Batman: Knightfall, Part Two: Who Rules the Night

Batman: Knightfall, Part Two: Who Rules the Night

Doug Moench Chuck Dixon Alan Grant Jim Aparo Norm Breyfogle Graham Nolan Jim Balent / Aug 21, 2019

Batman Knightfall Part Two Who Rules the Night This riveting book sets Batman on a path that will change his life forever A mass escape from Arkham Asylum and the emergence of Batman s most threatening for Bane sends Gotham City spinning into ch

  • Title: Batman: Knightfall, Part Two: Who Rules the Night
  • Author: Doug Moench Chuck Dixon Alan Grant Jim Aparo Norm Breyfogle Graham Nolan Jim Balent
  • ISBN: 9781563891489
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Paperback
  • This riveting book sets Batman on a path that will change his life forever A mass escape from Arkham Asylum and the emergence of Batman s most threatening for, Bane, sends Gotham City spinning into chaos and takes Batman to the limits of human endurance Graphic novel formatE BAT IS BROKENNE HAS WON.But for forces of justice will not go quietly into the night InsteThis riveting book sets Batman on a path that will change his life forever A mass escape from Arkham Asylum and the emergence of Batman s most threatening for, Bane, sends Gotham City spinning into chaos and takes Batman to the limits of human endurance Graphic novel formatE BAT IS BROKENNE HAS WON.But for forces of justice will not go quietly into the night Instead, a successor to the mantle of the Bat must be chosen to carry on Bruce Wayne s war against crime Who will be the new Dark Knight Can he succeed where his predecessor failed Or will Bane s campaign of terror continue unabated, laying waste to Gotham City The second volume of the epic Knightfall story, this edition contains Batman 498 500, Detective Comics 664 666, Showcase 93 7 8 and Batman Shadow of the Bat 16 18.

    Batman Knightfall Knightfall is a Batman story arc published by DC Comics It consists of a trilogy of storylines that ran from to , consisting of Knightfall, Knightquest, and KnightsEnd.The story takes place over approximately six months. Batman Knightfall Part One Broken Bat Knightfall is one of the most ambitious Batman stories ever attempted This book collects the first and arguably the best part of this story the breaking of the Batman batman knightfall part eBay product rating Batman Knightfall Part Two Who Rules The Night DC Bane st Print TPB . Buy It Now . shipping Batman Knightfall Part Bane nd Print . out of stars product rating Batman Knightfall Part Bane nd Print Batman Knightfall, Part Three Knightsend by Doug Moench Batman Knightfall, Part Three Knightsend Batman Knightfall But Jean Paul Valley, the man who now patrols the night as a vicious and violent Batman, is not willing to give up his new identity Driven to the brink of madness by inner demons, the new Batman seeks Batman Prelude To Knightfall TPB Part Read Batman Read Batman Prelude To Knightfall TPB Part comic online free and high quality Unique reading type All pages just need to scroll to read next page. Batman Knightfall Part GetComics Batman Knightfall Part A remastered singularly published tribute to s Batman Knightfall by Doug Moench Seeking Gotham as his ultimate prize, the Santa Priscan crime lord Bane wages a slow burning war to wear Batman down bringing the Dark Knight to his knees before Bane breaks him Free DC Comics Download.

    • ☆ Batman: Knightfall, Part Two: Who Rules the Night || ¸ PDF Read by ☆ Doug Moench Chuck Dixon Alan Grant Jim Aparo Norm Breyfogle Graham Nolan Jim Balent
      389 Doug Moench Chuck Dixon Alan Grant Jim Aparo Norm Breyfogle Graham Nolan Jim Balent
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      • Doug Moench Chuck Dixon Alan Grant Jim Aparo Norm Breyfogle Graham Nolan Jim Balent

