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Ponies If you want to be friends with TheOtherGirls you re going to have to give something up this is the way it s always been as long as there have been Ponies

  • Title: Ponies
  • Author: Kij Johnson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • If you want to be friends with TheOtherGirls, you re going to have to give something up this is the way it s always been, as long as there have been Ponies.

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        Kij Johnson is an American writer of fantasy She has worked extensively in publishing managing editor for Tor Books and Wizards of the Coast TSR, collections editor for Dark Horse Comics, project manager working on the Microsoft Reader, and managing editor of Real Networks She is Associate Director for the Center for the Study of Science Fiction at the University of Kansas, and serves as a final judge for the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award.Johnson is the author of three novels and than 38 short works of fiction She is best known for her adaptations of Heian era Japanese myths She won the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award for the best short story of 1994 for her novelette in Asimov s, Fox Magic In 2001, she won the International Association for the Fantastic in the Art s Crawford Award for best new fantasy novelist of the year In 2009, she won the World Fantasy Award for 26 Monkeys, Also The Abyss, which was also a finalist for the Hugo and Nebula awards She won the 2010 Nebula Award for Spar and the 2011 Nebula Award for Ponies, which is also a finalist for the Hugo and World Fantasy awards Her short story The Evolution of Trickster Stories Among the Dogs of North Park After the Change was a finalist for the 2007 Hugo, Nebula, Sturgeon, and World Fantasy awards Johnson was also a finalist for the 2004 World Fantasy Award for her novel Fudoki, which was declared one of the best SF F novels of 2003 by Publishers Weekly.


    1. This little short story keeps popping up in my feed where my friends are all reading it. I'm nosey so I head over to Tor to check out what they are reading. You can follow the lemming trail here if you want to read it. (you know you do)I will say I'm usually kinda meh about short stories. They never give me enough meat to chew and I'm a chubby girl so that usually just makes me kinda ragey. And hungry.This story kinda mashes together a warped version of My Little Pony and Mean Girls.TheOtherGirl [...]

    2. WEEEEE I'M A PONY!! YAY I CAN FLY AND STAB PEOPLE WITH MY HORN! LET'S MAKE FRIENDS. YAAAY, FRIENDS! WAIT, NOOOOO, DON'T DO THAT. THAT HURTS, FRIENDS. DON'T KILL ME!! AHHHHHHHHHHH! I'M A PONY! WHO WANTS TO HURT A PONY?! NOOOOOOOOO!!Interested? I thought so.This short story is exactly that - short. But EVER so insightful. It is remarkable how something so short can be so insightful. It will literally take you like 2 seconds to read, but you will not be able to stop thinking about it.Kids who hurt [...]

    3. in case you can't see how cool that cover is:this is a short story i read ages ago, but never reviewed, and the big gaping blank lack-of-review in a column of reviewed books was irritating me. so here we areis is like the cute anime version of Cat's Eye is about peer pressure, mean adolescent girls, sacrifices, and conformity. in this story, little girls all come with corresponding girl-sized talking ponies, complete with wings and a horn. they go everywhere together, and friendships blossom unt [...]

    4. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/“Why are you here? You’re not OneOfUs. You don’t have a pony.”Our story begins a little something like this . . . Okay, maybe not - but sorta. TopGirl is having a pony party and she has invited Tina Barbara to come. Barbara LOVES playing ponies and her pony is just as excited to be invited to go play with TheOtherGirls' ponies. Barbara and her pony know what is expected in order to attend . . . But realize it's well worth it in order to be friends [...]

    5. WARNING: This 3 page story can cause WRENCHED HEART, EMOTIONAL DEVASTATION and may leave you quivering on the floor like a jello mold in a wind storm. I read this story back in February on tor and I STILL can’t stop thinking about it. It absolutely chewed me up. A little girl (Barbara) and her magical pony (Sunny) receive the following invitation from the “IT crowd” of popular girls.You and your Pony ___[and Sunny’s name is handwritten here, in puffy letters]___ are invited to a cutting- [...]

    6. Review first posted at fantasyliterature:In Kij Johnson’s “Ponies,” winner of the 2010 Nebula short story award, all the girls have cute pet Ponies: short, fat, and brightly colored in various rainbow hues. The Ponies have small round-tipped unicorn horns and fluffy little wings, and they can talk. But to be friends with TheOtherGirls, each girl must bring her Pony to a “cutting-out party” where the Pony must give up two of the three: its horn, its wings, or its voice. Barbara and her [...]

    7. This very short and dark story about a group of girls and beautiful, bright, colorful ponies explores the terrible consequences of not thinking for oneself and reminds me of one of the reasons I hated my childhood. It made me angry, made me sad, and broke my heart. Quite a feat for just 3 pages. Thanks to Stephen for bringing this one to my attention. This story can be read for free at Tor.

    8. Uh what the hell did I just read?This was like Mean Girls and My Little Pony on crack. With unicorns. And bloody body parts. But it's okay, because the blood smells like cotton candy. Excuse me, what?

    9. What was that? It's just so horrible. How can children be so mean? How can ponies be so mean?The free will is not real.Ponies makes me think of The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas. Why the cruelty?I know this story got the 2010 Nebula Award for Short story, and it's obviously well-written (therefore the 3 stars) but I simply hate the gratuitous cruelty (of both the girls and the ponies). Can society actually breed such creatures?If you wish to read Ponies, you can do so on Tor.

    10. Very short but disturbing story about what young girls will do to fit in. The story is sad and mean and made me a bit sick to my stomach after giving it some thought. It also paints the sad picture that no matter how hard you try to fit in, you still never quite fit in. You'll just keep getting asked to do more and more to prove your worth to the group.

