Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

Randall Wallace / Jul 20, 2019

Pearl Harbor Childhood friends Rafe McCawley and Danny Walker are daring young pilots in the U S Army Air Corps Rafe has fallen in love with Evelyn Stewart a beautiful U S Navy nurse But when the sounds of war be

  • Title: Pearl Harbor
  • Author: Randall Wallace
  • ISBN: 9780141005140
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Paperback
  • Childhood friends Rafe McCawley and Danny Walker are daring young pilots in the U.S Army Air Corps Rafe has fallen in love with Evelyn Stewart, a beautiful U.S Navy nurse But when the sounds of war begin to rumble on the horizon, Rafe decides he must leave to join Europe s fight Swearing to Evelyn and Danny that he will return, Rafe heads off for England Meanwhile, EChildhood friends Rafe McCawley and Danny Walker are daring young pilots in the U.S Army Air Corps Rafe has fallen in love with Evelyn Stewart, a beautiful U.S Navy nurse But when the sounds of war begin to rumble on the horizon, Rafe decides he must leave to join Europe s fight Swearing to Evelyn and Danny that he will return, Rafe heads off for England Meanwhile, Evelyn and Danny are transferred to Hawaii s peaceful paradise Pearl Harbor unaware of the approach of devastating forces that soon will forever change their lives and the fate of an entire world.

    Pearl Harbor Tours and Activities Site Hawaii In the massive attack on Pearl Harbor, one of the ships that sank was the USS Arizona Today, you have the opportunity to stand above the wreckage of that ship when you visit Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor HISTORY Pearl Harbor is a U.S naval base near Honolulu, Hawaii, that was the scene of a devastating surprise attack by Japanese forces on December , Just before a.m on that Sunday morning Attack on Pearl Harbor The Attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise military strike by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service against the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Territory, on Pearl Harbor Tours Tickets, Arizona Memorial Missouri Pearl Harbor was the site of an event that changed not only the United States but the world December th, marks the fateful day the Japanese launched Pearl Harbor World War II Valor in the Pacific National Just as the luster of a pearl seems to change with the shifting light of day, so has Pearl Harbor changed in the shifting light of history This remarkable port, home to the great US Pacific Fleet, has been called majestic, one of the greatest harbors in the Pacific. Pearl Harbor attack Date, History, Map, Casualties Pearl Harbor attack, December , , surprise aerial attack on the U.S naval base at Pearl Harbor on Oahu Island, Hawaii, by the Japanese that precipitated the entry of Pearl Harbor, Memorials, Monuments, Museums, Honolulu, Hawaii WWII VALOR IN THE PACIFIC NATIONAL MONUMENT Open Daily am pm Join the . million visitors that visit the USS Arizona Memorial and learn about the day that launched the United States into World War II. Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor is a classic tale of romance set during a war that complicates everything It all starts when childhood friends Rafe and Danny become Army Air Corps pilots and meet Evelyn, a Navy nurse. Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor is a lagoon harbor on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, west of Honolulu.It has been long visited by the Naval fleet of the United States, before it was acquired from the Hawaiian Kingdom by the U.S with the signing of the Reciprocity Treaty of . Pearl Harbor Full Cast Crew Pearl Harbor cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and .

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    1. Pearl Harbor (2001) Official Trailer #1 - Ben Affleck Movie HDyoutube/watch?v=oGYcx“WAR” – it only means a few things to me, countries goes into battle for whatever stupid reason, friends turns into enemies, lives are lost, that of husbands – children – wives and lovers die or go missing and families will never know if they are dead, injured or just lost all hope and decided to disappear, and in the end was it worth it? “NO” as no amount of war can ever change that outcome!“My re [...]

    2. This quarter in my Cyber English class I read the book Pearl Harbor by Randall Wallace. I really enjoyed this book because it was filled with fairly mature content. I enjoyed this book much more than any other book that I’ve read this year because this book has a great storyline that is heavily focused on the military (specifically the Air Force), the reason that I enjoyed the storyline so much is because I can easily relate to a lot of thing that are going on in the storyline because I grew [...]

