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Eyewall No one was aware of the storm s sudden force Not the Hurricane Hunter crew trapped in its center Not the family marooned on a resort island while searching for their missing teen A deadly Category Fiv

  • Title: Eyewall
  • Author: H.W. "Buzz" Bernard
  • ISBN: 9781611940015
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback
  • No one was aware of the storm s sudden force Not the Hurricane Hunter crew trapped in its center Not the family marooned on a resort island while searching for their missing teen A deadly Category Five hurricane has never hit the Georgia coast in modern times Until now St Simons Island, Georgia, has never been hit by a Category 5 hurricane Until now No one predicteNo one was aware of the storm s sudden force Not the Hurricane Hunter crew trapped in its center Not the family marooned on a resort island while searching for their missing teen A deadly Category Five hurricane has never hit the Georgia coast in modern times Until now St Simons Island, Georgia, has never been hit by a Category 5 hurricane Until now No one predicted the storm s sudden force A crippled Air Force recon plane, trapped in the eye of a violent hurricane An outspoken tropical weather forecaster, fired from his network TV job before he can issue a warning the storm is changing course and intensifying A desperate family searching for a runaway daughter on Georgia s posh St Simons Island, cut off from escape as the hurricane roars toward them A marriage on the rocks an unrequited sexual attraction a May December romance All will be swept up by the monster storm Get ready for a white knuckle adventure.H.W Buzz Bernard is a retired meteorologist who worked for thirteen years at the Atlanta based Weather Channel He considers St Simons Island his second home Visit him at buzzbernard

    Eye cyclone The eye is a region of mostly calm weather at the center of strong tropical cyclones.The eye of a storm is a roughly circular area, typically km miles in diameter It is surrounded by the eyewall, a ring of towering thunderstorms where the most severe weather and highest winds occur The cyclone s lowest barometric pressure occurs in the eye and can be as much as percent Hurricanes Science and Society Glossary E The roughly circular area of comparatively light winds that encompasses the center of a severe tropical cyclone The eye is either completely or partially surrounded by the eyewall cloud. Hurricanes FAQ Answering The Basic Questions On Hurricanes. Translate this page into Spanish using FreeTranslation Seen everything that you wanted to see, and still have questions Well, don t fret Below are a series of Frequently Asked Questions about Hurricanes with answers that will give you an even basic understanding of Hurricanes and Tropical Storms What is a tropical cyclone Hurricane Katrina Damage, Deaths, Aftermath, Facts Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina, tropical cyclone that struck the southeastern United States in August , breaching levees and causing widespread damage and deaths Ultimately, the storm caused than billion in damage, and it reduced the population of New Orleans by percent between the fall of and . Hurricane panels , storm shutters Hurricane Depot Hurricane Panels Hurricane Storm Panels offer the best hurricane protection for the least cost Weather it is aluminum, galvanized steel or clear, we have it all.Our aluminum panels are available in thickness of. of an inch All our hurricane panels meet or exceed the toughest Miami Dade County Building codes The hurricane panels are designed to be installed into a top Project Stormfury Project Stormfury was an attempt to weaken tropical cyclones by flying aircraft into them and seeding with silver iodide.The project was run by the United States Government from to . The hypothesis was that the silver iodide would cause supercooled water in the storm to freeze, disrupting the inner structure of the hurricane This led to the seeding of several Atlantic hurricanes. Home Town Country Protect your investments with Town Country s Eyewall Armor hurricane protection products km Mackay Radar Loop Provides access to meteorological images of the Australian weather watch radar of rainfall and wind Also details how to interpret the radar images and information on subscribing to further enhanced radar information services available from the Bureau of Meteorology. THE EYEWALL NiGHT SiM pre THE EYEWALL NiGHT vol. What causes hurricanes Weather Questions What causes hurricanes Hurricanes are intense low pressure areas that form over warm ocean waters in the summer and early fall Their source of energy is water vapor which is evaporated from the ocean surface Water vapor is the fuel for the hurricanes because it releases the latent heat of condensation when it condenses to form clouds and rain, warming the surrounding air.

