Shackleton's Stowaway

Shackleton's Stowaway

Victoria McKernan / Aug 17, 2019

Shackleton s Stowaway On October Ernest Shackleton s Endurance set sail from Buenos Aires in pursuit of the last unclaimed prize in exploration the crossing of the Antarctic continent The crew stood on deck to wa

  • Title: Shackleton's Stowaway
  • Author: Victoria McKernan
  • ISBN: 9780375826917
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Hardcover
  • On October 26, 1914, Ernest Shackleton s Endurance set sail from Buenos Aires in pursuit of the last unclaimed prize in exploration the crossing of the Antarctic continent The crew stood on deck to watch the city fade away All but one.Eighteen year old Perce Blackborow hid below in a locker But the thrill of stowing away with the legendary explorer would soon turn to fOn October 26, 1914, Ernest Shackleton s Endurance set sail from Buenos Aires in pursuit of the last unclaimed prize in exploration the crossing of the Antarctic continent The crew stood on deck to watch the city fade away All but one.Eighteen year old Perce Blackborow hid below in a locker But the thrill of stowing away with the legendary explorer would soon turn to fear Within months, the Endurance, trapped and crushed by ice, sank And even Perce, the youngest member of the stranded crew, knew there was no hope of rescue If the men were to survive in the most hostile place on earth, they would have to do it on their own Victoria McKernan deftly weaves the hard to fathom facts of this famous voyage into an epic, edge of your seat survival novel.

    Personnel of the Imperial Trans Antarctic Expedition The Imperial Trans Antarctic Expedition was an attempt to cross the Antarctic continent led by Ernest Shackleton.The personnel were divided into two groups the Weddell Sea party consisting of the men who would attempt the crossing and their support, and the Ross Sea party whose job it was to lay stores on the far side of the Pole for the members of the Weddell Sea party who would make the Elephant Island Elephant Island is an ice covered mountainous island off the coast of Antarctica in the outer reaches of the South Shetland Islands, in the Southern Ocean.Its name was given by early explorers sighting elephant seals on its shores The island is situated kilometres miles north northeast of the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, , kilometres miles west southwest of South Endurance Expedition Die Endurance Expedition, offiziell Imperial Trans Antarctic Expedition, war eine Antarktisexpedition in den Jahren bis Sie war die letzte groe Expedition des Goldenen Zeitalters der Antarktis Forschung.Gemein hatten diese Expeditionen die Beschrnktheit der fr sie verfgbaren Ressourcen, bevor der Fortschritt auf den Gebieten von Transport und Kommunikation die Art der Antarctic Book Notes The Antarctic Circle POLAR EDITION, THE BOOK COLLECTOR Fergus Fleming, Guest Editor Cirencester The Collector Ltd pp illustrations Volume , No Autumn Price for the copy or , per year depending on location for an annual subscription issues a year. Myths About Famous Explorers Listverse Jul , Robert Peary Was The First Man To Reach The North Pole The Truth Not even in his own account was Peary the first man to the pole That was actually the other member of his expedition, Matthew Henson However, Henson was black, so while Peary was widely celebrated, Henson sank into obscurity and had to get a job in customs to get by Peary refused to answer Henson s letters, help New York State Testing Program Grade Common Core THE STATE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT THE UNIVERSITY OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK ALBANY, NY New York State Testing Program Grade Common Core English Language Arts Test Released Questions with Annotations Ross Sea Wildlife Expedition Cruise Heritage Expeditions Explore the Ross Sea in January by small expedition ship Visit some of the most remote Subantarctic Islands Discover the rich expedition history and wildlife of the Ross Sea. Film is Truth Times a Second Full List of Inventory We are currently trying to catch up with our inventory We apologize about being so behind with it If you don t see something here, please give us a call and double check.

