The Wide-Awake Princess

The Wide-Awake Princess

Katherine Paterson Vladimir Vagin / Aug 21, 2019

The Wide Awake Princess In this amusing eloquently told story created by Katherine Paterson specifically for artist Vladimir Vagin to illustrate with his beautifully detailed watercolors there was born a wise little princ

  • Title: The Wide-Awake Princess
  • Author: Katherine Paterson Vladimir Vagin
  • ISBN: 9780395537770
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this amusing, eloquently told story, created by Katherine Paterson specifically for artist Vladimir Vagin to illustrate with his beautifully detailed watercolors, there was born a wise little princess who was different from everyone else Miranda had been granted the gift of being wide awake all her waking hours Thus, unlike those before her, she was able to see that tIn this amusing, eloquently told story, created by Katherine Paterson specifically for artist Vladimir Vagin to illustrate with his beautifully detailed watercolors, there was born a wise little princess who was different from everyone else Miranda had been granted the gift of being wide awake all her waking hours Thus, unlike those before her, she was able to see that the peasants of the kingdom were overworked and starving while the nobles lived in selfish luxury Miranda, with confidence and determination, forms an innovative plan to help her people overcome their oppression, and in the process reveals the power of words to vanquish ignorance and bring about change.

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        From author s website People are always asking me questions I don t have answers for One is, When did you first know that you wanted to become a writer The fact is that I never wanted to be a writer, at least not when I was a child, or even a young woman Today I want very much to be a writer But when I was ten, I wanted to be either a movie star or a missionary When I was twenty, I wanted to get married and have lots of children.Another question I can t answer is, When did you begin writing I can t remember I know I began reading when I was four or five, because I couldn t stand not being able to I must have tried writing soon afterward Fortunately, very few samples of my early writing survived the eighteen moves I made before I was eighteen years old I say fortunately, because the samples that did manage to survive are terrible, with the single exception of a rather nice letter I wrote to my father when I was seven We were living in Shanghai, and my father was working in our old home territory, which at the time was across various battle lines I missed him very much, and in telling him so, I managed a piece of writing I am not ashamed of to this day.A lot has happened to me since I wrote that letter The following year, we had to refugee a second time because war between Japan and the United States seemed inevitable During World War II, we lived in Virginia and North Carolina, and when our family s return to China was indefinitely postponed, we moved to various towns in North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia, before my parents settled in Winchester, Virginia.By that time, I was ready to begin college I spent four years at King College in Bristol, Tennessee, doing what I loved best reading English and American literature and avoiding math whenever possible.My dream of becoming a movie star never came true, but I did a lot of acting all through school, and the first writing for which I got any applause consisted of plays I wrote for my sixth grade friends to act out.On the way to becoming a missionary, I spent a year teaching in a rural school in northern Virginia, where almost all my children were like Jesse Aarons I ll never forget that wonderful class A teacher I once met at a meeting in Virginia told me that when she read Bridge to Terabithia to her class, one of the girls told her that her mother had been in that Lovettsville sixth grade I am very happy that those children, now grown up with children of their own, know about the book I hope they can tell by reading it how much they meant to me.After Lovettsville, I spent two years in graduate school in Richmond, Virginia, studying Bible and Christian education then I went to Japan My childhood dream was, of course, to be a missionary to China and eat Chinese food three times a day But China was closed to Americans in 1957, and a Japanese friend urged me to go to Japan instead I remembered the Japanese as the enemy They were the ones who dropped the bombs and then occupied the towns where I had lived as a child I was afraid of the Japanese, and so I hated them But my friend persuaded me to put aside those childish feelings and give myself a chance to view the Japanese in a new way.If you ve read my early books, you must know that I came to love Japan and feel very much at home there I went to language school, and lived and worked in that country for four years I had every intention of spending the rest of my life among the Japanese But when I returned to the States for a year of study in New York, I met a young Presbyterian pastor who changed the direction of my life once again We were married in 1962.I suppose my life as a writer really began in 1964 The Presbyterian church asked me to write some curriculum materials for fifth and sixth graders Since the church had given me a scholarship to study and I had married instead of going back to work in Japan, I felt I owed them something for their m


    1. I guess I just don't get the whole Katherine Paterson is a wonderful author thing.I found this story to have some promise, but it also felt very disjointed in some places. I found some holes in the logic (at least to my logic). When Princess Miranda's parents (who spent her entire life ignoring her) died she mourned them because she felt they never took the time to know her. Seems like a child as alert to the world around her would have either made sure her parents participated in her life or fi [...]

    2. Ah perhaps it is message heavy but what this boils down to is a very engaging fairy tale. The story is well written and enjoyable. The messages of learning by listening and leading by empowering others are terrific. This reminds me just a little of other stories but it is sufficiently unique in the way it evolves. I liked Miranda a lot, especially how her friends are a few special animals. I appreciated her mindfulness (although I do wish it wasn’t gifted to her, as for me it makes it less spe [...]

    3. My son and I enjoyed reading this, and talking afterwards about the many lessons, including mindfulness and leading by listening. Great read.

    4. Favorite quote: "One morning she woke up and realized that however sad she felt, there was work to be done. She was queen now whether she liked it or not." (page 24)

    5. "If you know that being wide awake in a sleeping world is a gift and not a curse, you are even wiser than I had hoped." —The Wide-awake Princess, P. 28I would give this book two and a half stars. I think that all kids, especially, will be able to easily identify with the beginning plight of Princess Miranda, who is looked down on by the three nefarious usurpers of her crown title as being too young, too short, and tooother things, as well, to be able to run the kingdom as queen following the u [...]

    6. I recently reread this book after many years and noticed things that totally flew over my head the first time. I remembered the vibrant illustrations and the idea that "The Wide-Awake Princess" was supposedly the opposite of "Sleeping Beauty". What I didn't notice before, however, was what 'wide awake' really meant. Ms. Paterson wasn't just referring to being wide awake physically, but also being wide awake spiritually. In other words, her princess Miranda isn't blind to the sufferings and injus [...]

    7. Such an incredibly charming and wonderful book!!! How is it that I've never stumbled across it before??? My daughters and I were all immediately pulled into the story. The princess is born, but everyone is so bored that they don't bother to celebrate; only her fair godmother visits her, and gifts her with being wide awake during all her waking hours. The princess grows up energetic and curious, thoughtful and fair and always eager to learn. Her parents are selfish and thoughtless and the kingdom [...]

    8. Although I didn't think the book was fantastic, it is a great fairy tale about a smart and witty girl, that is AWARE. Like the message, yes cliche, but a good book to read when you like fairytales and need a dose of reality.

    9. this book has been sitting on my bookshelf since i was a kid, supposedly. but i had never read it until this year. it was rather good.

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