    3. I loved the movie which is completely why I read this book. The romance is terrible in terms of heart wrenching. Loving two men at the same time, possibly the same amount but probably loving the second slightly less than the first but feeling compelled towards the second because of circumstance. The movie made me howl completely. I felt the story in the film was dealt with in such a way that the romance was the focus over the war, though there was a balance of war - romance in the film. In this [...]

    4. I did not watch the movie. I found this book in the library and I picked it up because of the gorgeous Italian cover and because I knew it is a love story during the attack on Pearl Harbor by Japanase, which I did not know much about. I gave the book 3 stars because of:1) Evelyn, I really liked her as a character, I think she is strong, sensitive, introvert and also very smart. 2) The writer did his research on the topic.3) The idea for the love story was good.So why just 3 stars? I read that th [...]

    5. Rafe McCawley and Danny Walker are two daring young pilots in the U.S. Army Air Corps who grew up as close as brothers and learned to fly as cropdusters in Tennessee. Shortly after Rafe falls in love with Evelyn a U.S. navy nurse , with rumblings of war on the horizon, he decides to enlist in the fighting in Europe, leaving behind both Evelyn and Danny. Meanwhile Evelyn and Danny get transferred to Pearl Harbor , which appears to be a peaceful paradise at that time. The story unfolds as war come [...]

    6. (+) I liked reading about the transition of a tight friendship between a pair of boys (I always love reading about BFFs more than actual romance!) who grow together from children playing in the fields to fighting a war together. The way in which they unselfishly complement one another, and always have the other’s best interests at heart, yet are able to fight things out and argue like brothers was really heartwarming.(+) This is a fictional account that is based on true events that happened du [...]

    7. Pearl Harbor is an easy read on a serious topic. Easy in the best sense of the word as it is written flawlessly and gives a good idea of the scale of the attacks and start of the war. It’s primarily a love story set to a historic background. For me this was great because I’m naturally more drawn to love stories and this book gave me a lot of insight on the shocking acts that started World War II for America. One tip: look up “Roosevelt on Pearl Harbor” on YouTube and listen to President [...]

    8. Old-fashioned love during a time of war, who gets the girl? All the dynamics of a great story and read, turned to film repeatedly over the years. War. Love. Best friends. Danger. Death. Randall Wallace wrote with such care the words that make you feel, see, hear, and smell this horrid war surrounding a love structured to last a lifetime. Pages turn like the frames of a film reel, and your mind sees everything unfold. Five thumbs up for this book, and film.

    9. This story is much more than a war story,combining romance and a look into the lives of those affected by not just the horrendous attack but life during war

    10. I really enjoyed reading this book. From start to finish it was like the movie…well written plot, interesting and complex characters, correct history, etc.

    11. Overall A great read for anybody interested in history, or even something that you might be able to consider a "sad" or mystery I'm not sure how to describe it. What I mean is the underlying plot that it has with Rafe, Evelyn, and Danny. Read the book to find out more.

    12. I normally don't read books about war. I don't enjoy stories about war, but I read this book a few years ago, and it has become one of my favorite books. Sure, the romance is a mind-fxck, even Evelyn didn't know who to choose, but the love Rafe and Danny have for this woman is just so amazing. I liked this book because it made me see things in a different perspective. You hear and see war on the TV almost everyday, and it's sad that those people and soldiers die, but the news makes it sound like [...]

    13. This book is a fictional account of pearl harbor raid by Japan which resulted in swinging everybody mood in America in favor of war. The book is written using two fictional maverick pilots and their common love interest a nurse (Love triangles are cliched, but with a backdrop of WW II, they become pain). Author goes on and on about love between these and other side characters. He talks briefly about Japan, its raw material issue, Yamamoto and war council, dependence on precious few Carriers, and [...]

