little choreographed in the way the book was layed out, because it happened in the same way it happened in the first book I read by him over the summer. This doesn't ma [...]

    17. i really liked this book a lot, it was a very good book, once i picked it up it was hard to put it downis book is about two brothers who fought on opposite sides of the civil war. but rode home together, and when they get home there were going to try and build a family ranch together, after a bunch of raiders came through and destroyed and burned down the ranch that they had before. these raiders also took there sisters and wives as captives. and this book is about the bloody journey were they a [...]

    18. I was expecting more violence with the story being set in Texas just after the Civil War. Which really says more about me than the book.

    19. I wasn't sure what to expect going into this, but I was pleasantly surprised. It's the story of two brothers, Civil War soldiers, on their way home when they meet with trouble and have to retrieve their sister and one brother's fiance. It was a little hard to get into but it didn't take long for the plot to pick up and I was hooked. I had to know what was going to happen next. Also, the women in this book are awesome. They don't wait for a man to save them but are grateful when the men come in a [...]

    20. I don't know. I guess I liked this ok and I will probably read more of his work but it didn't flip my wig like his works do for a lot of people. It moved fasto fast. Not much time for character development, plot fluffing, etc. There were your typical guy heroes, woman heroines, nasty villains, shoot outs, horse chases, hangings, beautiful country, yada, yada, yada! If you want a no brainer read then saddle up.

    21. Definitely not one of his best. Mac and Dal are brothers returning from the Civil War. They discover that their ranch has been attacked by maurading ex-soldiers and their sisters have been taken. The chase lasts the entire book and there are so many plot holes and unrealistic things that happen. I read this as a break from really deep educational theory and it fulfilled its purpose, but as a good Western, not so much.

    22. A page-turner that's immersed in the period and the place, which is what you come to expect from L'Amour. It's slightly flawed with mid-scene POV switches and he talks about a snake hearing when they don't, since they have no ears but detect vibrations of course maybe westerners didn't know that then, did they? Fair enough. My copy contained an informative interview with Mr L'Amour. I'm looking forward to seeing the film now.

    23. A good L'Amour book with the added bonus, at least in my copy, of an interview done with him in 1982. The story moves along and has some interesting characters, Happy Jack Travern and Captain Martin Connery. They add some color to the story. Otherwise it is standard fare, bad guys vs. good guys with a woman or two thrown in. Of course, the good guys win, which is always nice.

    24. I rate this book a 3 only because it is a little slow but it is an action filled book.It is about two brothers who fought agianst each other in the civil war and when they eturned home they found the aftermath of gurellia warefare so they team up toey have a dangreous road to travel on,they will accomplish their mission or die trying

    25. Fast paced and entertaining. Lacks background story yet characters are quickly fleshed out.I like that it is written about a time when honor and selflessness meant something.But, a gun is needed to maintain those beliefs.Poor ending or would have rated it a 4.Perfect book for a morning or evening yarn.

    26. Set on the coast of post Civil War Texas, Mac Traven has plans to enter business with a wartime friend. But his friend is caught up in a blood feud while Traven's fiancee follows him to Texas. Add a hurricane to the mix.

    27. The characters are always moving. Thinking on their feet. I could actually picture this scenario playing out after the Civil War. Each charachter had depth and purpose in the story and I enjoyed spending the time to get to know them.

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