The Master of All Desires

The Master of All Desires

Judith Merkle Riley / Dec 07, 2019

The Master of All Desires It is and the queen s astrologer the prophet Nostradamus has uncovered through his powers of divination a secret that could destroy the entire kingdom of France The queen Catherine de Medici a

  • Title: The Master of All Desires
  • Author: Judith Merkle Riley
  • ISBN: 9780670884506
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It is 1556 and the queen s astrologer, the prophet Nostradamus has uncovered through his powers of divination a secret that could destroy the entire kingdom of France The queen, Catherine de Medici, a dabbler in black magic, has decided to get rid of the king s mistress by seeking out the legendary Undying Head of Menander the Magus, known as the Master of All Desires BuIt is 1556 and the queen s astrologer, the prophet Nostradamus has uncovered through his powers of divination a secret that could destroy the entire kingdom of France The queen, Catherine de Medici, a dabbler in black magic, has decided to get rid of the king s mistress by seeking out the legendary Undying Head of Menander the Magus, known as the Master of All Desires But only Nostradamus understands the true nature of this evil object, which sows destruction everywhere it goes and does indeed grant wishes but with a deadly twist As Nostradamus hurries to Paris to warn the queen, he discovers that the coffer containing the Master has fallen into the possession of a charming, wryly perceptive but stubborn young woman Sibille Artaud de la Roque, a bluestocking aspiring poet Sibille is tempted by Menander to obtain all her desires beauty, genius, and a dashing, intelligent cavalier Can Nostradamus stop these determined ladies from wishing on the Master of All Desires and destroy it before it brings down the entire kingdom The three way battle that ensues between a prophet who scorns poetry, a woman in love, and a sly and ruthless queen is set against the rich, detailed tapestry of a nation on the verge of civil war and a lively constellation of famous figures clustered around Nostradamus, seer of the millennium.

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        Judith Astria Merkle was born on January 14, 1942 in Brunswick, Maine and grew up in Liver, California, U.S.A Her great grandfather was a Swiss emigrant, who moved to the United States in 1860 Her uncle abue was the famous player of baseball Fred Merkle Her father, Theodore Charles Merkle was contralador of the Project Pluto and her brother Ralph C Merkle is technological professor in a Computer science School Judith Astria Merkle holds a Ph.D from the University of California at Berkeley and teaches in the Department of Government at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California Married with Mr Riley, she wrote as Judith Merkle Riley six historical and romance novels.


    1. Pisanjem ovog romana Judith Merkle Riley upustila se u hrabar pothvat;  spojila je  povijest, fikciju, crnu magiju, intrige, romantiku, stvarne i izmišljene likove te sve začinila sarkastičnim komentarima, dozom (crnog) humora i ironijom. Rezultat je jedan od najzabavnijih povijesnih roman koji ćete ikada čitati!I svaka joj čast na tom konačnom uratku jer mislim da je balansirala na vrlo tankoj niti da roman ispade neozbiljan (ili čak nakaradan) baš zbog spoja svih gore navedenih, ele [...]

    2. Nije loše. Povijesni likovi, uključujući Nostradamusa i Katarinu Medici koji se miješaju s okultnom magijom, demonima i anđelima s ponekom dozom humora kako bi stvorili zabavan pogled na povijest. Knjiga počinje vrlo snažno, ali onda se to nekako počela razvodnjavati te se u sredini knjige ništa ne događa, glavni likovi se rijetko vide. Srećom, zadnjih 100 stranica ili tako negdje, vratila su priču natrag u prvi plan. Sve u svemu bilo je zabavno je čitati.

    3. The title of this book is rather unfortunate - makes it sound like a terrible bodice-ripper. The "master of all desires" referred to in the title is really a severed head, and that requires an explanation in itself. Judith Merkle Riley presents her story in 16h century France, where Catherine de'Medici has not yet advanced in evil to the point of the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre, and where a young noblewoman named Sibille finds herself embroiled with an occult plot. Sibille is devoted to poetr [...]

    4. Honestly, I thought I would enjoy this book far more than I actually did. It had every element, history and magic together into one story, and yet it lacked a great deal. Taking place in the mid 16th century in France with Catherine de Medici as Queen and Nostradamus reading her fortune, both are taken into the life of Sibille. As the begrudging owner of the head of Menander, the Master of All Desires, Sibille is forced to leave her peaceful life of poetry to bend to the wishes of the Queen with [...]

