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Priest A Fantasy Novel After years spent in the inn he bought and never opened Heden is drawn out and sent into a dark forest to investigate the death of a knight Nothing is what it seems Why was Heden cho

  • Title: Priest
  • Author: Matthew Colville
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Fantasy Novel.After years spent in the inn he bought and never opened, Heden is drawn out, and sent into a dark forest to investigate the death of a knight Nothing is what it seems Why was Heden chosen for this mission Who killed the knight and why Why won t anyone talk to him As the Green Order awaits Heden s final judgement, he finds his morality, perspective, andA Fantasy Novel.After years spent in the inn he bought and never opened, Heden is drawn out, and sent into a dark forest to investigate the death of a knight Nothing is what it seems Why was Heden chosen for this mission Who killed the knight and why Why won t anyone talk to him As the Green Order awaits Heden s final judgement, he finds his morality, perspective, and sense of self are each challenged and then destroyed Perhaps nothing, even right and wrong, can survive in the haunted wood.

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    1. I really expected to enjoy Priest more than I did. Based on everything I'd read about it, I just thought Matthew Colville and I would click a little better. It's a serviceable tale, and there were some moments that made me smile, but overall it just left me with a feeling of strained deja vu rather than genuine nostalgia.The biggest issue for me comes down to Heden, the titular priest. I just didn't like the guy. He didn't engage me, didn't appeal to me, and didn't inspire me as a protagonist to [...]

    2. I was genuinely anticipating loving this book. I, like many who are familiar with Colville, learned of him through his series on YouTube and a few other places. It was the want to support him and the acknowledgement of how ingrained into literature and fantasy he was that lead me to believe I would love this book, and so I ordered it. There will also be immense spoilers ahead, as I intend to dig into the book in its entirety. In short, the story is aggravatingly vague, inconsistent, and often si [...]

    3. Finalist of #SPFBO. Read the full list of finalists here: mark---lawrenceSummary: Our reluctant hero type, Heden, is sent to investigate a murder among a reclusive order of knights. Thoughts: First I'd like to say this is solid writing and generally compelling. This is one of those books that is both cleverly written and easy to read.I'm lead to believe the author was deliberately channeling books that he read in the 1980s when he wrote this, to which I say he did that well. But one persons clas [...]

    4. 4.5/5.I read Priest. I hated Priest. Never have I wanted to throw something so hard.Here's my problem (other than the book being on my phone and therefore not being able to throw it):Every single drop of happiness and joy that is potentially offered by this plot is sucked out and spat into a deep pit of hopelessness and despair. And it's good. I mean, it is so good: the characters are well developed, the plot is driven with plenty of twists and turns, and the settings are fantastic. I would love [...]

    5. You have a book here that takes an old fashioned, classical form of fantasy and updates it for a more modern taste.The author uses some of the legends of King Arthur, aspects of LOTR, a pinch of Feist and sprinkle of many other influences. All of these he mixes into a story that carries you through the events with a pace that ensures your interest doesn't wander.Occasionally, the author's cleverness takes over and there is one chapter, near the end, which I thought could have been said fewer wor [...]

    6. I enjoyed this so much more than I thought I would! I thought this was great tale that suffered from some typical flaws seen in a lot of self-published works - typos, clunky prose here and there, a few dropped storyline (Aderyn's gone you'll never see her again oh well!), and a bit of inconsistent characterization. Now, I know that sounds like a lot of flaws, but really, the good parts of this book FAR outweighed the bad in my opinion. This is a very good book.I enjoyed that this felt like a ver [...]

    7. I devoured this book in a week solid, starting with caution and then purposefully making time for it. That in itself is the sign of a good story well told.Priest isn't a coming of age tale, instead its protagonist is the priestly Heden, an older man that has lived his life and has now slumped into quiet seclusion. He owns an inn that he never opens but keeps stocked, a strange combination that has you questioning his thought processes immediately.Heden himself is a complicated man, and the tale [...]