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        H W Buzz Bernard is a best selling, award winning novelist His debut novel, EYEWALL, which one reviewer called a perfect summer beach read, was released in May 2011 and went on to become a number one best seller in s Kindle StoreAGUE One of the best thrillers of 2012 novelist Al Leverone came out in September 2012, and won the 2014 EPIC eBook Award in the suspense thriller categoryPERCELL Races along with the speed of a twister novelist Michael Wallace was published in late 2013 and became a best seller on Kindle as well as the winner of the 2015 EPIC eBook Award in the suspense thriller category.Buzz s fourth novel and third in his weather trilogy, BLIZZARD A terrific book novelist Deborah Smith was released in February 2015 It led to his nomination for a 2016 Georgia Author of the Year awardSCADIA heart pounding Reed Farrel Coleman, NYT best selling author WHERE IT HURTS hit the market in July 2016 and is a finalist for the 2018 EPIC eBook Award in the suspense thriller category.Before becoming a novelist, Buzz worked at The Weather Channel as a senior meteorologist for 13 years Prior to that, he served as a weather officer in the U.S Air Force for over three decades He attained the rank of colonel and received, among other awards, the Legion of Merit.His airborne experiences include a mission with the Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunters, air drops over the Arctic Ocean and Turkey, and a stint as a weather officer aboard a Tactical Air Command airborne command post C 135.In the past, he s provided field support to forest fire fighting operations in the Pacific Northwest, spent a summer working on Alaska s arctic slope, and served two tours in Vietnam Various other jobs, both civilian and military, have taken him to Germany, Saudi Arabia and Panama.He s a native Oregonian and attended the University of Washington in Seattle where he earned a bachelor s degree in atmospheric science he also studied creative writing.Buzz currently is president of the Southeastern Writers Association He s a member of International Thriller Writers, the Atlanta Writers Club and Willamette Writers.He and his wife Christina live in Roswell, Georgia, along with their fuzzy and strangely docile Shih Tzu, Stormy probably misnamed Buzz s Website can be found at buzzbernard.


    1. About all I can say is WOW!!! What a great book! It was so exciting at so many levels! I felt like I learned a lot. I've only actually experienced one hurricane (actually, by the time it reached our area, it was a tropical storm) and the effects (minor) of a few others, so I've never been as scared as I would have been on the island featured in this book. But I felt I was transported into every scene in the book.One of the things that made this a most interesting book to me was that when I read [...]

    2. I saw this book offer on a website I visit regularlyweekinrewind. They offer a list books availalbe for download on the Kindle that are free or at reduced prices. A few weeks ago, this book was listed as free. It immediately caught my attention because it is set in St. Simon's Island, Georgia. Not many people have heard of this collection of islands off the coast of Georgia. Jekyll Island is probably the most well-known, then there is also Sea Island. You can only reach these islands by crossing [...]

    3. A fun, mostly quick paced thriller about people involved in a huuricane on St. Simons Island off the coast of Georgia. There is a family of four who are vacationing on the island and find themselves searching for the 15 year old daughter who snuck of the home. They must try to find their daughter before the storm hits the island.Then there is the Hurricane Hunters, the US Air Force reservists who have the ominous job of flying in and out of the hurricane to get readings from the huge storm. Tyey [...]

    4. I enjoyed this book immensely. It was hard to put down. I read it in a day and had a jolly good time doing so! This novel is fast paced, takes place on and around St. Simon's Island, Georgia and involves a category 5 hurricane. It is both heart-stopping and heart-wrenching. Full of action, told from different points of view, and employing the science of hurricane hunting, it is well worth the read.

    5. This was actually much better than I had even expected. Every step of the way was paved with strife, love, conflict, daring, heroism and of course the raging maelstrom of a category 5 hurricane. The characters were very well crafted, their conflicts were emotionally charged enough to have you invested in their stories as you read onward to see what happens. The three main male characters were all terrible with women, but, they did alright in the heroic fortitude column; so, it's hard not like em [...]

    6. Let me start off by saying I'm like the world’s biggest sucker for "disaster" movies so when I found this book I was actually jumping in my seat.This book is three storylines who all come together. One is about a US air Force hurricane hunting team who has the task of flying through hurricane Janet to collect data, but this goes terribly wrong. The second is of a family who is on vacation on St. Simon Island and are looking for their missing daughter and get stuck on the island as the storm hi [...]

    7. Twelve hours inside a hurricaneThis story is about a hurricane off the coast of Georgia that initially looks like a minor threat except to one meteorologist who sees something that the computer models don't - the potential to escalate quickly to a category 5. But he needs to convince his superiors that he is right and to let him go on the air and warn the affected areas. Meanwhile, the Air Force Hurricane Hunters are doing a routine sweep through the storm to send data back to the Hurricane Cent [...]