    11. Hmmm well think I'm beginning to understand why I really don't fit in. The story is a godawful, gendered bullshit lacking any subtlety. I never had any of these thoughts as a child. Frankly, being alone is way better than listening to or humoring stupid, which is what these girls are. I'm not depressed or sad after reading this; I find the whole thing serves up exactly what's deserved. The reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself. ~~Rita Mae Brown

    12. This is a highly disturbing and extremely short story that completely took me by surprise. Seriously. I think I need a day or two to mull over what it is that I just read. Whew.-----------------------Ok, two days later and I think I can finally organize my thoughts cohesively enough for a review. I loved this story. And if it had been longer than three pages, it would get a five star from me. This story explores a whole lotta dark stuff here. Mean girls. The loss of innocence. Conformity. Self-i [...]

    13. A cruel little story. In extremely terse prose and with great economy of words, Kij Johnson makes a devastating statement about conformance and the cruelty of children.Girls have ponies with wings, horns and vocal chords. The pony has to sacrifice two of its specialities if its girl has to fit in with the group - and many of them gladly do that. Only thing is, there is a fine print to the contract which is not revealed until it's too late.Children are innately cruel - compassion is a learned vir [...]

    14. So twisted, so disturbing.I hate you, mean girls.Now I will never look at ponies the same way again.You can find it here

    15. Ahh, this reminds me of my good ole days as a unicorn slaughterer. (view spoiler)[I'm kidding (hide spoiler)](view spoiler)[sort of (hide spoiler)]

    16. My little pony, my little pony, I comb and brush her hair This is so twisted! What impresses me the most about this short, short story is that it delivers such a bang in so few words. The closest I can come to describing how it made me feel is how I felt after reading Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery" -- high praise indeed. Don't miss this one! Story can be found here.

    17. Didn't love it. The metaphor was as remarkably un-subtle as a metaphor can possibly be. (I know there is an actual word for un-subtle but it escapes me at the moment.)

    18. I don't need to re-visit my childhood, and my memories of grade school. It sucked, it's over, and there's no power that could make me go back.I'm off to think happy thoughts.

    19. First: DON'T HURT THE PONIES, LITTLE GIRLS!!! Or I will sick a chimera or a dementor or something much worse on you.Second: I really hate it that this short story is so true to life that I can imagine little girls hurting each other's ponies or hurting their own for the sake of popularity. I really hate it. And, while I don't think the ways of girls and popularity will be changing anytime soon, I have to hope that the good will outweigh the bad. The sad thing is that I think they would be doing [...]

    20. Thanks to Nancyfor posting about this one. I would never have known about it otherwise. This story can be read for free at Tor It's a very short read and like Nancy it made me angry and confirmed AGAIN much that I had thought about "fitting in" while growing up and about the nature of "girlfriends" and their groups of friends. It's also a sad reflection of what in general folk do to each other to be eligible join "the group". Mean Girls comes to mindIronic to read this today as earlier this week [...]

    21. This isn't really a book; it's a short story, available online or via an e-reader. Because it's very short (about three pages), I made an exception to my usual practice and read it online. At first glance, it's a story about teen girls, perhaps 14-15, and their pet magical unicorn ponies, cute creatures with wings who can fly and talk. But be warned --there's absolutely nothing cute or heartwarming about it. It's an unsparing look at the lengths people (especially pubescent kids with unformed st [...]

    22. I want to cry.I want to be sick.I justWell, I sort of want to scream at Kij Johnson. Not because "Ponies" is bad but because it's just so good.It's unbearably good. My stomach actually hurts. And it's so short - my GR friend, Flann, made a comment on my review about, by the time she'd left her comment, I'd have finished. And I had! ( magic!)Visceral. It's the best kind of sci-fi, the stuff that is so rare (especially now, to sound like a kids-these-days whiner): it takes what sounds like a total [...]

    23. Shit, what the hell I have just read?! This shit is so realistic and accurate. Actually, how accurate it is scared the hell out of me.Themes: Betrayal, friendship, wanting to fit in.Story: Really twisted but sweet a way.“This is the way it’s always been, as long as there have been Ponies. All ponies have wings. All Ponies have horns. All Ponies can talk. Then all Ponies go to a cutting-out party, and they give up two of the three, because that’s what has to happen if a girl is going to fit [...]

    24. Karly *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)*

      Well that was a gruesome little read. This is "Mean Girls" meets My Little Pony. nightmares. Like this.:Sunny is a beautiful pony and Barbara is her bestest friend. However, Barbara wants to be part of TheOtherGirls and as is tradition has to make a choice. Girls are MEAN! That cover is wonderful, gruesome and sad. (view spoiler)[ Fuck that SHIT, I would not hack up my pony for those bitches!! I would keep her just the way she is because I am not an ASSHOLE!! (hide spoiler)]Thanks, Karen, for po [...]

    25. I can see why this is up for a Nebula. Fantastic, dark short about peer pressure, the loss of innocence, about killing the child inside so one can become a proper adult. Stephen King recently wrote an article fearing the short story was dead as a form. Examples such as this one are evidence that perhaps the short story is not dead yet.

    26. 3.5 starsThe wing comes off easily, smooth as plastic, and the blood smells like cotton candy at the fair.0____0

    27. "You and your Pony are invited to a cutting-out party with TheOtherGirls! If we like you, and if your Pony does okay, we’ll let you hang out with us.Sunny says, 'I can’t wait to have friends!'" Just a terrifyingly accurate representation of the dynamic between young girls, what they'll do to fit in, the pettiness and the struggle, the hierarchy of snobbery and belittling. Shows just how much bitterness and savagery can be hidden behind baby pink nail polish and a pair of pigtails.

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