A Baby Sister for Frances

A Baby Sister for Frances

Russell Hoban Lillian Hoban / Feb 26, 2020

A Baby Sister for Frances With the arrival of baby Gloria in the house Frances feels that living with her parents is not as much fun as it used to be so after dinner she packs her bag and runs away to under the dining room ta

  • Title: A Baby Sister for Frances
  • Author: Russell Hoban Lillian Hoban
  • ISBN: 9780099432432
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback
  • With the arrival of baby Gloria in the house Frances feels that living with her parents is not as much fun as it used to be, so after dinner she packs her bag and runs away to under the dining room table But when she overhears her parents talking about how much they all miss her, she decides that she should go back home After all a being a big sister means she has lots oWith the arrival of baby Gloria in the house Frances feels that living with her parents is not as much fun as it used to be, so after dinner she packs her bag and runs away to under the dining room table But when she overhears her parents talking about how much they all miss her, she decides that she should go back home After all a being a big sister means she has lots of grown up things to do

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        Russell Conwell Hoban was an American expatriate writer His works span many genres, including fantasy, science fiction, mainstream fiction, magical realism, poetry, and children s books He lived in London, England, from 1969 until his death.


    1. I loved Frances when I was a little girl. She was a furry badger, but she and I had some things in common. I couldn't sleep when there was the possibility of a giant, frightening thing crawling out of the crack in the ceiling, either. My mother was great at reading aloud and singing all of Frances' songs, too. I have trouble singing Frances' songs, because I'm never sure how the tunes are supposed to go. It drives me nuts.That aside, the Frances books remain some of my all-time favorites. In Bab [...]

    2. I bought this book as a present for my older daughter (astute readers of my reviews will immediately intuit that a BLESSED EVENT has occurred; my younger daughter is almost two months old now and is doing great).Aside from a disconcerting gap in continuity (I truly thought I had bought a misprinted version with a page missing; it was only after comparing my daughter's book with other versions in the library did I realize that I bought the book the author intended), this was a wonderful book, alm [...]

    3. Another of my all time favorite children's books, and one that I like to give to people who are having a second baby. A clever story about Frances' reaction to a new baby in the house. My favorite scene is where she "runs away" to under the table and her parents have a pretend conversation about missing her while she is gone. I also love the way her parents confront the issue with love and understanding.

    4. I have always loved the Frances books! This one is such a sweet and thoughtful look at how the older sibling might feel about a new baby.

    5. This book is about the struggles of being an older sibling. A young girl has recently become a big sister and is upset about the amount of attention she is receiving from her parents. She assumes that striking out on her own is the best option and shirks any responsibility to her family. While “away” from her family she begins to realize that she does have great responsibility as an older sister and more importantly as a daughter. I recommend this fiction book for early elementary school st [...]

    6. Frances' parents play along to let Frances know she is still loved and wanted even when parents are busy with a new baby.

    7. Frances doesn't much care for the way things are going now that baby sister Gloria is around, so she decides it's a good idea to run away (but not very far). Will her parents be able to convince her that she's an important member of the family?Frances books are always sweet and kind of funny but also pretty wordy and I always feel like there's a lot of extraneous stuff in there too. It's easy enough to trim for bedtime reading but I feel like a little editing would have been a good idea. I also [...]

    8. A Baby Sister for Frances. Russell Hoban. Illustrated by Lillian Hoban. 1964/1992. HarperCollins. 32 pages.First sentence: It was a quiet evening. Father was reading his newspaper. Mother was feeding Gloria, the new baby. Frances was sitting under the kitchen sink. She was singing a little song: Plinketty, plinketty, plinketty, plink, Here is the dishrag that's under the sink. Here are the buckets and brushes and me, Plinketty, plinketty, plinketty, plee. She stopped the song and listened. Nobod [...]

    9. This is a lovely book about a young badger called Frances who becomes jealous of the attention her parents are giving her new baby sister that she decides to run away. Frances packs up some belongings in a small backpack, takes some food supplies and sets off under the dining table. While she is here her parents talk about how they will miss Frances, and how her baby sister will be lost without her big sister in her life. All the while Frances is overhearing and she realises she should return ho [...]

    10. One of many in Harper Collins Treasury Of Picture Book Classics: A Child's First Collection. While I did not remember the story, the illustrations of Frances are special from my childhood memories. This is a perfect time to share this new sibling storywith my newly big sister AppleBlossom. I love the illustrations and the text. With a mixture of sing song poetry and prose it is a delightful read. Also there are more words here than you seem to find in more recent new sibling stories so this give [...]

    11. A charming story about a sassy little badger who decides that since her baby sister arrived, things around the house have gone downhill--so she might as well just run away and live under the kitchen table (close to the pantry in case she runs out of food, of course). But she can't help overhearing how sad her parents are without her, so Frances decides to leave her hideout and return home to her family. This old classic has humor for both children and adults, endearing illustrations, and a simpl [...]

    12. This book provides a lot of perspectives, which is really nice for the learning child. It allows children to learn that not everything revolves around them all of the time, especially when there is a new child to take care of. However, this book does a nice job showing that just because a new child has entered the family, it does not change the fact that they are loved. Additionally, this book allows children to understand that although parents do not acknowledge every little thing they do, the [...]

