Travellers' Rest

Travellers' Rest

James Enge / Jul 21, 2019

Travellers Rest Morlock Ambrosius and his dwarf apprentice have traveled to a town were the people are disappearing and Wyrth wishes they had taken the next town

  • Title: Travellers' Rest
  • Author: James Enge
  • ISBN: 9781616144548
  • Page: 108
  • Format: ebook
  • Morlock Ambrosius and his dwarf apprentice have traveled to a town were the people are disappearing and Wyrth wishes they had taken the next town.

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      • James Enge

        James Enge lives in northwest Ohio with his wife and two crime fighting, emotionally fragile dogs He teaches Latin, Greek and classical civilization at a medium sized public university His stories frequently featuring Morlock Ambrosius have appeared in Black Gate, at Every Day Fiction, in the Stabby Award winning Blackguards and elsewhere His first novel, Blood of Ambrose was nominated for the World Fantasy Award in 2010 and the Prix Imaginales in 2011 His most recent novel is The Wide World s End.Look for Morlock stories this year in Tales from the Magician s Skull and Guilds Glaives.You can reach James Enge through Facebook as james.enge or on Twitter as jamesenge or, if all else fails, via jamesenge.


    1. This is a short story involving the wizard Morlock Ambrosius and his Dwarf apprentice Wyrth. As they travel on foot they arrive at a village which harbours a secret.Morlock seems reluctant to get involved,until his lunch is disturbed.I had just started to enjoy the read when suddenly it was all over. Although, I have to admit that this is now another author whose works I shall keep an eye out for. An entertaining read, but unfortunately far too short.

    2. This is an -extremely- short story, and it was free, so there you go. :) Don't think it counts as a book, but here it is, on GoodReads. :)Anyway, Enge is compared - in the introduction to the piece - with Lovecraft and Leiber. I've never read Lovecraft, but I absolutely adore Leiber. His Fafhrd and Mouser stories built a whole extra limb for the fantasy genre to stand on (and frankly, it's my favorite limb) with stories of gritty heroes and loose women and strange masters demanding stranger task [...]

    3. This was a fun read, but short. It's a short story, so I suppose that should be expected! As short stories often do, this one left me wanting more. I enjoyed Enge's voice and writing style, in spite of a strange attachment to the word "inveigle" and a habit of doubling up on the adjectives (a minor distraction). The character of Morlock Ambrosius is observed through the eyes of his dwarvish apprentice, who has a fine knack for sarcastic humor. I'd have liked to see what magic Morlock could do— [...]

    4. This sword & sorcery story plays out almost like a spaghetti western, with the moody wizard-swordsman Morlock Ambrosius and his dwarfish companion happening on a tiny hamlet with a dark secret. Both the characters and story remind me a great deal of Michael Moorcock's Elric stories, sharing driven, melancholy characters, a tense atmosphere, and weird events. This free Kindle novella was released by James Enge's publisher Pyr to introduce readers to his Morlock Ambrosious series, and it certa [...]

    5. As a fan of good old fashioned pulp and sword and sorcery I have found only a few authors who can even come close to this style that I enjoy. This short story makes me think I may have found another. Fritz Leiber with a dash of Lovecraft.

    6. This free novelette accomplished its goal of enticing me into wanting to read Enge's Morlock novels. (In fact, since I reviewed this on , I have read read two out of the three ((Reviews soon!)) and will definitely read the third)TRAVELLER'S REST covers an adventure of by he enigmatic and infamous Morlock Ambrosius and his amusing sidekick Wyrth. The story is well-told, humorous, and clever enough to bring more than a bit of fun to the archetypical Sherlock Holmes/Dr. Watson pairing. Though the s [...]

    7. This is the very 1st free e-book I downloaded onto my kindle app on my phone. Thus only reading when I had to wait for one one or something & not having a "real" book with me. Got distracted by other free books & forgot to finish this one. Can't remember how I was actually feeling about this one. Liked or disliked? Even though I do remember what is going on. & now read the review again I intend to finish this book & get it off my 'currently reading' list. Either that or move it t [...]

    8. Morlock Ambrosius and his apprentice Wyrth travel to a town only to find out that the people are disappearing. Morlock doesn’t get involve until his lunch is disturbed. The story was short (an hour) and to the point. A strange little story (the cows? That is.) and some other things. Let just say that Morlock is a different type of hero or “maker” as he calls his title. It’s hard to tell with Morlock if he stops the villain because of lunch, Wyrth or a little but of both. I fun it funny [...]