    5. 5 stars? I'm worried if people are giving this book 5 stars. I love historical fiction. I love when characters come alive but This book was disjointed and did not flow. There were a lot of lose ties at the end; characters just left out there. I will say that it was humerus! I liked the author's humor but it was buried.

    6. Ouch! Such a deep possibility and then?? Too many words for too few concepts? The conversations at the point around page 150 and beyond become circular, pretentious, and nearly a ridiculous elaborate make believe joke. Talking severed head in a box! Tragic ghostly Spanish ladies with widely cut throats that talk to you about your own sensibilities! That's the mere flimflam of frosting on the cake here.It's entertaining to a certain point, and then exactly like a over indulgence in sugar it becom [...]

    7. Whew. Finally done. This was interesting but lacked the life of her previous novels--the one that I read anyway.

    8. The story kicks off in 1556 and pretty swiftly turns into a Pratchett like farce with some historic figures mixed on in. It's all fun enough.

    9. 4 1/2 starsI am lazy, so I am cutting and pasting my Audible review:Fantastic story, mediocre narration --Would you consider the audio edition of The Master of All Desires to be better than the print version?Not at all. In fact, I almost gave up because the narrator came across as a theater school drop-out. Too dramatic and airy and lots of heavy intakes of breath. I found her immensely trying at the beginning of the book, almost gave up. But, I managed to get past my irritation and could enjoy [...]

    10. I'm really a fan of her books. She writes historical fiction, and I always learn interesting things about the time and people of note within them. Like Nostradamus was born Michel de Nostradame, and it was shortened to what we use today. (Didn't keep tabs on all the comments, that's all I can think of right now!)The author has a great way of writing appropriately for the era, and yet has an amusing tone. One of the fun pieces at the end of the book, between Nostradamus and a young man in love:"M [...]

    11. A very strange historical novel, using Nostradamas as the vehicle to tie Mary, queen of Scots, the French Court and many of the predictions made by Nostradamas. Giving the reason why he was able to have this gift, or curse, and the beginning of the killing of protestants in France. Having read London, I began to understand the enormous influx of French protestants to England during Queen Elizabeth the First's reign. Extremely interesting way of writing. I would like to read Judith Riley's other [...]

    12. I think this is my favorite book by Ms. Riley thus far. It deals with the occult in the way that The Oracle Glass does, but felt much more like The Serpent Garden due to the court intrigue. As always I loved the sly subtle witty humor that ran throughout the book. And I love the way she paints the late Medieval world. The way she takes the history and weaves her story through it.

    13. I read this book at least 10 or 20 years ago. I thought it was the one by Ms. Riley that I have but hadn't read and took it when we went on vacation. I quickly realized that I'd previously read it, but didn't remember exactly what happened so I read it again. It's a great mixture of magic, history and humor and I enjoyed it as much as I had the first time.

    14. My favorite characters in this book were Nostradamus, Menander, and Aneal. All three were so clever and witty. I actually laughed out loud reading the banter between Nostradamus and Aneal. I found myself rooting for Menander, the rotting mummified head just because he was so funny! Never spared an insult! Just goes to show careful what you wish for!!

    15. Entertaining to a point. I enjoyed the historical aspects and the characters were often funny. But the writing didn't flow all that well and some plot lines and characters were just dropped abruptly. The idea was original and the setting was interesting.

    16. Worst novel I've read since Jude the ObscureSilly, vapid and annoying-- can't believe I stuck with to the end though admittedly I skimmed much of it away.

    17. Angels and demons fight for the soul of a dopey girl who writes terrible poetry. The plot moves to a hilarious conclusion. It's a fun story but it does not diminish the troubles of the main character as she struggles with a father who mistreats her and the dangers of being attached to a cursed object.

    18. Previously reviewed onThe Good the Bad and the Unread:One of the great joys of being offered books to review is finding authors who are new to me, even if (as here and in another recent case) the authors are not only splendid, but also sadly now deceased. On the other hand, Judith Merkle Riley wrote six novels in her all too short career and this is my first encounter with any of them, so it would seem I have much to look forward to yet. This book is hard to categorise, and will probably also tu [...]

