You Choose

You Choose

Pippa Goodhart Nick Sharratt / Dec 09, 2019

You Choose Imagine you could go anywhere with anyone and do anything Where would you live Where would you sleep Who would be your friends What games would you play Go on you choose With the help of Nick Sharrat

  • Title: You Choose
  • Author: Pippa Goodhart Nick Sharratt
  • ISBN: 9780552547086
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback
  • Imagine you could go anywhere, with anyone and do anything Where would you live Where would you sleep Who would be your friends What games would you play Go on you choose With the help of Nick Sharratt s wonderfully detailed illustrations, Pippa Goodhart looks at a whole range of scenarios where choosing is made fun

    choose vs chose The Correct Way to Use Each Confusing Keep using choose instead of chose Check out Ginger s spelling book and make sure you never confuse choose and chose again uChoose Rewards Welcome to uChoose Rewards Log In Username Password Log In Forgot your username or password New to uChoose Rewards Register Modal title DonorsChoose Support a classroom Build a future. TODAY ONLY When you support a classroom, your donation will receive a % boost from the DonorsChoose Community You Choose PBS KIDS PBS KIDS You Choose is a kid friendly website introducing children ages to relevant, non partisan democracy related topics through interactive exploration and video. You Choose Books You can take as long as you want to reading this book They can choose thing in each category or list everything they see and want My kid loves being able to pick their own story, and feels pretty empowered by all the choice making this book allows. You Choose by Pippa Goodhart You Choose is a book about imagination and participation Children are encouraged to choose one or items out of different options and talk about them Children seem to love it from a very early age Each page asks a simple question and offers a wide variety of images as cues to help the child choose. Choose definition of choose by The Free Dictionary When you choose someone or something from a group of people or things, you decide which one you want The past tense of choose is chose, not choosed The past participle is chosen Pick and select have very similar meanings to choose Select is formal than choose or What Would You Choose to Survive HARDEST TEST EVER Mar , Test your survival skills as you make really hard choices This mind blowing test requires all your attention choosing the right option in critical situations in reality can save your life one What would you choose What would you choose Why Did You Choose This Career MyPerfectResume Sample Why Did You Choose This Career Interview Answers I noticed that the job posting lists programming capabilities and ability to write code as two essential job functions.

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    1. This book is an interesting and fun way to introduce the concept of choice to children in the early years (more specifically aged 4-5 years old) as each page has a different question to explore i.e. what would you eat, and provides a variety of choices that the children can choose from. This allows for a great discussion within the classroom and would allow you to help further their opinions by asking why they have chosen that specific one.However where I feel that this book lacked is that it do [...]

    2. You Choose – Written by Pippa Goodhart and Illustrated by Nick SharrattThis is a vibrant picture book with simple texts. At the top of each page there is a question and pictures to help the children to answer the question. There is also a little girl, little boy and a cat that chooses what they like. This book allows the children to use their imagination and think about the types of things that they would like to have in their lives. I read this book to the children in my SBT1 reception class [...]

    3. This is a great way to introduce choices to children at an early age. A bright, bold and colourful picture book with a question at the top of each page. Children choose from a variety of imagery to answer each question.

    4. You Choose is a book about imagination and participation. Children are encouraged to choose one or more items out of different options and talk about them. Children seem to love it from a very early age. Each page asks a simple question and offers a wide variety of images as cues to help the child choose.Children like to discuss it in a group, and it is an extremely useful tool in the classroom, particularly to promote involvement, imagination and communication skills.You Choose is most definite [...]

    5. I like the idea of this book. Children choose what they like on each page--what would they want to wear or eat, what kind of house would they want to live in, etc. It has many different topics with bright and colorful pictures, some playful, some more serious. Most of the pictures gave very "American" choices. I would have liked the artist to have thought outside of that western culture box. It was a perfect opportunity to show children how others around the world live. Perhaps the children woul [...]

    6. This is a great book. At five, my son is a little old for it, but it is still fun. The book poses a question on each page. For example: Who would you like for family and friend? What kind of home would you choose? And what would you put in it? Then there are MANY cartoon illustrations that your child can point to and choose from. Very helpful for a non-verbal child.This is a British book, but I found only one non-American word: "trainers" rather than "sneakers".

    7. Just bought this for Lois (aged 3 + 3 months) and it's just as good as I'd hoped it would be when I picked it up in the shop. The book consists of a series of choices to make, starting with "Where would you live?", with loads of inspiring illustrations to help the reader invent their own adventure. Spot-on for Lois' age and imagination. However, not ideal for bedtime - she got too excited!

    8. We used to have this book when my children were little and they loved it so much that it fell apart. Now my daughter is 12 and when she saw this book she reiterated how much it had meant to her. There is a cornucopia of things to choose from and I think this really appeals to children. It is also good for opening up discussion about why they have made their choices. It is bright and colourful and enticing!

    9. Just discovered this book during my EAL pathways placement. It contains endless opportunities to an EAL child to learn the language and pick up different terms. We even saw it being used as an example for a phonics lesson. It has really fun illustrations that would be really motivating for all age groups.

