The Howling Miller

The Howling Miller

Arto Paasilinna / Mar 28, 2020

The Howling Miller When Gunnar Huttunen turns up in a small village to restore a dilapidated mill its inhabitants are instinctively wary He s big He s a bit odd And he s a stranger Everyone loves his brilliant animal i

  • Title: The Howling Miller
  • Author: Arto Paasilinna
  • ISBN: 9781841959566
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Gunnar Huttunen turns up in a small village to restore a dilapidated mill, its inhabitants are instinctively wary He s big He s a bit odd And he s a stranger Everyone loves his brilliant animal impressions but these feelings soon sour when he starts to howl wildly at night.And once the mean spirited, small minded locals realise Gunnar won t conform, they concludeWhen Gunnar Huttunen turns up in a small village to restore a dilapidated mill, its inhabitants are instinctively wary He s big He s a bit odd And he s a stranger Everyone loves his brilliant animal impressions but these feelings soon sour when he starts to howl wildly at night.And once the mean spirited, small minded locals realise Gunnar won t conform, they conclude he must be mad Hounded from his mill and persecuted for being different, only the love of his life and the local drunk stand by him Can he survive And how

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        Arto Tapio Paasilinna is a Finnish writer, being a former journalist turned comic novelist One of Finland s most successful novelists, he has won a broad readership outside of Finland in a way few other Finnish authors have before Translated into 27 languages, over seven million copies of his books have been sold worldwide, and he has been claimed as instrumental in generating the current level of interest in books from Finland.


    1. no moomins here!so this is a book written in finnish, translated into french and then translated from that into american, so who knows what kind of stew i just read. whatever flavor it was, i liked it, but i can't help but wonder how far removed it was from the original. to complicate things further, to me it feels very eastern european, in tone and subject matter - it just feels gombrowicz-y or like a somewhat wackier kundera or kafka. just in bits, though. and i usually ignore translator/tion [...]

    2. Gunner Huttunen è un mugnaio. Non si sa da dove viene, ma si sa che nei lavori manuali è bravo. Non si sa cosa gli passa per la testa, ma si sa che quando è felice imita gli animali della foresta, e quando è triste e si sente oppresso ulula.Queste poche caratteristiche sono sufficienti perché il paesino bigotto in cui vive, lo tacci di pazzia.Adesso per un attimo estraniamoci dalla storia. Paasilinna è finlandese. Se per caso pensate di trovarvi davanti, un uomo dagli occhi di ghiaccio, da [...]

    3. This book was pretty amazing, and different. I'm still brooding over the ending. It's not exactly a happy one, but neither it is sad. It has the same small touch of fantasy as the entire novel. Except for the description of how a mill works, which bored me a little, the rest of the novel is gripping, the kind of story which makes me live inside it, suffering and rejoicing along with the characters. A mysterious, tall man buys the old mill in a northern Finnish village. His past is unknown and hi [...]

    4. За мен това се оказа сериозна книга, не смешна.Освен основната тема, е и книга за любовта и приятелството.А най-трудният въпрос - как бих се отнесла аз, ако наоколо имаше подобен "случай".„Захвърли фаса и пак зави жално, продължително, заплашително и пронизително като притисн [...]

    5. De huilende molenaar van Paasilinna is onweerstaanbaar. Alleen al dit citaat:“Kunnari, zou je er niet verstandig aan doen om deze molen te verkopen en naar Amerika te gaan? Naar wat ik ervan gehoord heb, is gek zijn daar geen schande, daar lopen ze gewoon vrij rond”. Zie mijn recensie: jkleest/2017/07/huilende-m

    6. What a wonderfully strange book. I can honestly say I have never read anything like this. Having never been to Finland, I enjoyed the cultural nuances, even if the book is set in Post WWII. I found myself utterly addicted to this book, enthralled with the main character and wanting to know what happened next. Well worth a read, especially if you are looking for something a little different.

    7. И докато в „Годината на заека“ абсурдът достига кулминацията си на срещата с военните аташета, то в „Мелничарят, който виеше срещу луната“ героят Хутунен официално е обявен за луд и изпратен в лудница. Спонтанен и необуздан в реакциите си, той контрастира на подреденото [...]

