The Reborn

The Reborn

Lin Anderson / Jun 25, 2019

The Reborn The clown suddenly appeared beside a group of kids at the candy floss van bringing Kira to an abrupt halt Then it began The rapid heartbeat the burst of perspiration the gasping breath The baby lur

  • Title: The Reborn
  • Author: Lin Anderson
  • ISBN: 9780340992913
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
  • The clown suddenly appeared beside a group of kids at the candy floss van, bringing Kira to an abrupt halt Then it began The rapid heartbeat, the burst of perspiration, the gasping breath The baby lurched inside her, as though sharing her panic.When the body of a pregnant teenager is found in a Hall of Mirrors with the full term foetus surgically removed, forensic scienThe clown suddenly appeared beside a group of kids at the candy floss van, bringing Kira to an abrupt halt Then it began The rapid heartbeat, the burst of perspiration, the gasping breath The baby lurched inside her, as though sharing her panic.When the body of a pregnant teenager is found in a Hall of Mirrors with the full term foetus surgically removed, forensic scientist Rhona MacLeod is called in to assist the police Suspicion falls on Jeff Coulter, a psychotic inmate at a nearby hospital whose hobby is making Reborns chillingly realistic baby dolls intended for bereaved parents or those unable to conceive But how could he have orchestrated the murder from a secure mental facility The investigation leads to a group of teenage girls who seem to have all got pregnant at the same time Then a Reborn doll is discovered near the crime scene and a second girl from the group is found deadCreepy, compelling and heart stoppingly tense, THE REBORN is Lin Anderson s most powerful novel yet.

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        Lin Anderson was born in Greenock of Scottish and Irish parents A graduate of both Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities, she has lived in many different parts of Scotland and also spent five years working in the African bush A teacher of Mathematics and Computing, she began her writing career four years ago Her first film, Small Love, which was broadcast on STV, was nominated for TAPS writer of the year award 2001 Her African short stories have been published in the 10th Anniversary Macallan collection and broadcast on BBC Radio Four.


    1. This was a good read but I found the topic a bit too disturbing. I didn't know that such a thing as a Reborn doll even existed and the story involved some gruesome murders. It was well written and I did identify with the main charters. If I saw another Lin Anderson book. I would definitely pick it up.

    2. I hadn't read any of this Rhoda Macleod series (I think this is the third) but it didn't matter (although the references to previous events & characters did seem very familiar somehow!). A good thriller that kept me entertained throughout.but there's a but.early on I found a discrepancy which for some reason really irritated me so I was back & forth checking whether I'd misread something or not -then to my annoyance I found another. On page 28 Jeff Coulter has been ruled criminally insan [...]

    3. Despite my initial squeamishness about the idea of a 'Reborn' (and there was plenty more in this to horrify) this was totally enthralling. Being a fan of crime series, I much appreciate the continuation of and references to previous novels and the hints that there'll be more to come in the next - it's something I always yearned for as a child - and the central story was strong enough to stand alone.

    4. Rhona attends the scene of a dreadful killing; a pregnant young woman killed and the foetus abducted. More terrible events follow in the hunt for the killer.

    5. Quite dark, deep & creepy storyline, graphic in parts, but enjoyed the twists and turns.enjoy most of Lin Anderson's books

    6. Two of the ‘creepiest characters’ in the world - clowns and life-like newborn dolls - are pivotal in this Rhona Macleod #7 series, THE REBORN by LIn Anderson.Full of plot twists, this police procedural crime drama sees forensic scientist, Rhona Macleod, frantically trying to make sense of several current (and past) murders on her Glasgow ‘patch’.Fascinating, suspenseful, hard to put down Scottish noir series.

    7. I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It was a spur of the moment library choice and, you know, I must say I did well. My little man was acting up tearing around the library like the little human tornado that he is and even though library's aren't as much the "shush, shush, quiet places" they used to be I still felt like I was bound to be disturbing someone so I grabbed the first book I saw that looked remotely interesting and ran! Turns out my quick thinking worked in my favour for once. The [...]

    8. A baby sliced from the womb in a fairground hall of mirrors; Jeff Coulter, a charming psychopath luring girls into a pact of sex and murder while he creates baby dolls from his prison cell for bereaved parents; dark, disturbing rituals; the Russian mafia; an enigmatic, driven, and irresistible investigative journalist; lost love and longing. This is the life of forensic scientist, Rhona MacLeod, as she attempts to decipher the ‘daisy chain’ code that appears to link the murders with only the [...]

    9. So I picked up this book on a whim because I used to know the author and I have always been curious to read one of her books. I wish it had said on the cover that it is #7 in the Rhona MacLeod series.The premise of this book is pretty dark: 17yo girl in the final stage of pregnancy is brually murdered and her child is taken. Whodunnit and why? The investigation involves a psychopath who whiles away his incarceration by making "reborn" dolls: hyper-realistic dolls commissioned by bereaved parents [...]

    10. A decent entry in the Rhoda MacLeod canon, with massive spoilers for Final Cut and references to almost all the other books, too, which gave the whole thing a feeling of continuity and shared-worldness. Still, with all the subplots in this episode, the book felt unfinished and a little stretched. The central crime -- that of a pregnant teenager whose fetus is cut from her womb at a funfair -- never entirely gelled, in large part because no one seemed really interested in finding the baby, despit [...]

    11. Manipulative teenage girls, an even more manipulative psychopath reaching out from his lockup, a stolen baby (well fetus technically) and some very creepy life-like baby dolls And as per usual Rhona is hunting down truth in places where she maybe should not, and it is never safe to say who can be trusted.

    12. Excellent book Well written fast paced storyline believable, I struggled tonight's book down, pit was awesome and I would definitely recommend this book, it's the first book I have read of Lin Anderson and it most definitely will not the last, I am now going back to book 1 in the Rhona M

    13. Very good read, the main story was gripping but the references to things already happened in past books was annoying as this was my first Lin Anderson book and I believe they should be read in order? I will start with the first now and read through them all.

    14. Far fetchedWith so many crime novels out there i appreciate it is hard to be original. Too many reasons why this far fetched plot wouldn't work.

    15. This was a good read - not quite as literary as I like, but a complex plot with interesting teenage characters. Evil comes in many shapes and sizes.

    16. What is it about Rhona MacLeod that makes everyone adore herkeiffing her jumper just to get a whiff of her? This question perplexes me. Apart from that, yes, book 's good :)

    17. Could have been better, if it had been one story, instead of two, would have liked i more, made of the title story, and the doll maker, will never look and admire new born dolls again.

    18. A challenging book, especially the initial several chapters, but was definately worth persevering with.

    19. This was a very compelling read. Having finished it I am not sure that some of the events in the book made sense but I really enjoyed reading it!

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