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        Victoria McKernan started traveling at the age of eighteen and spent many years working her way around the world, hitchhiking and sailing She graduated in 1982 from George Washington University with a BA in theatre Since learning to scuba dive on Australia s Great Barrier Reef, she has worked as a scuba instructor, underwater model, and divemaster on several ships She lives in Washington DC with a dog, two cats, and a boa constrictor.She has written four mystery thrillers for adults, all of which feature underwater adventure Her most recent adult novel, THE MOSQUITO WAR under the name of V.A MacAlister Tor, 2001 , deals with international conspiracies to control a cure for malaria that comes from an underwater plant.The award winning book, SHACKLETON S STOWAWAY Knopf, 2005 , is her first young adult novel Knopf will publish THE DEVIL S PAINTBOX, her next young adult novel, in Spring 2009.


    1. many many animals were harmed in the writing of this story. and "good" animals, too, not just the necessary "starving in antarctica" ones that you have to kill for survival. there are awful penguin-clubbing sequences, some euthanasia of dogs and a cat, and lots of seals make their way into seal heaven. there is also one awesome amputation scene.disney will never option this story. there are very few places to insert singing mice (twss) but it is a true account of a young boy who stowed away on s [...]

    2. "I never even heard of this book, if we have to read it for science I will most likely hate it." These were the thoughts that ran through my head as I was assigned to read this book for science. The next day I bring it home dreading to open it and start reading the first 100 pages before midterm. When I pulled out the book my dad looked over and asked what I was reading. When he saw that it was "Shackleton's Stowaway" his face lit up with excitement. "That is one of the most amazing rescue stori [...]

    3. Although this is a fictionalized account of Perce Blackborow, a 18 year old stowaway on the Endurance, Shackleton's ill-fated ship on his expedition to cross the Antarctic, the novel is full of well researched historical fact. Stranded in South America after their ship runs aground in Montevideo, Perce Blackborow and his mate, Billy Bakewell, search for another posting on a ship and discover by chance that the Endurance will have two openings. Although Billy is hired on, Perce is considered too [...]

    4. Lisa CampbellAdventurePerce Blackborow really wants to join the crew of the Endurance for its expedition. Denied a job on the ship he stows away with the help of two friends. Under the leadership of Shackleton, Perce learns the value of sheer grit, determination and optimism. In the world’s most treacherous seas they battle their way to safety, finally making land only to find rescue is still hundreds of miles away. During the horrifying days of rowing, Perce discovers that his feet are frozen [...]

    5. It was a cold, sucky weekend, so reading a story about infinitely more badass people than I, enduring a far colder, suckier time sounded appealing. If you love cold weather exploration/adventure/survival stories like I love cold weather exploration/adventure/survival stories, then you should love this book too. It's thrilling and truly, just ungodly brutal. There's no shying away from the hunger, madness, toe amputations, clubbing of adorable seals and penguins so the crew won't starve, and from [...]

    6. Having read historical accounts of the "Endurance" voyage, I could see that this YA historical novel of the survival story is accurate and based on fact. Packed with true tidbits and written in a tense style to make any teenager become engrossed in the story, it was a very good re-telling of the story. Told in third person but from the POV of the youngest member of the crew who stowed away on the "Endurance", Perce Blackborow's story is one of struggle, sacrifice, and true survival. Because they [...]

    7. I think this book was a major contributor to my inability to fall asleep last evening until after 2 AM. This is my first experience with the story of the Shackleton expedition and Victoria McKernan has me chomping at the bit to read more about Shackleton, look to find Hurley's photos and perhaps read more about these incredible survivors. The narrative and dialog mix kept me moving and since I hadn't read about the expedition I didn't know until the end who survived. I plan to add this to a new [...]

    8. If I start lamenting a Minnesota winter, I can be grateful I'm not spending four months under a lifeboat on an Artic island waiting for rescue. Victoria McKernan bases her novel on the experience of Perce Blackborow, the youngest member of Ernest Shackelton's crew as they attempt to cross Antarctica. Miraculously, all the crew return alive from the two year journey; however, over two-thirds is spent trapped by pack ice and nearly a year is spent with no ship at all. Drawing heavily from journals [...]

    9. Shackleton's story doesn't need novelization to be an amazing read, but it was fun to see the characters personified. This was a great "survival book," Charlotte Doyle, Hatchet, Island of the Blue Dolphins style adventure, but the fact that it's a true story makes it all the more amazing. It makes me want to read more books on the subject.