    8. Gunnar Huttunen moves to a village in Northern Finland, an outsider bringing with him a tragic past and a small complex of eccentricities, including an irresistible need to sometimes howl for long periods during the night. Before very long, the village leaders turn against him and do everything they can to forcibly expel the odd man. Against his will, Gunnar is cast in the roll of pariah and takes to the wooded hills surrounding the village, intent on recovering, in time, his honor, his mill wor [...]

    9. I've never read a book - or perhaps fable is the more appropriate word - quite like this one. The blurb on the back compares our protagonist, Gunnar Huttunen, to Ignatius Reilly, but the comparison is inapt. Huttunen is an eccentric, to be sure, but is not as malicious in nature as Reilly. Huttunen howls (hence the title) which is surely annoying, but not dangerous. He is a productive member of society, running the mill which had become dilapidated when he bought it. But the main problem seems t [...]

    10. All the books written by Paasilina that I have read are amazing, but this was my first, that's why I consider it a very special one. The whole story is like a strange fairy tale, where characters are almost real but perhaps, too human to be real. Gunnar Huttumen, the miller, is special because he doesn't care about being different and behaving the way he feels, no matter what his "normal" neighbours think. He paints his mill the colour that he wants, he doesn't talk if he doesn't think it is nec [...]

    11. Withdrawn from Oldham Metro Library Service.Translated by Will Hobson from the French of Anne Colin du Terrail. (wonder how this will work out)Bookmark here is a thank you notelet fron flister Esther.Opening: Soon after the wars, a tall fellow appeared in the canton who said his name was Gunnar Huttunen. Unlike most of the drifters who came up from the south, he didn't go to the forestry department looking for work digging ditches, but bought the old mill on the Suukoski rapids on the Kemijoki R [...]

    12. Много се забавлявах с тази книжка, която се чете за няколко часа. Действието се развива в малко селце някъде във Финландия, малко след края на Втората световна война. Главния герой Гунар пристига във въпросното село, купува мелницата му и заживява там. Само че е малко стране [...]

    13. I always like to read a book from a country I visit while I visit there - and so I read "The Year of the Hare" by Paasilinna (discovered from a 10-best list of Finnish books) on my last visit there. I liked it so much I went on to read this, another book by Paasilinna. I was not disappointed - it is, like "Year of the Hare", a comic adventure tale that takes place in the wild north of Finland, with similar themes of freedom and constraint, and a love interest thrown in for good measure. And good [...]

    14. Un petit ovni qui séduit à petites touches, une petite parenthèse très agréablechroniquesdunchatdebibliothequ

    15. Iată un roman minunat pe care l-am citit cu mare plăcere și a doua oară. Am resimțit aceeași emoție, m-am întristat și m-am amuzat citind din nou aventurile morarului Huttunen, respins de societate din cauza firii lui ciudate și a felului radical în care tratează prostia și răutatea semenilor săi. „Morarul care urla la lună” este o poveste înduioșătoare despre lipsa de toleranță a oamenilor, despre libertate și imposibilitatea de a o obține.Personajul lui Gunnar Huttun [...]

    16. В края на книгата останах с чувството за незавършена история. А ми се щеше също да науча и повече за миналото на главния герой - откъде идва Гунар, винаги ли е проявявал своите странности, или нещо ги е провокирало? Първенците в селото също не успях много да опозная - видя се, ч [...]

    17. With the recent translation of The Howling Miller, the English speaking world at last can read the work of Finland's most important novelist, Arto Paasilinna. Although one other book, The Year of the Hare, had previously been translated, only The Howling Miller is easily available to any North American.Gunnar Huttunen, ex-Finnish soldier of the recent Second World War, wants nothing more than to establish himself once again as a miller in northern part of the country. Buying a dilapidated old mi [...]

    18. „Мелничарят, който виеше срещу Луната“ разказва необикновената, ако не и зловеща история на Гунар Хутунен. Изникнал внезапно в малко селище, за да купи и възстанови рухващата мелница, той изправя на нокти местните жители. После започва да мели зърното на съселяните си, отв [...]

