Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Gorn Crisis

Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Gorn Crisis

Kevin J. Anderson Rebecca Moesta Igor Kordey / Dec 07, 2019

Star Trek The Next Generation The Gorn Crisis With an interstellar war raging the U S S Enterprise has been assigned a sensitive diplomatic mission to enlist aid from an alien race knows as the Gorn But the Gorn have a crisis of their own a brew

  • Title: Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Gorn Crisis
  • Author: Kevin J. Anderson Rebecca Moesta Igor Kordey
  • ISBN: 9781563897542
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Hardcover
  • With an interstellar war raging, the U.S.S Enterprise has been assigned a sensitive diplomatic mission to enlist aid from an alien race knows as the Gorn But the Gorn have a crisis of their own a brewing revolution in their ranks.

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      280 Kevin J. Anderson Rebecca Moesta Igor Kordey
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    1. The Gorn Crisis is a graphic novel by Kevin J. Andersen and Rebecca Moesta, with Artwork by Igor Kordey. It is the first in the Star Trek: The Next Generation series. It is action-packed with punchy dialogue, although it has to be said that the story is a bit formulaic.The design of the Artwork is quite pleasing and colourful. The structures, such as spacecrafts and interiors are imaginatively conceived, and the placing of characters and close-ups for the narrative easy to follow. However, I fou [...]

    2. A good read all in all, but unfortunately it was nothing special. Simple political intrigue and battles fought in the nick of time. It did end cleverly though, with a bought of single combat to decide the war.It was good to learn the intricacies of Gorn society and the author provides details into the thought process behind it all after the story is finished.Now while the story itself is a little lacking in my mind, the artwork was fantastic save for a few instances where you weren't quite sure [...]

    3. This was an OK graphic novel. The watercolor inspired art direction didn't really do much for me. It wasn't bad, it just was not something that I was drawn to as compared to other comics I've read. The story was also mediocre. I was expecting more in-depth Gorn lore, and it seemed like a very throw-away story.

    4. 2.5 stars - The plot was everywhere when it came to the actions of the Federation and the Klingons. Both the author and the artist thought a lot about the Gorn. The art around the Gorn was beautiful. The humanoids, on the other hand, not so much. Riker is hella ripped and Troi has a weird Lion King moment with the Gorn.

    5. On the one hand, I've never really liked Kevin J. Anderson's writings. I won't say he ruined the Star Wars Expanded Universe singlehandedly for me, but he certainly had a major hand in it. Combine that bias with the premise--the crew of Star Trek: The Next Generation meet the Gorn--which sounds like the stuff of fan fiction, and there's really not much to lure me here.However, I came across a softcover copy at Half Price Books for $2.00 and decided to take a chance. Igor Krodey's paintings are b [...]

    6. Gorn in the Next Generation!Klingons vs. Gorn!Enough said? Okay, okay. That's not an insightful book review, but a drooling fanboy rave. Honestly, I think this was the kind of story we didn't see enough of on the Next Gen TV series. There were so many threads, ideas, alien races that the original series was only able to do so very little with that the Next Generation seemed to want to distance itself from all too much. Sometimes a Trekkie like me felt a little (no pun intended) alienated. Luckil [...]

    7. The Gorn haven't been on screen for a long, long time. Most people probably remember them from the cheesy Original Series episode with Kirk. In this volume we get a glimpse into their culture when the Enterprise heads to the Gorn homeworld to recruit them as allies during the Dominion War.What I liked: This was fast-paced and fun. It is a good use of the graphic novel medium - showing what is not likely to be seen on screen.What I didn't like: the art was intentionally fuzzy. There are no sharp [...]

    8. I recently purchased the Humble Bundle that features a large collection of Star Trek comics. the first one I read is called "The Gorn Crisis" from the "Star Trek Classics" series.It takes place during the Dominion War and features Captain Picard and crew as they try to make peace with the Gorn. Trek fans will remember the Gorn from the classic Star Trek episode "The Arena" and that bland Enterprise episode where a Gorn was hiding in their air ducts.This comic does a good job of detailing more of [...]

    9. The cast of The Next Generation is featured in a volume that continues the story of the Gorn species, those lizard-like foes that battled with Kirk in that infamous scene. A century after Kirk's encounter, Picard is tasked to convince the aliens to join the Federation in the struggle against the Dominion (bear with me if I say something out of place, my ST knowledge pales in comparison to the other "Star" franchise). But an internal revolt has taken place, and the wits of Picard must convince th [...]

