When the Killing's Done

When the Killing's Done

T.C. Boyle / Aug 21, 2019

When the Killing s Done From the bestselling author of The Women comes an action packed adventure about endangered animals and those who protect them Principally set on the wild and sparsely inhabited Channel Islands off the

  • Title: When the Killing's Done
  • Author: T.C. Boyle
  • ISBN: 9781101475881
  • Page: 151
  • Format: ebook
  • From the bestselling author of The Women comes an action packed adventure about endangered animals and those who protect them Principally set on the wild and sparsely inhabited Channel Islands off the coast of Santa Barbara, T.C Boyle s powerful new novel combines pulse pounding adventure with a socially conscious, richly humane tale regarding the dominion we attemptFrom the bestselling author of The Women comes an action packed adventure about endangered animals and those who protect them Principally set on the wild and sparsely inhabited Channel Islands off the coast of Santa Barbara, T.C Boyle s powerful new novel combines pulse pounding adventure with a socially conscious, richly humane tale regarding the dominion we attempt to exert, for better or worse, over the natural world Alma Boyd Takesue is a National Park Service biologist who is spearheading the efforts to save the island s endangered native creatures from invasive species like rats and feral pigs, which, in her view, must be eliminated Her antagonist, Dave LaJoy, is a dreadlocked local businessman who, along with his lover, the folksinger Anise Reed, is fiercely opposed to the killing of any species whatsoever and will go to any lengths to subvert the plans of Alma and her colleagues Their confrontation plays out in a series of escalating scenes in which these characters violently confront one another, and tempt the awesome destructive power of nature itself Boyle deepens his story by going back in time to relate the harrowing tale of Alma s grandmother Beverly, who was the sole survivor of a 1946 shipwreck in the channel, as well as the tragic story of Anise s mother, Rita, who in the late 1970s lived and worked on a sheep ranch on Santa Cruz Island In dramatizing this collision between protectors of the environment and animal rights activists, Boyle is, in his characteristic fashion, examining one of the essential questions of our time Who has the right of possession of the land, the waters, the very lives of all the creatures who share this planet with us When the Killing s Done will offer no transparent answers, but like The Tortilla Curtain, Boyle s classic take on illegal immigration, it will touch you deeply and put you in a position to decide.

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        T Coraghessan Boyle also known as T.C Boyle, born Thomas John Boyle on December 2, 1948 is a U.S novelist and short story writer Since the late 1970s, he has published eleven novels and than 60 short stories He won the PEN Faulkner award in 1988 for his third novel, World s End, which recounts 300 years in upstate New York He is married with three children Boyle has been a Distinguished Professor of English at the University of Southern California since 1978, when he founded the school s undergraduate creative writing program.He grew up in the small town on the Hudson Valley that he regularly fictionalizes as Peterskill as in widely anthologized short story Greasy Lake Boyle changed his middle name when he was 17 and exclusively used Coraghessan for much of his career, but now also goes by T.C Boyle.


    1. “Sometimes, when she's out here alone, she can feel the pulse of something bigger, as if all things animate were beating in unison, a glory and a connection that sweeps her out of herself, out of her consciousness, so that nothing has a name, not in Latin, not in English, not in any known language.” The best parasites, viruses, or bacterias all infect their host, multiply, and wait for opportunities to leave offspring on another passing ship. The reason they are considered successful is that [...]

    2. The Channel Islands off the California coast, near Ventura, are home to many species of flora and fauna that are either rare or nonexistent elsewhere. Serial invasion by intent or accident having placed many of these species at risk of extinction, the National Park Service wants to restore natural biota to the islands. In order to accomplish this goal, it will be necessary to remove the exotics. In this case that means rats and wild pigs. So what is an ecologist to do? It may be a laudable goal [...]

    3. I love TC Boyle, and he writes enough that I can pick from among his novels based on the appeal of their subject matter. This was fascinating, a book about the Channel Islands off the coast of Santa Barbara, Anacapa and Santa Cruz. They've always been just a couple of big rocks to me-- but not after reading this book. Forever after, they'll be the location of this novel, which charts the ideological battle for possession of these bioscapes--on the one side, science and ecology represented by Alm [...]

    4. Ich mag TC Boyles Stärken in der Themenvielfalt seiner Romane - sowohl historische als auch moderne Geschichten werden sehr variantenreich in der Breite und in der Tiefe gut recherchiert erzählt.Im vorliegenden Roman werden äußerst spannende Positionen zum Themenkomplex Artenschutz gegen Tierschutz aufgegriffen: Sollen endemische Arten vor eingeschleppten animalischen Invasoren durch Töten und Jagen geschützt werden oder sollen auf die naive Art alle Tiere gerettet werden, egal was die üb [...]

    5. I jumped this book ahead of all my other library books when it came in, but was it worth it? Written in classic Boyle style (fans of his will know what I mean), it is filled with frenetic, run-on inner monolgoues, characters who rarely exhibit kindness to themselves or others, and all the environmentalists are kind of stupid. Also everyone drinks a lot, even the pregnant chic. No one writes drunk as well as T.C. Boyle. One of the main themes usually running through his work is that nature is in [...]

