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Protector Phssthpok the Pak had been traveling for most of his thirty two thousand years His mission save develop and protect the group of Pak breeders sent out into space some two and a half million years be

  • Title: Protector
  • Author: Larry Niven
  • ISBN: 9780345353122
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback
  • Phssthpok the Pak had been traveling for most of his thirty two thousand years His mission save, develop, and protect the group of Pak breeders sent out into space some two and a half million years beforeBrennan was a Belter, the product of a fiercely independent, somewhat anarchic society living in, on, and around an outer asteroid belt The Belters were rebels, onePhssthpok the Pak had been traveling for most of his thirty two thousand years His mission save, develop, and protect the group of Pak breeders sent out into space some two and a half million years beforeBrennan was a Belter, the product of a fiercely independent, somewhat anarchic society living in, on, and around an outer asteroid belt The Belters were rebels, one and all, and Brennan was a smuggler The Belt worlds had been tracking the Pak ship for days Brennan figured to meet that ship firstHe was never seen again at least not by those alive at the time.

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        Laurence van Cott Niven s best known work is Ringworld Ringworld, 1 1970 , which received the Hugo, Locus, Ditmar, and Nebula awards His work is primarily hard science fiction, using big science concepts and theoretical physics The creation of thoroughly worked out alien species, which are very different from humans both physically and mentally, is recognized as one of Niven s main strengths.Niven also often includes elements of detective fiction and adventure stories His fantasy includes The Magic Goes Away series, which utilizes an exhaustible resource, called Mana, to make the magic a non renewable resource Niven created an alien species, the Kzin, which were featured in a series of twelve collection books, the Man Kzin Wars He co authored a number of novels with Jerry Pournelle In fact, much of his writing since the 1970s has been in collaboration, particularly with Pournelle, Steven Barnes, Brenda Cooper, or Edward M Lerner.He briefly attended the California Institute of Technology and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics with a minor in psychology from Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas, in 1962 He did a year of graduate work in mathematics at the University of California at Los Angeles He has since lived in Los Angeles suburbs, including Chatsworth and Tarzana, as a full time writer He married Marilyn Joyce Fuzzy Pink Wisowaty, herself a well known science fiction and Regency literature fan, on September 6, 1969.Niven won the Hugo Award for Best Short Story for Neutron Star in 1967 In 1972, for Inconstant Moon, and in 1975 for The Hole Man In 1976, he won the Hugo Award for Best Novelette for The Borderland of Sol.Niven has written scripts for various science fiction television shows, including the original Land of the Lost series and Star Trek The Animated Series, for which he adapted his early Kzin story The Soft Weapon He adapted his story Inconstant Moon for an episode of the television series The Outer Limits in 1996.He has also written for the DC Comics character Green Lantern including in his stories hard science fiction concepts such as universal entropy and the redshift effect, which are unusual in comic bookscmillan author larryn


    1. Downloaded from my library & published by BlackStone Audio. It is one of his Known Universe books, there are some touch stones to others, but this stands alone perfectly well & is early in the cycle. It's old school, hard SF that I haven't read in far too long but was one of many that stretched my mind as a kid.The premise of Protector is pretty interesting, as are the protectors themselves. Niven covers a lot of logical & moral ground in this book. I was constantly asking myself if [...]

    2. Larry Niven proves a point here. Most other authors would be tempted to tell a story of this magnitude in a trilogy consisting of thousands of pages. Niven does it in a little over 200 pages. Granted, he keeps the featuring cast down to only a few individuals. But still…The saga of Brennan the Belter and Phssthpok the Pak seems to enjoy a bit of cult status, and it’s easy to see why. It’s an enjoyable enough tale, with some nice surprises to keep things spicy. It also gets fairly technical [...]

    3. "Protector" has one of the best ideas I have seen in any SF novel, and I'm astonished to find that not one of my friends has it on their shelf. Here's an intro (all revealed very early on, so it hardly counts as a spoiler). It turns out that human beings aren't actually from Earth after all; we are originally colonists from another planet a long way from here. On the home planet, humans go through two life stages. First, they are Breeders. Breeders, as the name suggests, are only interested in h [...]

    4. Further proof, if it were needed, that Niven is the king of creating interesting, believable, yet totally alien aliens.Take all the features of human senescence: wrinkled, leathery skin, teeth and hair falling out, heart failure, joints swollen from over-use. Now imagine that all of these features are signs not of a body breaking down, but the beginnings of a third-stage of human development: the super-strong, hyperintelligent "protector" stage.The frailties of old age become the strengths of a [...]