    9. this was one of those "single" Kindle books that is currently free for the downloading. To about 20 minutes or so to read, but it was pretty good. Definitely for the fantasy loving readerose that like Lord of the Rings types of stuff. I enjoyed it and will now look at his three other regular length books in this series. The series features a very interesting anti-hero and his dwarf apprentice. The dwarf seems to be the voice of reason but the "Maker" or magician makes a very good main character. [...]

    10. Travellers' Rest is a short story about Morlock, a wizard, who is travelling on foot with his companion, Wryth. They come upon a small town and Morlock is eager to eat and rest, but Wryth wants to go on to the next town, as he doesn't like the look of it. There are bugs as big as cattle grazing in the fields for one thing. Morlock refuses to be influenced by Wryth's comments and carries on walking right into the town. Wryth is too scared to do anything else but follow him This short story introd [...]

    11. I'll admit it, I downloaded this because it was free. I really don't read many short stories because they'rewell, short. Just as I was starting to get into the story, POOF! it was over. And I was left going "Seriously, that's it?" Morlock and Wyrth are interesting and like-able characters. The story itself is fun and there's a bit of humor which I quite liked. I give it 3 stars, not because it's bad, but just because I'm still a bit peeved that it was so short! lol I think I'll probably have to [...]

    12. First off this is more of a short story then a book. It is basically a good guy beats bad guy story set in the fantasy world. I felt the action scenes were well written and kept me turning pages rapidly. It reminded me a bit of RA Salvatore and his Drizzt character. There was also some humor mixed in which adds to the enjoyment. I'm sure at some point that I'll dive into the series. This was a freebie so I had reasonable expectations but it was a very pleasant surprise.

    13. In this short story we meet Morlock Ambrosius, who appears to be an interesting character; although there wasn't much time spent on developing who he is, and why he is so feared.The story is set in a fantasy land where swords and magic are in play, and the villain is a twisted character doing all sorts of strange experiments on the local villagers. I thought the ending was very predictable, but I guess I can't complain since it was a free story I downloaded recently from .

    14. Travellers' Rest was a free short I downloaded for my Nook. In only 29 pages it tries to introduce you to Morlock Ambrosius and recount one of his adventures, he seems like he could be an interesting character, but the novelette didn't do much to draw me into the rest of the series (which may or may not have been part of the intent of the story anyway).I may revisit Enge at some point, but not until I've made more of a dent in my current to-read list.

    15. This little book is kind of interesting. It is not quite a horror story, it is more a short story. It is interesting and enjoyable to read.J. Robert Ewbank author "John Wesley, Natural Man, and the'Isms'"

    16. This was much better than I expected given some of the reviews. It's pure pulp-fantasy of course so don't go in looking for the next Tolkien or anything like that. I would say Enge is on par with someone like Robert Jordan. This was a fun, short novella.

    17. I liked it. I'll look up more by this author, because this was so short it's hard to get a feel for the characters. But, even being so short I was drawn in and enjoyed the story! The main characters were really likable, in a seemingly good at heart even if not nice kind of way.

    18. I can see why it could be compared to the writings of David Eddings, but for me it tried too hard to make the monsters disgusting. I shall not be reading future books in the series. A short story to make up the numbers in my 2011 challenge.

    19. Had never heard of this character or this author before picking up Traveler's Rest. If nothing else, it was definitely enjoyable enough to pick up Blood Of Ambrose. A good story in it's own right, and a great intro to the other stories by Mr. Enge

    20. Great introduction to the world of Morlock Ambrosius, hunchback, drunk, warrior and wizard. Excellent characterizations, with SO much shown simply through dialogue. Magic and mayhem well worth reading.

    21. For an action-packed, exciting adventure all in a short story, this is a good pick! Fast and fun, you will really enjoy this quick read!

    22. Another Kindle freebie - I'm not quite sure what the point of this was, but it wasn't quite interesting enough for me to follow with one of James Enge's full novels

    23. A vignette story, other books apparently give the full scoop on this character and his world (Morlock Amboisius) Surprised by how much I liked it. Well written, and I was able to get into it.

    24. Really enjoyed this. If you like classic sword and sorcery with a bit of literary-ness and quite a bit of weird-ness, then check it out.

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