    8. We picked up Priest in order to support the author whom we'd been watching on Twitch. I was a bit skeptical as to the book mainly because it's another fantasy book, but I wanted to give it a shot as I love his streams, his other videos, and just his outlook on many things. That being said, I read it in a day! It's also one of the few books that my husband has read in a long time. It's rough at times and lacks extra descriptions, yet it felt spot on with the emotions and character development, an [...]

    9. I haven't read this book (yet), but it is one of the 10 finalists in the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off. That's 10 out of 270+ hopefuls!Read about the competition heremark---lawrenceSee the list of finalists so far here:mark---lawrence

    10. I am a Matt Colville fan. I don't think he has been a pen and paper roleplayer as long as I have but its gotta be close. His YouTube videos should be required watching for old and new hobbyists. He has an imaginative brain and a way of looking at gaming, even in its most basic form, that GMs and players alike should subscribe to. I'm not sure if this is his first book, because I know he works on videogames as a profession, I believe. If this is his first book its great.Heden is a cleric who no l [...]

    11. I like Matthew Colville, so it pains me to give this book such a poor rating. Even if I didn't know that he is an avid D&D player, I would have been able to guess based on this book.Matt is an independent fantasy author, which I'm guessing means he had no editor. No outside insight to tell him "the back and forth of these conversations isn't advancing the plot and will be boring/annoying to your audience" or "the dialogue exchange isn't believable enough" or "you are using too many terms tha [...]

    12. Very enthralling read. Even though at times it feels like I was inserted into the world in the middle of a story, it never failed to keep my interest and never dived down a rabbit hole too far to lose me. The emotion behind the characters are so relatable and real that I couldn't help but be drawn along in the roller coaster ride. The characterization is great as well. I'm usually not a fan of orcs, dwarves, and elves stories but this one keeps things far enough away from high fantasy to be pala [...]

    13. This is the first book, in a long while, that I've felt emotionally invested in. A heartbreaking story of a seemingly retired priest who clearly wears his past on his face, but hides behind shoulder shrugs. Colville's fantasy world is expertly crafted and left me feeling remorse for its protagonist. I've not felt such a strong emotional connection to a fictional character in what feels like forever.

    14. In for a penny, in for ninety-nine more The last chapter redeemed this story for me.Until that time I was having difficulty working myself up to read the second book. Now I am looking forward to it. I would have given this five star but for the still significant problem of the style for me. There is so much back story that it not covered but is critical to inform the reader of the nature and character of Heden. Polders, The White Hart, Heden's past campaigners, etc. so much unknown.

    15. I get the sense of what the author was trying to do here. The hardboiled detective story, told in a fantasy world. The titular priest takes the role of the detective that's been through much before he gets hired to solve this story's murder. And I think we hit a lot of the tropes of that kind of story along the way: the society of figures that the hero needs to investigate that want nothing to do with him, the innocent that needs saving, the woman that seems decides to throw herself at the hero [...]

    16. After following Matt's youtube videos, I got excited on the prospect of reading one of his books. I didn't read any reviews beforehand, but I took his word for it and tried it out. Ultimately I was a bit disappointed. Now, I gave it 2/5, since rating system is on a scale of 5, when I'd actually want a 5/10, or a 2.5/5, but that's just me being weirdly nitpicking about ratings. The book was actually quite easy to read and if I had the time, I could have gone through it, probably, in something le [...]

    17. Mind. FREAKING. Blown.This is the sort of novel that puts my faith back in Fantasy and Sci-Fi. Not only does this book feature all of the classic fantasy themes of adventure, magic, and excitement, it also boasts an excellent murder-mystery, a delightfully convoluted plot line, and absolutely AMAZING characters.To focus in a bit, I don't think I've ever read a novel with stronger, more tangible characters. They are not only wonderfully rendered, they are not only unique and diverse, but each one [...]