        Doug Moench, is an American comic book writer notable for his Batman work and as the creator of Black Mask, Moon Knight and Deathlok Moench has worked for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics and many other smaller companies he has written hundreds of issues of many different comics, and created dozens of characters, such as Moon Knight In 1973, Moench became the de facto lead writer for the Marvel black and white magazine imprint Curtis Magazines He contributed to the entire runs of Planet of the Apes, Rampaging Hulk continuing on the title when it changed its name to The Hulk and Doc Savage, while also serving as a regular scribe for virtually every other Curtis title during the course of the imprint s existence Moench is perhaps best known for his work on Batman, whose title he wrote from 1983 1986 and then again from 1992 1998 He also wrote the companion title Detective Comics from 1983 1986 Moench is a frequent and longtime collaborator with comics artist Paul Gulacy The pair are probably best known for their work on Shang Chi Master of Kung Fu, which they worked on together from 1974 1977 They also co created Six from Sirius, Slash Maraud, and S.C.I Spy, and have worked together on comics projects featuring Batman, Conan the Barbarian and James Bond.Moench has frequently been paired with the artist and inker team of Kelley Jones and John Beatty on several Elseworlds Graphic Novels and a long run of the monthly Batman comic.


    1. I spent the majority of my review for Knightfall: Volume 1 gushing over how much I enjoyed the story and how pumped up it made me for The Dark Knight Rises. Having just finished Volume 2 and seen The Dark Knight Rises twice, I can easily say that I enjoyed this collection on a much higher level.I'm not sure if it's strictly because now when I read Bane, I can only hear his dialogue in Tom Hardy's voice or that the story takes a turn in a darker, more compelling direction.That being said, I'm sti [...]

    2. This second book in the trilogy takes a long time to say some very basic things: Bruce Wayne is in a wheelchair recovering, Jean Paul Valley is the new Batman and is dispensing a rougher sort of justice than the usual Batman, and that's it. Robin is still wringing his hands like a worried housewife, while Bane having "taken Gotham" does nothing more than sit in his flat is it? Talking about how he's controlling all the crime in Gotham and all the money he's going to make.Having read the origin s [...]

    3. This one just didn't work for me. I'll go and start firstly by saying that the smart and intimidating bane is gone. Before he was a guy that is world renowned as the man who broke the bat, now he's just a guy who sits around watching tv all day and does nothing interesting the entire book. There are bits that seem out of place in this book like the twoface flash back story which only serves to remind us of what happened the previous volume and clear up some tension between Bruce Wayne and Tim Dr [...]

    4. I realize that they were trying to ride the coattails of Superman's death, but this whole series just seemed weak.

    5. Well, now I can confirm that final Arkham game by Rocksteady studios was partially inspired by the events in this trade paperback. That was nice to see; for the record, Scarecrow was a lot less menacing in this than in the game. The story explored Jean-Paul Valley's evolution and was done in an entertaining fashion, maybe a little too easy and linear. Jean-Paul reminded me a lot of Tommy Gunn in Rocky V, except for the ending.The volume was definitely fun nonetheless. Sucks that Bruce had to be [...]

    6. I have a few issues with the dumbing down of Bane but I suppose when you create a character who is the intellectual and physical superior to Bruce Wayne you kinda write yourself into a corner when you have to defeat him. Although it is a little dissatisfying to watch Azrael (tactic: punch him, lots) to only beat him up in an improved Batsuit. Saying that though, the psychological effects of the breaking of the Bat are nicely explored in this, the art is lovely and the Scarecrow's appearance is t [...]

    7. Read all three volumes several times, I’m a huge Batman fan. From the start I thought I wouldn’t like it as Bruce Wayne isn’t the Batman throughout the story, but now it has to be one of my favourite Batman comics.

    8. It can pretty much be skipped if you're only interested in Batman and Bane. Azrael is cool in theory

    9. This book brilliantly illustrates a Gotham without The Batman but still with "Batman". The Brutal, and tactical new Batman is a nice new change of pace from the normal.

    10. Like the first volume, I read this one in single-issue format, and I skipped the Two-Face and Scarecrow arcs because they both seemed very tangential. My criticisms of the first volume also still largely apply: Aparo's art is still oh-so-'90s, and Moench's prose is still cringe-inducingly purple, never more than when he tries his hardest to make it elevated (that narration/internal monologue/whatever at the endh). But there's actually a pretty neat device in the last issue (the original Batman 5 [...]