    14. I liked the book. For me it was a companion novel to be read along with the movie. I know from reading other reviews that many readers didn't like the book as much and thought that the author wrote about the military side of things more than focusing on the romance of the main characters. I didn't mind. The book contained expanded details from that time and about the characters that the film could never include. I enjoy possessing these little tidbits that those who only watch the movie will nev [...]

    15. Before the attack on Pearl Harbor the Japanese wanted to first check out the area. When they finally said that they have launch the attack now. So, three big aircraft carriers went out and sailed for about 1 day. When they got to the designated area of the plane takeoff they got every thing ready. Meanwhile, Franklin Eleanor Roosevelt was reported by the senator and said they got a wide range of fighter planes coming towards Pearl Harbor. When the military forces saw the planes they thought it w [...]

    16. I loved this movie, even though it was very Hollywood, so I thought I'd try the book when I saw it for a dollar at a local book store in Maplewood, NJ. The parts of the movie that I really liked came out as soppy and overdone in the book (the whole love story part). But the part that the movie sort of glossed over (all the tactical and war-focused stuff) was done really well in the book. I am never interested in tactical war moves--I generally love everything on the history channel except the do [...]

    17. A heartbreaking and yet action packed book about the beginning of WW2 and the lives that were lost. This follows the lives of two very heroic pilots, Danny and Rafe, who risked their lives, and their hearts for their country. I really liked this book and would be very inclined to read it again. I would aslo suggest this book if you not only wanted something good to read but some good info. This author i think just did a good job on getting what happened and putting 2 pilots into it. He didnt mak [...]

    18. I seriously wished that Evelyn loved Danny more then Rafe. I just didn't like Rafe. He cared more about being a pilot then being by her side and as for Danny you could just tell that he really was in love with her and he was going to be a father. It's just torture to watch it end the way it did. Danny deserved to live and be loved by Evelyn while Rafe should have died in war as a pilot with honor.

    19. Pearl Harbor was a story based around the attack on Pearl Harbour on December 7th, 1941. The two many characters are Danny Walker and Rafe McCawley who formed a in breakable brotherly bond growing up together in Tennessee. They join the U.S Army Air Corps and the drama begins with love and war being the focus of the book. The action scenes are gruesome and exacting. This book takes you on a thrill ride of emotions and digs deep into the story behind Pearl Harbor! Great Book!

    20. This book is about the beginning of World War 2 and the lives that were lost during this gruesome war. The main characters are Danny and Rafe. Danny and Rafe are brave and heroic pilots who risked their lives for their country. This book is full of action, and I would reccommend it to people my age and older.

    21. This novel was a fantastic mixture of historical happenings and a love triangle. It was written with a smooth narrative style and the strong sentiments and emotions can overwhelm the reader.I had a good cry over the book as well as the film. I highly recommend it as it respects the human aspects of the tragic attack on Pearl Harbor.

    22. This was a great book. I learned more about pearl harbor then I did in history class. This book was well written and I got into it on the 5th page. It is intense and I would like to see a second book to follow up this book. If there was another book I'm sure it would be just as well and I would read it. I would like to see more then one follow up book.

    23. Based on real historical events, follows American boyhood friends Rafe McCawley. Pearl Harbor was when Hawaii was calm and was not ready for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.They enter World War II as pilots. Rafe is so eager to take part in the war that he departs to fight in Europe alongside England's Royal Air Force.(RAF)

    24. I liked it but there really wasn't anything special about it beyond what I remember from the movie. I don't really know a lot about Pearl Harbor beyond what I learned in school so I'm interested in learning more.

    25. this is the novelization of the movie that came out years back with Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett. I read it before I saw the movie. and guess what, I liked it. But then again, i'm a sucker for those type of stories.

    26. What the heck? Nobody told me there's a book edition (The movie is life). I need to get my hands on it right now!

    27. I read the book but the movie explains it a little better. It has more action. It gives you a good significant background of what fighter pilots did in World War II. *By the way, the AP (Air Patrol for civilians) needed to step up their game.

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