    10. This is a wonderful adventure story. I am fascinated by what all the crew went through! This book is told from the perspective of the stowaway and is an amazing true story!

    11. "Shackleton's Stowaway" written by Victoria McKernan is a great book if your looking for an adventure story with some facts about an actual historical even along the way. The major events and important dates in this book actually happened but certain conversations were fabricated to help make a story. I thought that this book was good at setting the scene, making characters come to life and it made learning historical events fun! Although this book was good at making characters come to life it n [...]

    12. Having read other Shackleton history and finding it engrossing, I came across this e-book at my local library. It's all based on fact (real events and people), but the author took creative license with the characters themselves, how they interacted, and the sequence of events. It was a very quick read for me, mainly because almost every chapter was filled with angst and peril. At some points it was so glum I could barely continue reading, but of course I had to finish; if these brave explorers c [...]

    13. The story of Shackleton and the Endurance is one of my favorite survival stories. While this book is considered fiction, it is based on the real life events surrounding the Endurance and its quest to cross the Antarctic continent. The book follows the steward on the ship, Perce Blackborrow, and the specific challenges he faced while with the crew of the Endurance. The book is geared towards teenage readers and hopefully prompts readers to research the real story of Shackleton and his brave crew. [...]

    14. I can't say anything about this book was exciting or for that matter very interesting for me personally. But I have never been a fan of survival stories.

    15. Shackleton's Stowaway was an incredibly good read. Typically I like books that are based on true stories more than made up stories, another reason why I really enjoyed this book. Shackleton's Stowaway is about a group men who sailed to Antarctica to explore the un-known land to many. Shackleton (One of the main characters in this book) was the ships leader, he was a very decent man and a truly extraordinary captain. Lets introduce you to another character, whom is named Perce. He and his friend [...]

    16. Shackleton's Stowaway was a really good book. I liked it a lot because it was based on a true story. Shackleton's Stowaway is about lots of men who sailed on an expedition to go to Antartica to explore it. Shackleton was the captain of the ship and he was a very good man and a really good captain. This guy named Perce and his friend Tim were walking around one day and found a bunch of people in a huddle doing something. They wanted to know what was going on and they saw that Shackleton was leavi [...]

    17. Shackleton’s Stowaway "Another boring science book," I thought as I chose to read Shackleton’s Stowaway. What started with dismal hopes, and an attitude of “let's get this over as painless and quickly as possible,” turned into an interest, then curiosity, and ended with a desire to read and learn more about these fascinating, historic, Antarctic heroes. Shackleton’s Stowaway is a novel based on an actual journey experienced by Ernest Shackleton and his crew in the early 1900’s. The b [...]

    18. Shackleton's Stowaway By: Victoria MckernanShackleton's Stowaway in set in antarctica in the very early 90's. The Story is about Perce Blackborrows adventure as a stowaway on the Endurance's expedition to the antarctic under the command of Sir Ernst Shackleton. The main characters in Shackleton's Stowaway are Perce Blackborrow, Billy Bakewell, Sir Ernst Shackleton, Frank Wild, Tim and Tom.The story starts when Perce and his buddy Billy Bakewell fresh off a ship wreck with the boat named The Gold [...]

    19. Shackleton’s Stowaway “Doc Macklin is about to cut off my toes. Bad enough frostbite kills the flesh. That’s what happened to my feet. Nothing to do now but amputate.” - Shackleton’s Stowaway (page 2) Imagine what it would be like to be stranded on an island in the middle of Antarctica! Imagine having to eat seal and penguin plain for almost two years! Imagine living under a cramped lifeboat with twenty two other stinky, cranky men that haven’t showered for over a year! This is what [...]

    20. Shackleton StowawayBy Victoria McKernanPerce Blackborrow was the youngest lad in the crew, Billy and him would always wanted to go sail away for a while but they did not know what they were getting themselves into. They had always grown up together working at the same job and even liking the same girls. Perce was only fifteen; Billy was the one that talked Perce into sailing to Antarctica with him but didn’t know how to tell Shackleton that another volunteer wanted to come. As the next day, Bi [...]