    13. The Frances books by Russell Hoban have to be my all time favorite children's books and A Baby Sister for Frances is, in my opinion, the best out of the books, maybe I could just relate since I have nine younger brothers and sisters. In this story Frances has a new baby sister, Gloria, and I think its safe to that Frances is not happy, at the beginning of the story while France's mom is rocking the new baby, Frances sits under the sink feeling kind of forgotten and left out, she sings one of her [...]

    14. This book is very similar to the previous Frances book I reviewed, both in tone and art, so it's a safe bet to guess that I like this book too. The art is nearly identical except that the accent colors in this book are pink and yellow as opposed to purple and green. This is another "getting used to a new sibling" book. I don't think the support that it offers on that front is as strong as in "Julius the Baby of the World" but it has lots of great little songs that Frances sings to herself. She a [...]

    15. I LOVE the Frances books! Even though the pictures are only a few colors, as a child I enjoyed looking at them because the characters' expressions and mannerisms were spot on with the story. This particular book is about Frances not feeling very loved at home because her baby sister Gloria seems to get all the attention. She decides to run away, and instead of Mother and Father debating with her, they simply ask to where she is running. Going under the kitchen table, Frances hears Mother and Fat [...]

    16. "'Well,' said Frances, 'things are not very good around here anymore. No clothes to wear. No raisins for the oatmeal. I think maybe I'll run away.''Finish your breakfast,' said Mother.'What time will dinner be tonight?' said Frances.'Half past six,' said Mother.'Then I will have time to run away after dinner,' said Frances'"A great book in the Frances series! Frances is jealous of her new baby sister and how much of their parent's time she is occupying. She decides to "run away" to under the din [...]

    17. What a wonderful story to read to your child if (s)he has or is going to be welcoming a new sibling into their home. Frances the badger is dealing with feeling like her Mama doesn't have time for her after her sister Gloria is born. She doesn't have her favorite breakfast because Mama hasn't went to the store. She can't wear her favorite dress 'cause Mama hasn't washed it. So she wants to 'run away' (which is to the kitchen under the table) Mama and Pappa talk about missing Frances and how good [...]

    18. My 4 year old loves Frances so this was received we'll. It's about how Frances comes to terms with her little sister Gloria's birthday. Cute illustrations and narration. And as usual the songs Frances sing are the best!!What I liked the best about this book is how their mother accept Frances's choices. She doesn't lecture or punish Frances for eating gums meant to give Gloria on her birthday. She's ok when Frances declares that she doesn't want to give Gloria any gifts. It's beautiful to see how [...]

    19. Frances is just a little bit miffed at her Mom because the new baby is taking all of Mom's time away from her. Mom didn't iron her favorite dress for school and she didn't go to the store to pick up more raisins for Frances' oatmeal.What will Frances do? She is planning on running away.This story reminded me of the time when I was five, I ran away because my baby brothers was getting all of Mommy's attention. I didn't get far - just down the street a little before I went running home.Frances doe [...]

    20. This is a charming story of a young Frances learning her role in the family. Being a new big sister, which is a topic some students will be sure to relate to, she has to learn how the family is changing. Although her mom is too busy to remember to iron her clothes or buy more raisins, she still cares for Frances very much and would miss if she was gone. The concept of running away, is one that young readers may relate to and this story does a good job of rationalizing why it is not such a good i [...]

    21. My two year old sat quietly and humored me as I went all nostalgic reading a Frances book. It was definitely over his head, but he did enjoy the little songs almost as much I did growing up. Now that I'm older I can see that I enjoyed her so much because I identified with her and all the little struggles she went through with bedtime, siblings, friends, and food. But when I first read this book in particular, I remember just loving the idea of a world where my parents made me a chocolate cake af [...]

    22. 1. Rating: 32. A book review from School Library Journal said, "A gentle and humorous picture book for everyone, but especially families with a new baby sister or brother."3. A good little story about a young girl coping with a new baby sister that seems to get all of her parent's attention and time. Definitely a great lesson for new brothers and/or sisters and learning to treat the newest edition as family. I would recommend this book to students who are expecting a new brother or sister or to [...]

    23. I have four grown children and I read to all of them beginning when I got them home from the hospital. When you choose a children's book, expect to read it at least 100 times if it's really good. Kids don't get board of books they like. For this reason, it was essential that *I* liked the books enough to read them over and over. Any book by either Russell or Lillian Hoban is endlessly readable and funny.

    24. This is an adorable book. The illustrations and story are incredily sweet. Everything seems to be changing in the house when Francis's baby sister comes around, so Francis decides to run away. Soon, however, Francis learns how much her family really does love her and how much she misses them. In the end she decides to return home. This is a great book for kids learning how to read with a little assistance.

    25. Such a sweet series mom used to read these books to me when I was little. There was always a "moral of the story" of course but it was written with such a sweet and innocent style that I begged her to read them over and over again. Frances has a new little sisiter. Sad that she is no longer receiving all of parents' attention, she decides to run away and settles under the dining room table

    26. I actually got this book at 5 years old when my mother was pregnant with my brother . It really did help me transition into " big sister mode".Francis gets a new baby sister , and feels a bit brushed off she decides to run away , making camp under the dining room table . the book captures the innocence of first-time sibling rivalry , and the touching way all parents try to teach new big brothers and sisters that there is more than enough love for everyone .

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