    5. 3.5 stars. Great book by one of the masters of Hard SF "storytelling." This is a book with "big" ideas that are well thought out and explanined and yet such explanations are not given at the expense of the story. Translation = Big concept, Hard SF that is a lot of fun. Recommended. Nominee: Hugo Award for Best Science Fiction Novel (1974)Nominee: Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel (1974)

    6. Re-reading Ringworld earlier this month as part of Sword & Laser book club selection got me in the mood for a re-read of Ringworld Engineers. Part way into that I dug out Niven's Protector and decided I should re-read that before getting much further in RW Eng. Overall I like this book ALMOST as much as Ringworld, some parts more so, some less. I would rate it a 4.5 if I could, putting this just under Niven's Ringworld, Mote in Gods Eye & Dream Park novels which are my favorites.I enjoy [...]

    7. The last time I read this was in 7th grade, towards the end of my first real "I'm going to read everything this author has written" phase in which I devoured everything Known Space. (Come to think of it, I never did get around to reading The Integral Trees) It's interesting to see what I actually remember about the Known Space universe and the stories in it. Niven's universe was very interconnected. I caught references to World of Ptavvs and A Gift From Earth, but I'm sure I missed others.This i [...]

    8. Outstanding! One of the greatest science fiction books ever written. This would have to be in my Top Ten books and definitely my favourite Larry Niven book.And did I mention the cover? What a great cover!

    9. It’s novels like this that, decades ago, made me fall in love with science fiction. It is, if you like, the “purest” variety of SF, in the sense that it concerns space, space ships, aliens, and more than anything else, big, BIG ideas. All the modern requirements for fiction are absent—character development; effective female protagonists; “relatable” events—and it’s all the better for it. With Niven, the principal protagonist is always science, which continually presents to the hu [...]

    10. (After reading the 5 books of the Ringworld, I decided to read the related works in Larry Niven's Known Space universe. Protector figured largely in the unfolding of the Ringworld series and I thought it would be interesting to revisit this book. As such enterprises tend to do, it brought up memories of a youthful life and all the silly things one can get into. Like hitching a ride with the Pak, you never know where you'll wind up.)So Protector is the book, also the race and the spaceship. The r [...]

    11. Larry Niven's concept is strong, but "Protector" often fails in its execution. Although any one of my basic criticisms might seem trivial if taken by itself, together they detracted from my enjoyment of this sometimes frustrating novel.First, praise: The idea that human beings might represent a mutated form of extraterrestrial life is a basic premise so rich in possibilities that I'd be surprised if Niven was the first to think of it. Regardless, he runs with it admirably. Although some might fa [...]

    12. To some extent I consider Larry Niven's Known Space stories the default setting for science fiction. Not early enough to be pulp, yet still definitely not New Wave, let alone modern; never quite OTT enough to be space opera, yet even in the earlier stories too relaxed about the science to feel like mundane SF. The science has gaps and handwaves, but there's also a keen awareness that sub-light space combat would be incredibly boring. And so forth. This might sound like an insult, like calling th [...]

    13. I first read this book when I was about 13. I loved it then, and after picking it up last week, was pleased to discover that it still holds up. Larry Niven had a streak where he wrote some truly bad ass science fiction. His later stuff isn't as fun - somewhere along the way he stopped being original and started writing "like Larry Niven" - but for a while he was the best there was. Ringworld, World Out Of Time, and his short stories are all very good, and definitely worth checking out. As for Pr [...]

    14. 3.5 (whether or not actually lets me do that! hah!)One of my favorite Larry Niven books. Fun concept, and I very much like the descriptions of interplanetary travel and interplanetary combat. Another reviewer here mentioned that this book managed to span a lot of time, distance, and ideas into a short novel, and that's both true and part of the charm of the book. The book isn't rushed, but it's efficient: there's no time for things that aren't directly related to the story. Like much hard SF of [...]

    15. WOW ! Probably the first book in the series about the ET species called the PAK and its relationship with humanity. The rest of the series were entitled Ringworld. I am not sure this was the first in the order that Niven wrote them however. It is a great book. High tech good science and extra terrestrials ! What more could anyone ask. It is written by the best author in the this genre, or any genre. Highly recommended !

    16. I don't know why I like this book so much. The biology which is central to this story is ridiculous. The whole concept appeals to me though. Highly intelligent and highly dangerous beings who are ruled by a glandular need to protect their offspring at any cost. The physics, on the other hand, is solid. The space battle between Brennan's ship and the Pak scout ships lasted months since everything is limited by the speed of light.