    6. Kind of a disappointing three stars here as I'm a long-time fan of Boyle's and the first 40 pages of this are so utterly amazing, I was ready for that the entire story, but alas, it wasn't to be. The first 40 pages is as good as it gets though, but unfortunately the story jumps into the near present and switches back and forth between characters on opposite sides of the fence regarding the de-population of the Channel Islands of rats, pigs and other animals killing off the natural habitat. One c [...]

    7. It’s always a delight to see an environmental conscience creeping into fiction. This novel (one of my favorites of recent years) reminded me most of Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom; in both books the central character is a committed conservationist worried about pollution, invasive species, and overpopulation - but still displaying hypocritical lapses.When the Killing’s Done focuses on the invasive species on Anacapa and Santa Cruz, two of the North Channel Islands off the coast of California n [...]

    8. This is the book that led me to finding . I was doing a search on the title and "vegan" because I was surprised (and disappointed, to be honest) that Dave LaJoy, the character who founded and ran the fictional For the Protection of Animals, was not one. The first time this is revealed, he is complaining bitterly about how his eggs are prepared. Later, there is a scene that acknowledges that this presents an inconsistency: That was the day he gave up meat, cold turkey, and where did that expressi [...]

    9. The novel is about the struggle of man and his environment - of one day (19th century) introducing non-native animals to an environment and totally obliterating species that didn't know how to cope, and years later (21st century) trying to undo the damage this introduction did by killing the non-native creatures and re-introducing the native animals that weren't wiped out. This is the main story of the book with the real life events of the extermination of rats from Anacapa island and afterwards [...]

    10. Terrible! It surprises me how much I sincerely dislike this book because I am a vegetarian and supporter of sustainable living and the preservation of all species on this planet.His writing style irritates the heck out of me, with his overuse of commas and his run-on sentences. Rar! This book includes too many side stories. What does a random couple dying have anything to do with the plot?As satisfying as it was to have LaJoy die in the end, it seemed entirely too convenient. And his epiphany se [...]

    11. I really enjoy TC Boyle in general. I had a hard time with rating this book. It's uncomfortable, and it it probably supposed to be. None of the characters are that likeable, the avid animal lover is a jerk and refuses to see gray areas of life. The environmentalist park official is not really likeable either. Actually nobody is, almost nobody in the book is likeable.Perhaps that's the point. The damage our species has done to this particular land is difficult to parse out from the changes that m [...]

    12. Not sure how to rate this book. First TC Boyle book I've read and I'm not sure if he's for me. I'll need to try another of his to know for sure. Also, I listened to this one and the readers voice bugged me. Unfair but true and that colored it for me. I liked the story, the characters, the setting and the back stories through generations, but it was too much. Too much context and detail that I felt bogged down at times and just wanted to get through it. That happened less as the book progressed b [...]

    13. Dies war mein erstes Buch von T.C. Boyle. Seine sprachliche Fähigkeiten haben mich begeistert. Insbesondere seine ironischen Formulierungen, wenn er dem Leser Einblicke in die Gefühlswelt seiner Hauptpersonen gewährt, sind echt köstlich. Teilweise hatte ich so ein leichtes Dauergrinsen auf dem Lippen beim Lesen. Das Buch behandelt die Problematik, welche Kettenreaktionen der Eingriff des Menschen in die Natur für andere Spezies mit sich bringt. Dabei geht es nicht nur um die durch einen Sch [...]

    14. "When the Killing’s Done" is a story about two kinds of environmental crusaders. On one side, there is Alma Boyd Takesue, Ph.D, a NationalPark Service biologist. She’s got “self control. And drive. And smarts,” and she’s the face of a plan to restore the ecosystem of California’s Northern Channel Islands — “The Galapagos of America.”Alma wouldn’t be alive if not for the islands — they’re what saved her grandmother from drowning at sea when she was shipwrecked in 1946 — [...]

    15. Few novelists possess the chutzpah (or the talent, for that matter) to write coherent novels on a wide variety of disparate subjects and themes, with little trepidation of alienating his/her fanbase. Consider TC Boyle's body of work, which avoids pigeon-holing into a particular genre; he's written about topics as varied as turn-of-the-century health spas/sanatoria, the sexual dalliances of Frank Lloyd Wright, the explosion of migrant day-laborers in Los Angeles, free-love communes, and so forth. [...]

    16. I've been reading Boyle since he was the more formal T. Coraghessan Boyle, since Road to Wellville and other earlier works. For me, When the Killing's Done is his best work in quite some time.Some might term it an environmental novel, because both the protagonist, Alma Boyd Takesue, and the antagonist, Dave Lajoy, are, in fact, environmentalists. But they find themselves at odds when the National Park Service, for whom Alma works, plans to kill off the rats on Anacapa, one of the Channel Islands [...]

