John Connolly Йорданка Пенкова. / Feb 26, 2020

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  • Title: Шепнещите
  • Author: John Connolly Йорданка Пенкова.
  • ISBN: 9789547336995
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Paperback
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      182 John Connolly Йорданка Пенкова.
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        John Connolly was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1968 and has, at various points in his life, worked as a journalist, a barman, a local government official, a waiter and a dogsbody at Harrods department store in London He studied English in Trinity College, Dublin and journalism at Dublin City University, subsequently spending five years working as a freelance journalist for The Irish Times newspaper, to which he continues to contribute He is based in Dublin but divides his time between his native city and the United States.This page is administered by John s assistant, Clair, on John s behalf If you d like to communicate with John directly, you can do so by writing to contact at johnconnollybooks, or by following him on Twitter at JConnollyBooks Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See other authors with similar names.


    1. I. Cannot. Get. Enough. Of. This. Series. Or Charlie Parker, or Angel, or Louis. Even The Collector is starting to grow on me.Okay, now that I've had my fangirl moment, here's the real review. John Connolly--or J-Con as I like to refer to him--is one of those guys who just can't write a bad book. He has a way of weaving a story together flawlessy. For example, in The Whisperers, there are a plethora of characters: some secondary, some primary, some good, some bad, some in between, but all are dr [...]

    2. Another excellent book in the Charlie Parker series which is such a great mixture of mystery, horror and the supernatural. My only problem is that this is number nine in the series and I am rapidly catching up with the author who is preparing to publish number thirteen this year. I am now trying to pace myself because I don't want to get to the end! An excellent book in an even more excellent series recommended to any one who enjoys Dean Koontz or Stephen King.

    3. Odd things are going on in Maine. Several veterans of the Iraq war, including Damien Patchett, have recently committed suicide. Damien's father, diner owner Bennett Patchett - stricken by his son's death - has other problems as well. He's worried that his waitress is being abused by her boyfriend Joel Tobias, who happens to be Damien's former platoon mate. So Bennett hires PI Charlie Parker to check out Tobias, hoping the investigation also casts light on his son's suicide.Parker's investigation [...]

    4. Almost gave this one 3 stars, which is the first time I've even considered it for this series. but just about made the 4 star cut. Maybe I'm holding Connolly's high standards against him. He's manages to be as consistent as he is dark throughout this entire series. Not the best in the series but still very good. Maybe it was a little light on Angel and Louis? always the best bits of the book for me! However Connolly not quite at his best is still better than most.

    5. Loved this one!You want creepy with a dash of detective thrown in with weird and unusual villains - multiple villains! - and yet a story which comes right out of the current era - smuggling stolen antiquities from Iraq? - and with former military veterans who want to do right but some of'em do wrong ?This is the book for you. I loved every minute, every word, every page. Connolly not only spins a deft and twisty-turvy tale, but he's no fan of stereotypes. The MC doesn't get the gorgeous woman; t [...]

    6. A few months ago, I heard that John answered all his messages on his official Facebook page. So, I thought, "Hey, I like Connolly a lot, perhaps I'll tell him that". So I sent him a message expressing my appreciation for his work and his signature Charlie Parker character. Much to my surprise, he actually did respond.Dear Brandon,Thanks very much for the kind words. Good for morale as I work toward the end of the draft of the next book, so much appreciated.All best wishes,JohnAwesome.Anyway, ont [...]

    7. The Whisperers concentrates on a more definitive plot as Charlie Parker’s latest case sees him investigating an army veteran’s suicide which in turn leads him onto a smuggling operation and the author delves deeply into post-traumatic stress disorder and the effects of war on the soldiers.John Connolly demotes Charlie Parker’s demons to the sidelines somewhat but what we do have is two characters that demand all the attention in the return of the killer known as the Collector and the delib [...]

    8. Some might say that John Connolly is channeling his inner Stephen King with his Charlie Parker tales. I haven’t read much King but this is my 9th book in the series and there are some pretty creepy supernatural forces at work here. (view spoiler)[Iraqi jihadists lay a trap for corrupt US military forces to steal “demons in a box” and take them back to the US for mischief (hide spoiler)] Veterans feature prominently in this story and the vets are not---surprise---the good guys. Connolly int [...]