    8. Holy cow! I liked this book!! In fact read to 78% before I put it down!! I went into it thinking it was a made for tv weather disaster movie-ala lifetime and I suppose it is BUT it really kept my attention and it was worth the read!! Could just about hear the wind and the rain and the waves!! And it reminded me of living in Charleston when Hugo hit---never again baby

    9. A fast-paced thriller following three stories that intercept during Hurricane Janet, which goes from a cat. 1 to a cat. 5 coming into St. Simons Island, GA. A family of four can't get off the island. A weather network specialist has to go rogue to warn the masses. The Hurricane Hunter plane is trapped inside the eyeball. Strong, emotional characters.

    10. As other reviewers have stated, this is a "can't put it down" kind of book. While the plot, and the characters for that matter, are fairly standard and stereotypical, the book still grabbed me by the seat of my pants and refused to let go. Making the deal that much sweeter was that I found the book free for my Kindle. WIN!

    11. This is a really good book which gives good insight into the Hurricane Hunter C-130's and what they do. I went to school at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, MI where the Hurricane Hunters are stationed. Plus a some human drama added in made it a pretty good book.

    12. ~* 4.5 Stars *~Gripped Me By the Throat and Didn't Let GoIt's Labor Day weekend and St. Simons Island, Georgia, is flooded with holiday tourists, even though a category one hurricane is churning in the Atlantic just east of the Florida peninsula. It's a minimal hurricane, after all, and not expected to show any real attitude before it makes landfall in South Carolina. Plus, everyone knows that hurricanes don't hit the coast of Georgia. The concave shape protects it from the vagaries of the worl [...]

    13. “Eyewall” written by H. W. "Buzz" Bernard and narrated by Marshall Seese is a natural disaster story in the likes of “The Poseidon Adventure” or “The Towering Inferno”. This story takes place during a hurricane that rapidly increases in intensity and goes off course decimating an island off the Georgian coast. The author wraps in various relationships that are not directly related to the story. If you are someone who enjoys book of the natural disaster genre or likes learning a great [...]

    14. Hurricanes never hit the Georgia coast. But the Air Force Hurricane Force will fly through the hurricane in four different directions to assess the winds. Walker is the pilot, but his commander is along.Meteorologist Obermeyer of The Weather Channel sees something different about Hurricane Janet approaching and wants to order evacuation of the Georgia islands, but his boss says not until the government issues the order.Alan, Trish are staying on St. Simon’s Island. Alan makes all the decisions [...]

    15. It seems like Eyewall by H.W. Buzz Bernard should have been a guaranteed winner, after all it features a category 5 hurricane making landfall in Georgia. I'm a long-time weather geek and have followed storms and systems with rapt enthusiasm for years. Additionally I gave my highest endorsement to Bernard's second book, Plague shetreadssoftly/2012/10/ so I was really looking forward to Eyewall. Alas, there were a few flaws in this debut novel. There were also a few things he did right.Hurricane J [...]

    16. Eyewall is a terrific book and one i am glad i had to readSometimes you get book that is exciting and has good people to like and dislike who drive the story forward. I loved the story nothing like a huge storm And a vulnerable airplane And crew. Lots of tension to see if they could survive now I can breathe a gain

    17. Eyewall Is A Fast Paced With Three Different Stories Switching Back And Forward About The Lives Of People As They Prepare For The Mother Of All Hurricanes That Was Only Supposed To Be A Cat One But Janet Had Other Ideas! Arly Walker And His Crew Knew There Was No Chance For Them To Get Out Of Janet With Two Engines Down And A Busted Wing, But With The Data From Obie One, They Had A Fighting ChanceDoctor Nicholas Obermeyer Had Seen Many Storms And Hurricanes Throughout His Years Of Experience, Bu [...]

    18. amazon/Eyewall-H-W-BuzNo one was aware of the storm's sudden force.Not the Hurricane Hunter crew trapped in its center. Not the family marooned on a resort island while searching for their missing teen. A deadly Category Five hurricane has never hit the Georgia coast in modern times. Until now. "You can't put it down." - Jack Williams, science author and founding weather editor at USA Today"A one-sitting, white-knuckle read." -Vicki Hinze, award-winning author of Deadly Ties"An angry hurricane c [...]

    19. Another day, another distaster novel? Well, yes and no.The most fascinating and different thing about Eyewall is the perspective. Mainly told through the experiences of the crew of the Hurricane Hunter that discovers just how deadly Hurricane Janet will actually be, there are also some parts that focus on a family trapped on the island Janet is stalking towards, and the meterologist who takes the biggest risk of his career in an attempt to save the unsuspecting residents.Eyewall keeps the tensio [...]

