A Life in Stitches: Knitting My Way through Love, Loss, and Laughter

A Life in Stitches: Knitting My Way through Love, Loss, and Laughter

Rachael Herron / Jul 21, 2019

A Life in Stitches Knitting My Way through Love Loss and Laughter In these heartfelt essays Rachael Herron celebrated romance novelist by day dispatcher by night and founder of the hugely popular blog Yarnagogo shows how when life unravels there s always a

  • Title: A Life in Stitches: Knitting My Way through Love, Loss, and Laughter
  • Author: Rachael Herron
  • ISBN: 9781452100531
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback
  • In these 20 heartfelt essays, Rachael Herron celebrated romance novelist by day, 911 dispatcher by night, and founder of the hugely popular blog Yarnagogo shows how when life unravels there s always a way to knit it back together again, many times into something even better Honest, funny, and full of warmth, Herron s tales, each inspired by something she knit or sometIn these 20 heartfelt essays, Rachael Herron celebrated romance novelist by day, 911 dispatcher by night, and founder of the hugely popular blog Yarnagogo shows how when life unravels there s always a way to knit it back together again, many times into something even better Honest, funny, and full of warmth, Herron s tales, each inspired by something she knit or something knit for her, will speak to anyone who has ever picked up a pair of needles From her very first sweater a hilarious disaster, to say the least to the yellow afghan that caused a breakup and, ultimately, a breakthrough , every piece has a moving story behind it This beautifully crafted and candid collection is perfect for the knitter who loves to read and the reader who loves to knit.

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    • [PDF] µ Unlimited ✓ A Life in Stitches: Knitting My Way through Love, Loss, and Laughter : by Rachael Herron ✓
      438 Rachael Herron
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        Rachael Herron is the bestselling author of the novels The Ones Who Matter Most, Splinters of Light, and Pack Up the Moon Penguin , the five book Cypress Hollow series, and the memoir, A Life in Stitches Chronicle She received her MFA in writing from Mills College, Oakland She teaches writing extension workshops at both UC Berkeley and Stanford and is a proud member of the NaNoWriMo Writer s Board She s a New Zealand citizen as well as an American.


    1. My goodness, what a sweet surprise this book was. What I expected was a book of musings on knitting, which I would've enjoyed, but probably not found memorable. What I got was a selection of poignant, funny, and well-written essays on Ms. Herron's life - with the role that her particular hobby has played in it. Make no mistake, this would be a brilliant book even without the uniting thread of stitchcraft. But through her knitting, Rachel Herron shows us how a hobby can bring incredibly disparate [...]

    2. A sentimental explanation of why knitters gonna knit, makers gonna make. Also a skip worthy chapter on how the author wrote her novel.

    3. I came across Rachael Herron's essays by chance. I was waiting for my husband at our local Wellness Center, and I picked up a copy of a "woman's magazine" sitting in the lounge. (I honestly don't remember which magazine it was.) An article on knitting caught my eye. I read it and wrote down the author's name and blog site. When I got home, I read her blog "Yarnagogo" and went to to buy the book from which her essay was extracted. I was not disappointed. Her collection of essays about how knitti [...]

    4. I am unable to be unbiased about this book because (a) Rachael is my friend, and (b) it's a book of knitting essays by a sarcastic Bay Area-residing writing nerd, how could I NOT love it. But it's so much more than a book of knitting essays - saying this book is about knitting is like saying Friday Night Lights is about football. Knitting is just the structure behind the story. This is super readable, extremely well-written, and just all around delightful.

    5. I first read Rachael Herron in 2004 when I was doing a search (pre-Ravelry) for "ChicKami" - a pattern for a knitted tank top (she's knit a LOT of them). Rachael's blog, Yarnagogo, became one of a handful of knitting blogs I was reading regularly while learning how to knit. Admittedly, I often skipped the posts with no knitting content, but when I did take the time to read them, I was always affected in some way. In the past few years, my blog reading has dropped, but I've been reading real book [...]

    6. I loved this book of essays. I am not sure if you need to be a knitter to fully appreciate these writings but it helps. Each essay was wonderful, full of heart and soul.I have been reading Rachael's blog for years, and knew some but not all of many of the stories. I knew about Lala, and watched the relationship grow on the blog, little Mama and the love and sadness when she died, the blanket that was sent to heal, and Digit. I don't know how many times I have read the post about Digit's return o [...]

    7. After reading Rachel Herron's essays I searched for her blog and read more. Tried to borrow her romances, especially HOW TO KNIT A LOVE SONG, but only found it on e-audio which I dislike. Haven't given up and I will read her fiction one day. I cried with this book as I read about her disbatch work and her co-worker and her mother's passing. I hugged Gracie, the tablet I was using as an ereader, as I read about her attempt to knit a wedding dress. I enjoyed Rachel Herron's views and writing so mu [...]

    8. Sweet essays on knitting and love. I read this book while vacationing and had to immediately go out and buy new needles and yarn.

    9. Bonus points to the author for citing one of my favorite works, The Yellow Wall-Paper. What I don't understand is the obsession with hot water bottles (I'd never seen one until recently, and don't get all the knitting patterns for them). I also don't understand why she tried to make knitting seem so incredibly difficult; she just didn't understand the Cat Bordhi moebius cast-on! She just can't get kitchener! Zomg this craft is HARD! Bah. I'm no knitting wizard, but I can recognize when someone i [...]