    19. This is a book that was chosen as a read and sent to me by a dear friend. The story quickly captured my attention, striking a serious chord with me whilst I read about the main protagonist, Gunnar and felt for him during his ongoing struggle for freedom and for individuality. He turns up mysteriously in a small village and it is not long before the locals begin to mistrust him and even fear him and his seemingly odd behaviour. Such a shame, for the poor misunderstood and harmless loner of a man [...]

    20. FinlandesitàHo visto proprio ieri il bel film “Miracolo a Le Havre” di Aki Kaurismaki [il più noto regista finlandese in attività] e, sebbene l’ambientazione sia totalmente diversa svolgendosi nel porto francese di cui al titolo, vi ho ritrovato sottili affinità con le opere di Arto Paasilinna [il più noto scrittore finlandese in attività]. Il denominatore comune è quel modo di affrontare e descrivere la vita che, ad una trama semplice e ad essere severi un pochino banale, aggiunge [...]

    21. Decisamente superiore al ben più famoso "L'anno della Lepre", questo "Il Mugnaio Urlante", storia dolceamara sulle disavventure del povero Gunnar, un misterioso mugnaio arrivato dal sud della Finlandia, e ritenuto non proprio normale dai suoi concittadini. In effetti, tutte le rotelle al suo posto Gunnar non ce le ha, la sua mania di ululare di notte o imitare alla perfezione gli animali, oltre che fare "scherzi" non proprio carini, si attira antipatie e meschinità dai parte dei suoi compaesan [...]

    22. Prachtig boek, niet uitzonderlijk mooi geschreven, wel uitzonderlijk levendig verteld. Arto Paasilinna bewijst met dit boek een echte verhalenverteller te zijn; de zinnen komen heel vloeiend, heel natuurlijk bij je binnen, waardoor je als lezer het gevoel krijgt voorgelezen te worden. Ook erg knap: hoofdpersoon Huttunen is op z'n minst bijzonder merkwaardig te noemen, maar Paasilinna brengt hem zo tot leven, weet zijn perspectief zo begrijpelijk op je over te brengen dat niet Huttunen, maar de w [...]

    23. A volte si direbbe che i pazzi non sono coloro che vengono rinchiusi ma quelli che sono "fuori".E' un po' così anche nel caso di questa "novella" (facciamolo contento, l'autore) che ha per protagonista un mugnaio maniaco-depresso decisamente stravagante. Ma cosa c'è di male, in fondo, ad ululare a squarciagola?Non mancano, al solito, le frecciatine politico-culturali (in America, ad esempio, i pazzi sono così numerosi che possono andare in giro liberamente e nessuno gi dice niente) e religios [...]

    24. From all of Arto Paasilinna's books this one must be the one I took the longest time to go to. I usually just grab his books and finish them in less than a week with delight and spend the rest of my time craving for another book of his I wouldn't have already read. Even the summary of each of his book are always efficients, funny but for some reason this book was different for me than the others. I took more time to get into it but ended up loving it even more than some others! It's genius as al [...]

    25. At the time I read this book, I did not have many of the big titles ticked on my list. It was a fairly impressive read. It shows the social mechanisms, the way an innocent one is vilified - although he is not evil, just different. I must say also that the asylum atmosphere is very well depicted by Paasilinna. It feels like you could go mad yourself just by reading it. A short, very enjoyable book. I might have liked it a lot also because I am so familiar with the Finnish atmosphere.

    26. Хубава книга, която те кара да се замислиш докъде може да се разпростре човешката жестокост и защо хората са толкова несправедливи спрямо различните. Паасилина говори не толкова за лудост, колкото за странност у индивида, такава, каквато е присъща на повечето хора. Авторът [...]

    27. з перших сторінок читається легко, затягує і проймає.книжка про те, як система ламає і калічить, про нормальність і самотність.фінал чудовий.

    28. An ironic/sad story about a small village in Lapland where a group of narrow minded villagers not only cannot accept a strange stranger in their midst, but are doing everything in their power to catch him and commit him to life in an asylum even while he is trying to live in the woods in solitude without interfering with their business. The book provides an interesting critical outlook of some facets of the Finish culture and society such as intolerance to differences and hypocritical fastidious [...]

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