    11. "Hraaaooo. Hrraaiii!"Uhhh, sure Scarecrow, whatever that means as long as you're cool with it.Ok, so this volume was slightly better than the first. Again, this is considered a monumental story arc for Bats, but I'm not really feeling it yet. The bits that really took me out of the whole story were the issues dealing with Two Face and Scarecrow. They served as complete distractions to the main story.You'd think Two Face would be interesting. A twisted and tortured soul ruled by the cruel fate of [...]

    12. I really tried to love this comic, but I just could not get into it. First off, it starts out really slow, which is kind of ironic seeing as how volume 1 ended on such a high note. Almost the entire first half is a flashback to an incident with Two-Face which in reality has no baring on the comic, other than to solidify the fact that Bruce had been "on edge" after that comic. Then of course Azreal takes the role of Batman since Bruce is in no condition to do so, and Bruce goes off to find Robin' [...]

    13. Who Rules the Night is a mixed bag, because it's been created by putting together different pieces which feel a bit disjointed. It shows Jean Paul Valley as Batman, as he slowly but surely spirals towards violence and determination to destroy Bane, but the character arc here looks very hastened - especially the last few chapters. Bruce Wayne doesn't get much to do here, Robin mostly comments on Valley's behaviour Graphically it's different styles and quality, but what I really dig is the Batman' [...]

    14. After Bane broke Batman's back, Bruce Wayne had Jean Paul Valley (formerly Azrael) step in as The Dark Knight. Nightwing gets involved, as Robin (Tim Drake) grows increasingly concerned about Valley's more brutal version of the hero. In fact, Valley's turn as Batman almost works as a sensual dream for Batman fans, since you get to see the costume work as reckless and careless as possible. Valley wants to pummel everything, if not kill all villains. So, to see the Batman cowl ready to destroy eve [...]

    15. This volume of the "Knightfall" saga will likely leave you disappointed, especially when compared to Volume 1. While the story overall is gimmicky and simplistic in nature, the first volume at least left you satisfied in that you got a (mostly) complete story with a lot of sequences that really push how awesome Batman is.Volume 2 is almost the complete opposite. It does next to nothing to show Batman's greatness and fails to include a critical part of the "Knightquest" story arc, which is Bruce [...]

    16. This was a decent story but Azrael/John Paul Valley/New Batman is kind of annoying. I can't wait for volume 3 when Bruce takes the mantel back from that nut job.There were some good bits of writing though. Here's a self-monologue by Valley that I liked:-"A dark angel on spread wings, he falls closer to the core, the only one willing to descend deeper. All pain and stiffness washed away by the sea, lost in a part of his mind he no longer knows, as he searches. For a sign. "The ocean recedes now, [...]

    17. Just like its prequel, Who Rules The Night is a bit of a mixed bag, but I quite enjoyed this part more than the first. I'm well aware that this isn't a very popular opinion, and that most people didn't appreciate the lack of Bruce Wayne, but this explored a very interesting premise: somebody else other than Bruce Wayne taking up the Bat mantle.(view spoiler)[Dear Jean Paul Valley,It's mainly because of the fact that he'd been brainwashed to become Azrael, but it doesn't change things at all in m [...]

    18. This one was crazy, the introduction of bane and why the Joel Shumacher films made seem like a puss. He breaks out the rouges gallery and all hell breaks loose, then bats is out for like 8 days trying to get them all back, or was that when batman fought captain america for 8 days, either way it shows he is still just a human. when he comes back to the batcave, guess who's waiting for him, burnt out batman can't do much and bane breaks his back, almost like the good bane movie, thank you so much [...]

    19. After the fairly drudgy part 1, part 2 delivers a much more interesting read. Bane is almost a side character really, despite his prominence in the plot - he remains fairly shadowy, working at a distance. This allows the story to delve into more interesting topics, such as:- how Bruce Wayne copes with failure- the dynamic of power in a void, between Robin and Batman's replacement- the prize that is "Gotham" - what does it really mean to control a city?I first read this when I was teenager and pi [...]

    20. This is pretty similar to the first part of this series, only it focuses more on Bruce Wayne's replacement in the cowl - this Azrael guy. I don't know anything about this character, where he came from, or this secret order he was in, so I'll have to research him. Anyway, it was interesting to see how he kinda goes nuts with the Dark Knight's responsibility. And poor Robin is helpless to do much. I'm also reading Hush now, and oddly enough, some of the storyline is parallel. The artwork is averag [...]