    18. When I first attempted to read Priest I bounced off it. I got partially into the first chapter and put it on the digital pile of other kindle books from fellow redditors. Sometime later, Matt Colville began his YouTube channel and I became a fan of his work there. I decided to give Priest another chance. Conveniently, Matt had recently updated the book with a professional edit and man it showed. I was immediately drawn into Heden's tale and thoroughly enjoyed the ride. It's taken me a bit to giv [...]

    19. Punchy and rivetingI purchased this book as no more than a way to support Matt Colville's other production endeavors on YouTube and Twitch. However, I figured I'd at least open it up and try the first chapter.I haven't read much in recent years, and was never much for somewhat dour fantasy, but Priest has seduced me back into reading, and intrigued me about what else is out there. The pacing is great, aided by brief but densely-packed chapters. The writing is elegant but practical. The reader is [...]

    20. I bought the book out of support of Matt's youtube channel. I decided to give it a read and it wasn't my jam. :( Sorry, Matt.It felt like the characters struggled to remain consistent throughout the book, especially Headen, the main character. Nor do I understand the point of the story in general and the big reveal in the end. There were editing issues sporadically throughout the book.It felt like someone retelling a D&D adventure. The teller of the story loved living the adventure, while th [...]

    21. Short and sweet but seemed to lose its way a little towards the end. It's nice to see a fantasy novel that isn't just magic and dragons, it has a story that would work just as well in a mundane setting. It's also very deliberately not a door-stopper, keeping things brief and skipping whole time periods in a manner that keeps up the pace but occasionally seems a little jarring.

    22. I very much enjoyed the way the characters develop and the mix of the overarching mystery in the fantasy setting.The main character is, in every way, shape or form, a badass, he's already done more than his share of adventuring years ago, leaving him rich, powerful and full of mental scars. Over all, its a great fantasy novel and I will definitely read the followup when it comes out.

    23. great book. its an easy read with no low points, it feels like you've jumped right into a DND campaign. thoroughly enjoyed it.

    24. I love the setting, as well as the characters. I am a DnD player. It is truly amazing, how Matthew brings these characters to life. The moral conflict happening within Heden is a masterpiece of art.

    25. Let down by typos & similar errors as well as a cliffhanger-style ending. Also did not like the recurring, nearly literal, deus ex machinas.

    26. This is a good fantasy read that has some definite and undeniable weaknesses.The good: * Worldbuilding. Matthew Colville is a notable D&D GM and it shows, because the world of Priest feels fully realised. You get the impression of a huge Setting Bible out there somewhere. The religious system of Cavall feels like a natural outgrowth of a pre-existing world. There are hints everywhere of a world outside what is presented to the reader, and all of this does a good job of making the setting fee [...]

    27. I was sent 27 Self Published novels to read as part of Mark Lawrence’s Self Published Fantasy Blog Off. The process of the SPFBO is that 10 Fantasy blogs around the world make their way through a total of 267 Self Published books and each selects a champion. Once a champion has been selected they are entered into phase two of the competition which will see each novel being scored out of 10. A winner will be announced once all scores have come in and have been totalled.For us here at Fantasy-Fa [...]

    28. I liked this book a lot, I'm not going to write a very lengthy review of itbut things that worked: quick introduction into the world and trusting the reader to be able to understand "this is a fantasy universe with Magic and Monsters, and Priests can recite prayers that have magical connotations" without spending 1,000s of pages setting up the lore and history of the unvierse. It's just "This is a world with magic. The Woods are dangerous because Fae and Celestials control them. Humans, Dwarves, [...]

    29. This is a bit of an odd book. On one hand it's a 'D&D' type fantasy about Heden, a retired high level adventuring priest who has been given a new mission by his church - to solve a murder and save a bunch of knights from their own mysterious dishonor. In that 'mission' thread you get pretty much what you expect: tons of fantasy fighting, conflicted knightly honor and bloody-mindedness - with Heden fuming about the stupidity of knights as the knights desperatly gesticulate at clues.On the oth [...]

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