    21. Have you ever actually heard of a true story that involved someone stowing on a ship and not being kicked off. Well I had the opportunity to read Shackleton’s Stowaway which is a book that is based on a real life adventure that tells the story of the attempted voyage of Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton’s ship Endurance across Antarctica. When I first heard I had to read this book I thought it was going to be another dull book for my science class but it turned out that I ended up enjoying this b [...]

    22. Huck ThorpePeriod-1Shackleton’s StowawayBy Victoria MckernanBook Review Shackleton’s Stowaway is not a book for the faint of heart. The crew of the ship the Endurance is forced to kill dogs, penguins, seals, and even a cat. The book starts when Perce Blackborrow a young boy about eighteen years old comes into Buenos Aires after the boat that he was working on sinks. He is in Buenos Aires with his best friend Billy Bakewell. They are both looking for work since their boat just sunk. They are [...]

    23. Shackleton's Stowaway is a true non-fiction book filled with journals from some of the sailors and people on the ship called Endurance. This story is about a group of men on an expedition to the Antarctic that meet up with some challanges during the expedition. Main charachters from this book are Shackleton, who is the captain of the ship and Perce Blackborrow, who is the stowaway on the ship. The journals also talk about the animals on the ship and what they go through on this adventure. Shackl [...]

    24. I hated this book with a passion. It's like reading somebodys journal that you don't like or want to hear about. My friend said that he wasn't like he couldn't put the book donw but he liked it. I disagree. The story was ok but it was dull. if they limited it to 100 pages then it would of been alittle better. just a little. The way it was written was distusting and the way story was depressing as well. One of the reasons the story sucked was they killed inocent seals and those seals went to the [...]

    25. I chose this book because I had it as an option in science for Mrs. Brinkerhoff's class. At first, when I picked up this book, I thought it was going to be one of those same old books. Educational and such. But it turned out to be a pretty good book! True story too! Shackletons Stowaway was a very hard book for me to get into, because I thought it was just going to be a dull book. But once I started reading it, it became quiet addicting! While I was reading this book, I noticed that it is more o [...]

    26. I actually really like this book, which was a little surprising for me because usually I don't like the books that were put on a list and i have to choose one to read. My Science teacher gives everyone in her class a paper with a list of stuff we can do for a term project. I chose to read a book because I am pretty fast at reading and it wouldn't take that long to read. My Favorite parts in the story is when Shackleton tells Perce his outlook on luck and when Perce is on the ships shaft with the [...]

    27. Would you like Antarctica? I know that most people wouldn’t because of the freezing temperatures! In 1914 a group of men set off to the Antarctic continent in a ship called the Endurance. Before they left they were in England. Perce Blackborow (the stowaway) and his good friend from the U.S. William Bakewell (Billy) go and try and get a job interview to work aboard the ship.In 1914 the ship, Endurance set sail to be the first voyage to cross the Antarctic continent around the South Pole. Perce [...]

    28. I love reading! However, I hated this book and it took me a very long time to get through! The intended audience of this book is people who like history and science. That's where I went wrong. The biggest problem us that they get stranded in the Antarctic. The setting is on their boat, called the Endurance, and eventually, their ice camps. Perce is the main character. He is strong, and he is a sailor. He is young so he doesn't have that much experience. He loves adventure. Billy is his best frie [...]

    29. Megan SeagerPeriod 5Shackleton’s Stowaway I read a book called Shackleton’s Stowaway recently. I thought that it was okay, it was actually a little better than I thought it would be. I thought that it was a pretty good story, and it was actually based on a true story. However, I found it a little bit confusing some parts but otherwise, I guess it was fine. This story is basically about an eighteen year old boy named Perce Blackborow who stows away with Shackleton, and the rest of his crew o [...]

    30. Do you want to read about one of the greatest true survival stories of all time? If so, Shackleton's Stowaway is the book for you. This 317 page book by Victoria McKernan is about an Antarctic Expedition on a ship called the Endurance. It is a great story. There were things I liked about it and things that I didn't like. Overall it was an ok book.The story is about three friends who aboard a ship called the Endurance to work as sailors and to explore Antarctica. Billy Bakewell and Tim McCarthy g [...]

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