    17. My favorite Larry Niven work, and my second favorite science fiction novel of all time (after The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress). Niven somehow makes a very unlikely story of human origins perfectly plausible, and a seven-year-long space battle against unseen enemies utterly riveting. I've read this book about two dozen times, and I still pick up details I've missed.

    18. A cult sci-fi novel if there ever was one. Belter and Pak society become so familiar concepts in a fairly short book, that you are left grasping for a sequel. Incredibly rich in ideas and alien culture, with an underlying philosophical theme that may connect with the more spiritually minded. Does end a bit too quickly.

    19. Five stars for the first half. Three stars for the second. Read the other reviews to find out why. Contains key information about the Pak protectors, which are threaded throughout Larry Niven's Known Space story arch including the Ringworld series.

    20. A spiritual prequel to Ringworld, the plot is grounded in some serious science with grand concepts, but is held back by a loose, meandering storyline and a slipshod third act.Setting:Set within Known Space, early on in the timeline - it spans both the Early Interstellar Era and the Intermediate Era. Humanity has begun colonizing a few other planets, but hasn't made first contact with aliens yet. The three parts of the book also take place across time gaps - 200 years between Parts 1 & 2, and [...]

    21. Phssthpok is a native of Pak, a species that is always at war. There are three stages of life for him: childhood, breeder, and protector. A protector, as long as he has tree-of-life roots and a reason to live, can live forever. Phssthpok’s blood line has been wiped out, but he set out to save a group of Pak who emigrated to a new world. Jack Brennan, a human Belter, miner and smuggler, is the one to make contact with Phssthpok when he comes near Earth. And is never seen again by anyone alive a [...]

    22. This was fine. I think this is one of those Known Space books where it's uncertain where in the chronology you're supposed to read it. There's a lot of reference made to the events of this book in the Ringworld and Fleet of Worlds novels, and I'm not sure if that was all exposition for this book, or if he took this book and incorporated it into those books. Either way it doesn't make a lot of difference - you can understand one without the other and vice-versa. I think the main reason it matters [...]

    23. 4,5 in edition times - this could be 5 star. Now ( "according to new waves of sci-fi, scientific news etc." ) it is great 4 stars for ideas & structure of plot - with some not polished or bad predicted future astronomy discoveries like 10th planet, indifference of world about alien and forgotting it ( explaining over as a "news" ) and in my opinion there is overdone space-fights and using of "advanced futuro-technique" not suiting well to mental race enhanced / upgraded blended races (Pak/Pr [...]

    24. Un altre dels llibres de ciència ficció imprescindibles. El protectors són uns éssers que viuen en dues etapes: fins als 40 anys, només estan interessats en el sexe i en tenir descendència. Però, cap als 40 anys, fan un canvi (físic i mental) i, en cas de tenir descendència, es dediquen a cuidar els seus descendents.Fins que els protectors descobreixen la Terra i no entenen què passa aquí. I llavors envien un d'ells aquí, que creu que té la solució, a intentar conventir-nos en prot [...]

    25. I first read this book 39 years ago. I thought it was great then, and was given a copy for a Christmas present. I've just finished it and can report that it is still a great book. At just over 200 pages it's much smaller than most modern novels, but doesn't suffer for that. If you're interested in reading it, try to resist the temptation to read a synopsis beforehand, as the ending is a surprise and makes a good book great. Although it was written in 1973, it has stood the test of time & com [...]

    26. Protector is a excellent novel in Niven's Known Space series, a thought provoking book that covers a vast amount of space and time (the basic elements of sf!) in a relatively short book. Niven strength here is his ability to create believable aliens and cast them in scientifically challenging and plausible situations. (It's been said that his alien characters are more realistic than his human ones.) Protector is a good old hard-sf novel, well worth searching out. (And I love the Dean Ellis cover [...]

    27. Again Niven delivers. I think this is the third book in the Known Space series. It's different from the Neutron Star in that it's one long story instead of a collection of short stories. Still, Niven shows that he can handle a long story as well as the short ones. Niven creates astonishing worlds and story arcs. The most interesting thing again is that these ideas have been written 50-60 years ago. I don't know what I should say about this. Read it!

    28. Good read! Could have used more imagery. But that's Niven for you. Homie don't do similes. Full disclosure, it wasn't until I read a piece by Michael Moorcock recently that I noticed this in some of Niven's work. But he knows how to move a narrative. And his material never ceases to entertain me.

    29. It's interesting to revisit a novel you loved as a child.This book, though one of the little known of this wonderful writer, shows the style of the era. Though clunky with some wooden characters, it shows an interesting insight into what our species could really be.Not wanting to give anything away, remember, when reading it, that the publication date was many years ago.

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