    21. Bruce Wayne's spine snapped in half over Bane's knee! Gotham City descending into high! Chaos! Then Brucie comes out of his coma in the Batcave long enough to tell Jean-Paul Valley (Azrael) to take on the mantle of the bat. This would be just dandy if Jean-Paul wasn't a bloodthirsty, former brainwash victim of an ancient order of assassins, but, hey, who's gonna argue with Bruce Wayne? The new Batman beats the living shit out of lots of baddies (there's a neat Scarecrow story arc here), telling [...]

    22. Mes de Batman 03/23The Bat is Broke.Oh, hello. Look at this. A brand new Batman. Now edgier. With more pouches! Claws! Metal! 90s!Oh, he is so edgy. Bleeding cool, uh? Look at him now! He can Mutilate. He will mutilate. And. He. Won't. Care.Lo sé, lo sé. Azrael como Batman fue una de las peores decisiones de DC. Aún peor que los 4 supermanes, o luego el superman eléctrico o luego los dos supermanes eléctricos. ¿Qué carajos DC? Pero pues, eran los infames 90s. Siendo honestos, calificaré [...]

    23. The second installment of the Knightfall storyline is chalked full of action but there are some glaring issues with the trade. I still, even after reading it, can’t figure out why Jean Paul Valley is given the reigns by Bruce Wayne. It made little sense before I read the story and less now. His turn in the cowl is interesting but oddly placed. Robin and Nightwing’s involvement are puzzling. Bane and the Scarecrow really shine here though. Both are scary in their own ways. The art is classic [...]

    24. The second book of the Knightfall series, is engaging, as it brings out Azrael who is taking the place of Batman while the real Batman recuperates.The book is a little less thrilling compared to its predecessor. Azrael seems to easily lose control and forgets who he really is.He starts making rules for himself some of them utterly contradictory to rules of Batman. Together Robin and Azrael do indeed defeat the Arkham Asylum loonies, but the challenge is now from within.The book eventually makes [...]

    25. I hoped Robin would step up and take care of things. He certainly was the smartest guy in the first part but it seems that he just wants to be a sidekick. Even after he sees that the "new Batman" isn't a solution but adds even bigger trouble, Robin doesn't trust his instincts to stop this madness. The line between superheroes and villains is blurred and you actually end up to cheer for the bad guys to end new Batman. He was so annoying. I didn't like this comic book at all. Just a bunch of crazy [...]

    26. It's great that this turned out to be more like Part One instead of Part Three. I pretty much enjoyed the introduction of other characters and the chance to see Bruce Wayne as the Batman in action through a flashback involving Two-Face. I like how the writer left noticeable clues of Jean Paul being a different Batman (Gordon's surprise when 'Batman' actually finished their conversation was best) than Bruce Wayne. I'm disappointed that wheelchaired Bruce and Alfred's rescue of Dr Kinsolving and J [...]

    27. Well, after finishing Knightfall volume one, I had to keep going, didn’t I? Jean Paul Valley (aka Azrael or Azbats) takes over the mantle of the Bat, and pretty much goes even more batshit nutters, becoming more aggressive and brutal than Bruce, crossing the line where Bruce would not, driving Robin away, and even coming up with a new and improved Bat costume. All heavy metal and artillery, yo! The final showdown with Bane is intense, but loses energy by the end when I just wanted it to end, d [...]

    28. Leído en castellano en ediciones de Zinco, Vid y Planeta, en distintas décadas de mi vida. Aunque el promedio de dibujantes de Batman de esta época no es muy de mi agrado actual, los guiones me parecieron sorprendentemente buenos, con todo el tema de la caída y redención muy bien laburados. Supongo que cuando lea los quichicientos comics de Batman que tengo pendientes, esta etapa se terminará ganando una merecida relectura.

    29. So Batman's spine was crushed and Jean Paul filled in his suit, and here I guess it's really hard for him to avoid the temptation not to misuse the power he has. I respect Bruce Wayne even more for this :DMas Aldo, maaf kelamaan disimpen di rumah seri yang ini tapi ternyata buku kedua yah hahaha dan masih ada lanjutannya nih adohhhh mia*yang selalu baca seri batman secara acak*

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