    20. This book was courtesy of Bell Bridge Books and NetGalley.St. Simons Island, Georgia, has never been hit by a Category 5 hurricane. Until now. No one predicted the storm's sudden force. A crippled Air Force recon plane, trapped in the eye of a violent hurricane. An outspoken tropical weather forecaster, fired from his network TV job before he can issue a warning: the storm is changing course and intensifying. A desperate family searching for a runaway daughter on Georgia's posh St. Simons Island [...]

    21. When you fly a Hurricane Hunter, somewhere deep in your soul you have a death wish. As do all of your crew. The crew flying with Maj. Arlen Walker had no idea what they would be flying into that day. No one did except one weather forecaster no one would listen to. Walker had gone to a carnival the day before and the palm-reader told him “This does not end well.” Maybe it was a trick, maybe she knew but she nailed it either way.The Hurricane named Janet was only barely a category one, not wor [...]

    22. My ReviewThis is one of those books I could not put down. Maybe it is because here in Florida we have just entered hurricane season. Maybe it is because I’ve lived here long enough to have gone through several. Although my city has not had a direct hit in years this book was so spot on, it reminded me that it could happen right where I live. I was right there with the family trapped on St. Simons Island. It reminded me of a few years ago when I worked at a hotel on the beach. They shut everyth [...]

    23. Exactly what I wanted to read: a good thriller set during an extreme weather event! A real page-turner with realistic settings, plot and characters readers will be able to relate to. This was the second of Buzz Bernard's series of weather-based novels I've read. As in the other two titles of the series -- "Blizzard" and "Supercell," -- he gets it all right, from the excellent meteorological setup to the page-turning thriller aspect. Not surprising, given his background as a Weather Channel meteo [...]

    24. I have always liked a good thriller type story and I was excited to read Eyewall for Pump Up Your Books. Not since the 70's and Jaws have I read a book that I literally did not want to put down. It didn't matter that I knew absolutely nothing about predicting weather, hurricanes and what goes on at a weather station. This book gets a great big WOW from me. The story of course is about a hurricane and about the people involved . It is obvious that the author knows what he is talking about when it [...]

    25. This book really moved and moved fast-I guess that's because a hurricane does, too. It was kind of the usual generic SiFi Channel disaster movie plot (pariah expert no one listens to, except for the plucky beautiful woman; rocky marriages, inflexible selfish bosses, rotten, stupid kid endangering whole family with hairs-breath rescue; unlikely heroes, somebody's pregnant-ill-alcoholic, somebody's going to die--and guess what race--definitely follows all the rules of this genre) just better done. [...]

    26. It is a made for TV weather disaster movie . Quick read, page turner, fast paced, holds your attention. But reading it is like eating cotton candy . Lots of flavor in your mouth , but no substance . When you finish , you wonder why you did that. The main male characters are essentially all the same character in different clothes, smart , driven, stand up guys with integrity , loyalty , grit, who become self-sacrificing heroes when the situation calls for it. None of the women are characters at a [...]

    27. I read some mixed reviews about Eyewall on before downloading to my Kindle. However, when there are mixed reviews what I tend to do is use the Click to look Inside feature to see how the writing grabs me.The writing was good, clean and well formed and the beginning interesting so I took the risk.This was a good but not great read. Be warned though, I believe it is a man's novel and will appeal less to a female readership. It spends a lot of time on the "male porn" aspect of machinery and planes [...]

    28. Forgot to add this when I started it. Not sure this was the right time of year to read about a hurricane, but I really liked it. (Have been lucky in that I haven't found one lately that I didn't like.) Arlen Walker is the pilot of a Hurricane Hunter, whose job it is to fly through the eye of a hurricane in order to determine the strength and potential path of the hurricane. Janet is the current hurricane they are to check out. She's supposed to be a category one, but things are never what they a [...]

    29. Eyewall a novel about a super storm with a plot which is plausible and extremely scary. As author H.W. "Buzz" Bernard remarks this is "A frightening possible novel." I loved the story, the characters were well developed and the plot line well done. The author, Buzz Bernard, is a retired meteorologist with the Weather Channel, who brought his love of weather and storms to writer a fantastic book about the people who are affected by storms. The characters include the weather forecasters and some o [...]

    30. I loved this book. It isn't my usual genre of romance, though there was a touch of that. What made me buy and ultimately enjoy this book more than anything was that I grew up vacationing on St Simon's Island, so there was no imagining that island for me. I saw it all in my minds eye and that made it so much more real. Frighteningly real. Reading about the destruction of the things I hold so dear felt sad as well. Anyway, I enjoyed the book for more than my connection to its setting. I enjoyed th [...]

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