    9. Αστυνομική ιστορία μπολιασμένη με κοινωνικό σχόλιο για τις επιπτώσεις του πόλεμου στο Ιράκ και με δόσεις υπερφυσικού .Καλούτσικο και ολίγον φλυαρουτσικο.

    10. It took me ages to finish this book, not because it was a particularly demanding read, far from it, but because I've been working late every evening for a while now. As such, it was a bit of a disjointed experience, but an enjoyable one. This is the first Charlie Parker I've read, even though it is a late entry to the series.It seems that this was the book's saving grace, if other reviews are to be believed. I didn't have any expectations, so the supernatural angle came as a welcome surprise rat [...]

    11. An excellent addition to this series of books. Connelly's writing is so engaging it becomes difficult to stop reading the books. This particular entry to the series concerns soldiers and veterans suffering from PTSD and suicide tendencies of some of the returning vets. The book also delves into the second Iraq war and how the soldiers got short changed by the government and the military.Mr. Connolly wraps this information into his on going plot of Evil vs. Good and the shades of grey that exist [...]

    12. Uno de los mas imaginativos de la serie Charlie Parker, casi de aventuras. No se me entienda mal, un muy buen libro sobre todo para lo que se sucederá a continuación en la historia.Como siempre Connolly, haciendo verosímil lo oculto. Además como plus, la crítica ofrecida por este para con el ejercito, la guerra, sus maneras y sus desencantos funciona excelentemente.

    13. Excellent and superb addition to the Charlie Parker series!'The Whisperers' is a spooky ghost story, but I am getting ahead of myself.First, I suggest reading the series in order. 'The Whisperers' is #9, but if you don't mind not understanding some of the references, I admit reluctantly 'The Whisperers' can be read as a standalone read. Many of the usual characters surrounding Parker from previous books end up crossing his path while he searches for the cause behind an American ex-military squad [...]

    14. Oh, John Connolly is one of my very favorite authors! And reading this latest book was especially a treat since the US version won't be out for over a month! I really enjoyed this book! The plot - both more political and more supernatural than many of the preceding books - took my by surprise. I had expected from the end of The Lovers that Sharon Macy and maybe even more about his parents would be the focus of the next book. Instead, The Collector reappeared, and he is one of my favorite enigmat [...]

    15. Iraqi war veterans in the same platoon are mysteriously committing suicide. They claim to hear voices whispering to them from behind closed doors, under the bed, behind the walls. Their deaths are being written off as just more tragic cases of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but private detective Charlie Parker thinks there is something much more sinister going on, and apparently when Parker has a gut instinct it is usually right, and it also means some Very Bad Things are going to happen [...]

    16. I'm a big John Connolly fan. He plays the edges of crime/detective real and utter, horror madness and evil better in fiction then any other author. The way that he weaves (blurs) the normal and everyday, ordinary lives of characters with the supernatural is scary. In some basic respects, I'd hate to be in Connolly's head.In The Whisperers, Connolly comes close but misses pulling off a wonderful story that both had contemporary meaning and a real, terrorizing threat. What he talks us through is r [...]

    17. John Connolly is an amazingly talented writer. His Charlie Parker series is among the best of any detective series. I have read these books over and over again and there are bits and pieces of Connolly's honeycomb world that haunt my dreams.This latest in the series is both more political (in dealing with the after effects of the Iraq War, particularly PTSD and the treatment of returning veterans) and more explicitly paranormal that some of his books. As always, Connolly builds a strong and comp [...]

    18. As Charlie Parker series progresses, it delves more and more into the supernatural, which I really like. This book deals with supernatural factors so fascinating that I couldn't help but wish it concentrated more on that like Black Angel, instead this book deals heavily with PTSD and plight of soldiers and veterans. It's exceptionally well written as always, but there was something slightly disjointed about this book, something about the constant switch of POVs, that made this book just a tad we [...]

    19. Although the story was told well, if a little slow-going, I felt like this read could have used more of the original cast a lot more.The idea of Pandora' box was awesome and being written by Connolly, should have made this read magic. Instead I get some greedy military men that I can't connect to. not even by a thread.The last 10-15% was what this whole read should have consisted of.It took me a while to get through this one. Slightly disappointed.Hopefully, the next one gets back to the basics. [...]