    10. I adore Rachael. I've been reading her blog for years, tweet with her, and when I have had the chance to meet her in person, I just want to rent a big house where all the knitters can crash and hang out with her. I enjoy her fiction.All that aside, I am grateful that she wrote A Life in Stitches. Rachael's blog is beloved for the authenticity of her voice. She shares the happy stuff (have you seen her playing the ukelele?) and the deeply sorrowful moments without making more or less of them than [...]

    11. A very interesting read. I don't know how to knit, but I do know how to crochet - easily taught to me by my very efficient mom. She is also learning to knitteaching herself. Maybe I'll learn that too one of these days.I do love how fascinating Rachel Herron's life is. From the beginning, she experienced things I've never even thought. But I do love that, although it did focus on her life, it didn't stay on all the tough stuff. It really did focus on how knitting had come and go in her life and h [...]

    12. I wanted to like this book. I really did. I love memoirs! I love knitting! How could I not love the two things combined? Because the one thought that ran through my mind as I was reading this was this: I could do this better.The title of each chapter was a knit stitch. Cute. Except in most usages, it was not related to the chapter at all. "Basket Weave Stitch" was about her cat. A successful use of this chapter title would have been similar to how knits and purls create the motley pattern, the a [...]

    13. This was a great book. I enjoy reading essays by and about crafty people and the things they make. Especially when it's yarn-related crafts. But I have to say that I think it's time knitty people let hooky people come to the party. For all the books and all the blogs out there, you'd think the only people doing anything with yarn are knitters. I'm tired of crochet being treated like the red-headed step child of the yarn world. And I'm really tired of knitty people making fun of those of us who b [...]

    14. I love this book, Rachael's simple way of marrying knitting and writing to tell us about some of her happy or sad experiences is great, sometimes you get lost in one of the essays and it looks like she's talking to you directly There have been good times, like when Digit (her cat)came home after four months, scary times when I wondered if he would make it, God know he reminds me of my own cat and bad times too, especially when her little mama passed away, I don't know how but I got to like this [...]

    15. Words can not express how much I loved this book. There are very few books that I have read that have actually made me feel so much emotion as to actually laugh and cry (at the appropriate times). The author has such a way of making you feel everything she is going through right along with her. I felt like I was progressing through all of her knitting projects right beside her, even though I am nowhere near an experienced enough knitter. She made me want to knit more even though I didn't want to [...]

    16. I enjoyed this collection of essays very much. I love reading stuff written by people I know, and I know Rachael from her blog. I especially liked Blanket Stitch, because I'm in it (!!!), and the piece about Digit, Rachael's beloved cat, coming back home after he'd been gone for months. That story, which I followed on her blog several years ago, was monumentally touching and I cry like a baby whenever I go back and read it. (In fact, whenever I need a good cry but can't quite get started, I go d [...]

    17. I was already enjoying this memoir, the author's writing style, the insights she shared about her life experiences, smiling and laughing with her one moment, then feeling her pain the next. I lost myself in all the intricate story-telling, but the surprise came at the end when she reveals her locality at a lighthouse - one which I have been to. Put a check mark next to my name that says "fan". She included the lighthouse in her next book. Another nice touch is that she includes a pattern for kni [...]

    18. A memoir and series of essays on knitting and life. I was looking for something light after a couple of emotionally demanding novels. While this book wasn't exactly light, its positive messages, hopefulness,and knitting tales was just what I needed. I've also enjoyed findinge author'a knitting blog which has pictures of many of the projects referred to in the book. Great read, especially if you are a knitter.

    19. I borrowed this from the library when I saw the digital copy available. I wasn't previous familiar with the author, but it involved knitting so how bad could it be? ;-) I was pleasantly surprised by this collection of essays and ended the book the book with an urge to seek out more of her work. Also? I kind of want a hot water bottle now.

    20. I am a knitter but I believe people who are not knitters would enjoy this book. The author writes warm, honest, and entertaining essays about her life.

    21. Rachael is a dear friend of mine and I cannot be in anyway objective when it comes to her writing--I just LOVE to read it.That said, I just BAWLED my way through this book. So moving.

    22. Came across this book of essays by accident and am I ever glad that I did. This book is not so much about knitting as much as its about life. She teaches life lessons in a funny entertaining manner

    23. "A Life in Stitches" is a beautifully written account of key events in the author's life through the items she has knitted. It's a delightful read for those who are keen knitters, or just starting out on this wonderful craft. We are invited to join in Rachael Herron's journeys through life and love as she casts on and creates love and beauty in every stitch. I found it encouraging to hear that I'm not the only one who's undone rows (not whole garments!) to correct mistakes.Sit down with your yar [...]

    24. This was a very comforting read. I'm in a weird place where I find it hard to work on my knitting, and my writing, and so reading about knitting was the best I could do. I loved peeking into her knitting world, and how she approaches projects, and how those projects are never separate from what is also happening in her life. This was like pulling up a snuggly blanket on a rainy day and doing those things that make you feel the most at ease.

    25. An unexpected hitI recall downloading this, thinking it would be another novel about knitting but I now know it is a memoir and I really enjoyed it. The writing is lively and fresh and honest and I am inspired to take up knitting again. A fun, thoughtful and motivating read.

    26. I love reading about knittersThis is a good knitters read, well crafted and thought out. I just wish I wanted or needed a hot water bottle cozy. It’s cute!

    27. Loved it! Rachael opened up her heart and beautifully written essays flowed out. I adored all the snippets of her life from funny and sweet to the truly heartbreaking.

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