    10. This is wonderful for getting kids talking and imagining. I started reading this with my toddler as a silly identification book, and now we have little discussions about why he’d want that spaceship or those shoes. I think this is going to continue to be a fascinating conversation starter for years to come.

    11. At first glance, I don't really understand what this book is. It's kind of a book full of picture in really noisy color, which is not my taste. So I go to to check the review and decided to buy it anyway. Surprisingly, this is my kids's new favourite. They really happy to choose anything in this book and their reason for every choices was somewhat unpredictable and make me laugh

    12. This book is good for young children as the pictures would spark discussion between them based on the questions throughout the book. As there are so many pictures on each page, different children might notice different pictures that others might not see- this could be a good starter for conversation.

    13. I read this book countless times with my children, where we would play along whilst reading by choosing our favourite place to live, way to travel etc. It is an excellent books for demonstrating diversity and allowing children's (and adult's) imagination to develop and explore our favourite things! A really fun book.

    14. This book would be good for small groups or individual reading with children as it is based on discussion. If you had a new child in your class or were still in the process of getting to know the class then this might be quite good to spark a discussion. Good for PSHE.

    15. This is a great book for foundation stage guided reading. The illustrations help children think about the questions that the author is asking them.

    16. I've been reading quite a few picture books recently and I think that so far this is my favourite, it's just gorgeous. It encourages the reader to imagine different things on each page - if you could travel anywhere, wear anything, do a particular job etc which would you choose? Beautiful bright full page illustrations keep you looking and talking with so many points of discussion that even several readings wouldn't ever stand the chance of getting boring. Great to read aloud or for solo reading [...]

    17. This over-sized picture book resembles one of those big books used in first and second grade with early readers in its size. The pages are very busy and filled with image after image of possible choices for the youngster exploring its pages. Readers are asked what sort of family or friend they would choose if they had the choice. I liked the fact that not only human children but a cat was being asked to make choices. This would be a great book to begin a conversation about the particular choices [...]

    18. This is an interactive book that is aimed at very young readers. The book is a series of colourful illustrations about the choices you would make if someone asked you. On each page there is a question and a collection of pictures that the reader is asked to look at; they then need to make their choice. For example: if you could travel what mode of transport would you choose? The reader will have to scan the comical illustrations on the page and choose the modes they would like to use. There are [...]

    19. This book with its very busy, colourful pages gives children the choice to decide for themselves. Filled with illustrations allowing children to use their imagination.A great book for parents to use to communicate with their children as opposed to reading or talking to them. It promotes a variety of discussions about different subjects, and gives the opportunity to find out what they like and dislike. Questioning where and how they would like to travel; who they would like for their family and f [...]

    20. Both my 3yo and my 7yo really enjoyed this book (a library copy). It's crammed full of illustrations of various choices you can make, everything from your type of bed to what kind of pet you want. I love how there are fantastical choices, like dragons, as well as realistic ones, like a daybed. It was a great conversation starter to discuss our dreams and preferences. I talked about wanting a house on the beach, while my husband wanted an robotic dog. My 7yo wanted high heeled shoes, so she could [...]

    21. Another great book, full of lovely lesson ideas!Each page is different and allows you to pick what you would want for that particular thing. For example if you could live anywhere you wanted where would you live?A book i have used in reception, where they are able to draw and write about what they would choose. It allows the children to use their imaginations and also allows for the development of language.We used the book to have a go at writing riddles for where we would like to live on my rec [...]

    22. Amazing book! Each page asks a question, for example, if you could choose where would you live? Page then details a variety of illustrations of different places (tropical island, theme park, etc), for the child to then choose. Next, the story asks how would you get there? (children can choose between flying carpet, airplane, train, etc), Where would you sleep? Who would be your friends? What would you eat? This book is all about children participating, expressing their opinion and using their im [...]

    23. Beautiful illustrations by Nick Sharratt and words by Pippa Goodhart take the children through a variety of setting, asking questions along the way. Also included are types of family friends and pets.A great book for EYFS giving the teacher and children the opportunity to explore each page looking at different pictures on the page and investigating different possible answers. This book could be used with either the whole class or with small groups. For teachers, this book is a good way of gettin [...]

    24. I love this book. This is a book that really captures the imaginations of children from 3 upwards. Each page contains bright, colourful and amusing pictures that invoke discussion and imagination about where you would choose to live, who you would want for family and friends, what job you might choose etc. This is a great book for getting children talking and I have spent hours talking through this with children. As it is mainly pictorial is is also great for early talkers / EAL pupils and could [...]

    25. This is a fantastic book. My daughter, who is 7, still really likes it, even though it's aimed at younger children. There's a question at the top of each page (for example "where would you live?") then the rest of the page is covered in fun, colourful illustrations for the child (and adult) to choose from. My kids love it because it's fun. As a parent I also love it because it is a great tool for them to start appreciating their own tastes and styles, and being more tolerant of others.

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