    20. Charlie Parker at his best. Back in the PI trade he takes on the investigation at the request of a father who's son was a soldier and seemed to be adjusting to civilian life but committed suicide among a cluster of soldiers who have taken their lives by their own hands, all who served together. In typical Charlie Parker style he uncovers the truth.

    21. Connolly just keeps getting better! I thought a couple of his earlier Charlie Parker books were too complicated, but books 7-9 were impossible to put down. I have always loved stories that blend reality with just a dash of magic and this writer has his spicing down perfect. Watching PI Parker slowly realize that along with the bad guys in this world, there are darker supernatural forces at work. Highly recommend you read the series from the beginning.

    22. Duele. Duele bastante tener que ponerle una puntuación tan baja a John Connolly. ¡Aún te quiero, John! Me ha parecido un libro que carece de la acción que nos tiene acostumbrados con esta magnífica saga. Sentí que no hacía más que leer lo mismo página tras página y acabé aburriéndome por momentos. Reseña completa en el blog YOGLAXX

    23. Ο Κόνολι ξέρει να γράφει, αλλά το ξέχασα πριν καν τελειώσω την τελευταία σελίδα, η ανατροπή του με βρήκε να χασμουριέμαι και τον επίλογο δε θυμάμαι καν αν τον διάβασα. Ίσως φταίει το γεγονός πως η όλη αυτή η πώρωση των Αμερικανών με τον στρατό, το Βιετνάμ, το Ιράκ 1, το Ιράκ 2 κα [...]

    24. I usually learn a lot about whatever the underlying subject is when I read a Charlie Parker novel by John Connolly. This was no exception - the subject being the smuggling of antiquities from Iraq. I loved it and couldn't put it down.

    25. Storyline: Ancient artifacts and the second Iraqi War provide the backdrop for Connolly's ninth novel featuring PI Charlie Parker (after The Lovers). When the former NYPD homicide detective is asked by the father of one of the Iraqi war veterans who took his own life, he discovers that several members of the soldier's unit have also killed themselves and that they may have been involved in smuggling looted treasures into the U.S.Parker begins to fear that the returning soldiers have brought back [...]

    26. "The Whisperers" is a highly unusual mystery/thrille, but will not be news to John Connolly fans. If you have not read John Connolly before you will find that he writes an excellent mystery, however, one must be willing to also accept a little of the occult, the macabre, and the supernatural in his works.The story starts off with the ransacking of the Iraq Museum. Many priceless and irreplaceable antiquities were taken, and curator Dr. Mufid Al-Daini has been charged with finding them and return [...]

    27. Me gusta cómo escribe John Connolly. Me gustas sus historias, que aunque pueden encuadrarse dentro del género negro, van un poco más allá, incluyendo ese "toque Connolly" tan característico, es decir, el añadir unas ciertas gotas de elementos fantásticos o paranormales. Connolly sabe construir historias. Su pulso narrativo es estupendo; a partir de una idea central (la madeja) va deshilvanando otra serie de tramas, llegando a confluir perfectamente al final. Y las historias no son complej [...]

    28. This is the first novel by Connolly I've read, and while I went in expecting a standard thriller, I was pleasantly surprised by how much of a horror element the story contained.A group of Iraq war veterans are being killed, and each one seems to be a suicide. Each one of these soldiers had also stolen antiques from a museum in Baghdad, and smuggled the pieces out of the country. Charlie Parker (this being his ninth appearance in a Connolly novel) is soon brought in to investigate, and to my surp [...]

    29. More like 3 1/2 but rounding up due to delight. I read this over the course of a week because it's the only one in the series that my library had on CD, and I loved it the most out of the Parker books I've read thus far. The only reason it's not getting for not getting another half star is that there was very little Angel and Louis. Connolly fixed the majority of the problems that I've had with the books so far. First there's a clear delineation between third person and first person points of vi [...]

    30. Another fine entry in Connolly's series uniquely mixing thriller/murder mystery, with a side of supernatural.We begin with a simple premise: an unusually high number of Iraqi veterans in Maine from one specific unit are dying--apparently suicides. One of the vet's dads hires Charlie Parker to figure out why his son killed himself. Parker quickly uncovers evidence that the dead all may have been involved in a smuggling operation, bringing drugs into the US a cross the Maine border. He begins to d [...]

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