    17. The late Bobby Charles (nee Robert Guidry) wrote a song called "(I Don't Know Why) But I Do." If you know the song better by Clarence "Frogman" Henry, no big deal. But that song expresses perfectly my regard for TC Boyle. Now in my younger days, if I met Boyle in a bar, I am sure we would end up fighting –and I am pretty sure I’d put the little fucker down. That he teaches at USC is a further fantasy of “who do you think your looking at, Willowboy?” But as irritating as he dresses and lo [...]

    18. Never one to shy away from sacred cow territory or the ruthless ways in which humans stampede it, T.C. Boyle's latest wise epic puts ecologists on a restless collision course with agitated animal rights activists. In his vintage style of tackling issues with snarling drama and incendiary humor, Boyle plots a political novel without sending the reader a preachy message, although he comes right up under it.Boyle turns eco controversy on its head, turning back to the theme that man's desire to keep [...]

    19. I’m going to get right to the point: T.C. Boyle’s latest novel, When The Killing’s Done, ought to be the book that is the lens through which we scrutinize ourselves as a society – not Jonathan Franzen’s it-book from last year, Freedom.Focused on the Channel Islands (often referred to as North America’s Galapagos) off the coast from Santa Barbara, the novel interweaves the stories of two protagonists: Alma Boyd Takesue and Dave LaJoy. Takesue is in charge of the National Parks Service [...]

    20. Off this review: nybooks/articles/archiT. Coraghessan Boyle’s new When the Killing’s Done falls in nicely with the mood of Margaret Atwood’s vatic sci-fi tales or Jonathan Franzen’s recent, naturalistic Freedom with its impassioned defense of birds. Though he’s been writing for a long time about America’s problems, Boyle usually does so more covertly, in a comic voice with comedy’s concealed agenda. Here, though, there’s the note of the preacher in despair that has surfaced somet [...]

    21. There is such good writing on environmental issues these days -- from Jonathan Franzen to Barbara Kingsolver, Margaret Atwood and Carl Hiaasen -- that the bar is set very high for would-be contenders. Boyle, however, vaults effortlessly over it with this bleak and beautiful novel.The story is so simple, but then so much great writing usually is: set on the Channel Islands off California, specifically Anacapa and Santa Cruz (San Miguel features in Boyle's next novel), Boyle focuses on two main ch [...]

    22. This is a great example of a novel that explores a really complicated issue through the lens of specific characters and their interpersonal conflicts. In this case, the complex issue is environmental (hence my immediate interest): the protagonist of the book is a National Park Service scientist attempting to restore California's Channel Islands ecosystems by killing off (in fairly gruesome manner) various invasive species, like rats and pigs, that are driving the native animal populations to ext [...]

    23. When I pick up a novel by Boyle, I can always be assured that:a-I will not be bored.b-I will learn a few things about a given subject, and probably (certainly) a few new words, too.c-The characters will be complex human beings, often very flawed but not aware of it, or in denial of it, or working hard to convince themselves otherwise with self-deluding and convoluted feats of reasoning and justification. WTKD scores on all three counts. The environmental and historical situation of the Channel I [...]

    24. Like the characters in the book, reviewers of When the Killing’s Done shared a passion that also divided them. All critics expressed their admiration for T. C. Boyle and his ability to find original drama in historical and contemporary settings. But they disagreed about whether he meets his usual standards here. Some critics felt that the complexity of Takesue, LaJoy, and other characters give this novel the moral ambiguity that they enjoyed in books like Tortilla Curtain. Others felt that the [...]

    25. Brilliant writing. Hard to put down.Not to preachy, but with clear and witted underline. Especially loved the mesmerizing language, the descriptions of the crazy and overdoing environmentalist groups, the rigid and pharisaic national park services, the breathtaking beauty of the islands, the twists and turns of the storyline.Best T.C.Boyle for long I can highly recommend it!

    26. This is the third Boyle book I’ve tackled. And like the others, I find that I enjoyed the story but didn’t build up much of a relationship with the characters. Here you have an animal rights bigot and a scientist facing off over the animal inhabitants of some islands off the California coast. There is a lot of back story for all characters, and you can understand how these characters think given their circumstances. That seems to be what Boyle does best. Both of the main characters have inte [...]

    27. So I really liked The Women (Boyle's book about FLW's life and loves) and thought it might be interesting to read Boyle's take on environmentalism and our (speaking for humanity at large) responsibility towards other creatures.Unfortunately, I found this novel to be at best boring, at worst preachy, and overall just fairly uninteresting. I get that Boyle was trying to say something profound about the ways that people a)affect the natural order and the world and b)should make efforts to ameliorat [...]

    28. 'And dogshit wrapped in neat little plastic bags. Does that drive her crazy? Yes it does. That people should take something natural, waste, feces (sic), the end product of an animal process, and seal it in plastic for future archaeologists to unearth from landfill in a thousand years is pure madness. This world. This skewered and doomed world.'TC (Thomas Coraghessan) Boyle is one weird geezer. He looks weird and from all reports, behaves weirdly too - an eccentric, perhaps, with his slick looks [...]

    29. Environmental mystery. Endangered species vs. invasive species. Found it a topic that was depressing. Kill off one group so another can live

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