    19. It is 1556 in Paris - capital of a country on teh brink of a civil war. Queen Catherine de Medeci's astrologer, the prophet Nostradamus, has divined a dreadful secret: To get rid of her husband's mistress, the queen is trying to obtain the Undying Head of Menander, the Master of All Desires. Her plans are threatened by a spirited young poet, Sibille Artaud de la Roque, who has come into possession of Menander and is tempted to fulfill her own desires first. But only Nostradamus knows that a spre [...]

    20. This was a zippy, fun read. The cover description makes it seem much more serious than it is- this book is essentially a dark comedy, and Judith Merkle Riley's signature dry with shines through.The Master of All Desires paints a portrait of the age of Catherine de Medici. Our heroine is Sibille, the sensitive, poetic black sheep of her family. Through a series of unfortunate events she is swept up in court intrigue, becoming acquainted with Catherine de Medici. All the characters are connected t [...]

    21. The Master of All Desires is many things: historical fiction, fantasy, humour. It contains murder attempts, affairs of honour, revenge, greed, court life, love potions, a small monkey and a large dog, and buffoonery at the spa. Recognizable characters include Catherine de Medici, Mary of Scots and Nostradamus. Despite the title, however, it is not a sexy book though there is some romance.The story is set in the netherworld of sorcerers and spirits and the odious head of Menander, the master of a [...]

    22. This book is set during the reign of Henry II of France. You start by meeting his slighted queen, who is understandably upset about him blowing her off for his elderly mistress. The history of this story revolves mostly around these royals and their children. I have to admit, I really wanted to see his manipulative mistress get hers all the way through.The "main" plot revolves around Sibille. I loved Sibille all the way through. She lived a life of unfortunate events, but had a good nature. So e [...]

    23. This book had a little bit of everything: history, intrigue, romance and humor. I loved the attitude of the master of all desires: Menander, the head that wouldn't die. Nostradamus also played a role in the story. I was intimidated at first because there were many historical figures to remember: 3 pages worth at the beginning, in fact. Once I decided I didn't have to memorize them, I just starting reading and was immediately pulled in to the story. I liked that the story was told from many diffe [...]

    24. I really enjoy Judith Merkle Riley books. She has a way of weaving colorful and funny characters into a historical story that is both believable and realistic to the time period. I have a few complaints with this book. First this is essentially two stories woven into one and at they are not balanced. Also the humor was not consistent throughout. The first part of the book was very funny, while the second had occasionally funny parts. Finally, the extensive amount of characters made following the [...]

    25. @#$%!I just wrote what was probably the best review I ever wrote and by one keystroke deleted the whole thing. Let me say this was a great, wonderful book, better than most, if not all of the books on the bestseller lists. It has Nostradamus, Catherine di Medici, Diane de Poitiers, intrigue, double crosses, a house filled with the ghosts of a dead pirate's victims, and a living severed head that grants disastrous wishes to its owner. The heroine shoots her betrothed with a blunderbuss but unfort [...]

    26. Starts great and ends great, but the middle leaves something to be desired. This is a book that I should have enjoyed more than I did. It has all the ingredients to be a lot of fun - French history, Nostradamus, an undying talking mummified head who grants wishes with an evil twist, and two people fighting for love against all odds. The book begins very strong, but then it sort of loses its way. There are a good 100 or so pages in the middle where nothing much happens, the main characters are ra [...]

    27. Fiction historical novel set in Paris and surroundings areas in the mid 1550's with much of the action taking place in the French royal court and the power seeking intrigues of Queen Catherine de Medici and families seeking power. Story centers on Sebille Artaud de la Roque and her messed up family who becomes involved in the court intrigues because she mistakenly gains possession of the undying head of Menander that is more than 1000 years old who is able to grant people's wishes and is known a [...]

    28. The best piece of historical fiction I've read in a while. It's a great blend of reality (Catherine de Medici and Nostradamus to name two) and magic/the supernatural (Menander and Nostradamus). The plot has many entertaining twists and turns, and inevitably everyone ends up in either the expected places at the end or receives a happy ending. Emotions and actions run the gauntlet here, to the point where readers won't be disappointed. All of the characters are fairly believable; the story's heroi [...]

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