    10. I really like Star Trek the Next Generation. I never got into many of the comics because I felt they didn't capture the feeling like the TV show did. Why read this comic? I need some new ST:tng in my life. I was happily surprised by this comic. The story felt like a new episode of the TV series. It wasn't to short or long. It focused on mainly one problem the Gorn. Was it the best comic I've ever read? No. Was it fun to read? Yes. The one thing I didn't like was the art. It wasn't a style I like [...]

    11. A compelling tale, set (I assume) between the First Contact and Insurrection movies and during the tail end of DS9 tv run. Wonderfully illustrated by Croatian artist Igor Kordey this could very well have made for the basis of a series of Next Generation TV movies or at the very least a series of Next Graphic novels of which Wildstorm, I believe, published a mere 3 before losing the franchise to IDW. A missed opportunity. A crying shame that so little Igor's wonderful work is in print and in Engl [...]

    12. A solid adventure for the Next Generation crew that brings back the Gorn. The story unfolds as a good pace and I liked the resolution which manages to keep the tone and style of a Next Gen episode while also nodding to the Gorn's previous television appearance, Arena.The artistic choice to use a watercolor technique to illustrate the panels fell flat for me in its execution. To me the choice seemed to fight against the tone and themes of the piece. I did appreciate the thoughtful redesign of the [...]

    13. Fun, enjoyable, and OMG GORN FEST. Nice art, with story told more through action and panel flow than by overburdening the dialogue. Very nicely done. Plus, Riker hanging out with Klingons, which is always a good story element. The solutions that Riker, Data, and Picard found for dealing with the Gorn weren't particularly surprising, but they didn't take away much from my overall enjoyment of the story. It was a fun, atmospheric ride.The Gorn dossier in the back of the book is also very cool.

    14. While this is an average story at best, it was cool to see The Next Gen crew taking on The Gorn. I would love to see something like this done for the new Star Trek show next year, here's hoping they can pull off interesting races with the added budget. If Doctor Who can do the Ice Warriors in 2014 we can have Gorn in 2017!

    15. Interesting TNG story covering political upheaval in the Gorn empire. Aspects (to me) reminiscent of the culture of the green folk on Barsoom.Fun to see this turn in the Star Trek Universe by Kevin J. Anderson, better known for his work in the Star Wars and Dune 'verses. There's an interesting afterword about the design of the Gorn race, with anatomical drawings and more.

    16. This story takes place between First Contact and Insurrection. While it does show what the Enterprise was doing during the Dominion War, it seems kinda pointless seeing as how they're trying to get the aid of the Gorn yet we do not see the Gorn fighting the war in DS9. The art style didn't really do much for me.

    17. I can't tell you why, but I didn't like the art. Probably I'm a snob for classical realism? Honestly, I don't even know. The human characters don't look like themselves, and the main Klingon guy has Stewie Griffin football-head. Complaining aside, I liked the Gorn and the writing is workmanlike. What can I say? I like Star Trek, even mindless predictable action stories.

    18. I wanted to like this comic since the Gorn have always been interesting creatures to me but the artwork really took it out of me. And the ending was so predictable from the start that it didn't make the journey worthwhile. If you're a Star Trek fan you can't take anything seriously that refers to the Enterprise-E as a Galaxy Class Starship.

    19. Fun to read this graphic novel. If you love classic star trek, you will enjoy seeing the Gorn again. Anderson does a nice job of building a more in depth backstory. The plot itself is prosaic but the art is well done and visually appealing.

    20. While I find the art in this to be barely tolerable, this story is a lot of fun. It's great to see the Gorn again, since they don;t show up often in expanded universe titles. Also, you get to see Data fight a Gorn. How cool is that!?

    21. Good story, nice artwork. But I'm pretty sure that Will Riker, even his wildest dreams, wasn't *that* ripped. Nice to look at, though. ;)

    22. The Gorn are back. They have not been seen in 100 years. The story is ok. But, nothing to rave about.

    23. The story is nothing to write home about, but the art is absolutely gorgeous. The action scenes are so dynamic and detailed you can spend long minutes just pursuing all the details.

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